The Pigeon Hole - ASIN B087WQKW6T

“All we need to do is get back to the Pigeon Hole. We’ll be safe there. Safe from society, safe from the law and safe from retribution.”

The Pigeon Hole explores twenty-first century life, through the lens of the good, the bad and the ill-informed.

When a curiously violent crime strikes the suburbs, society’s attentions shift towards unearthing the villainous perpetrators. However, upon closer inspection, things aren’t entirely what they seem. A microscopic examination of the suspects results in a search considerably closer to home…

A neoteric take on the stereotypical crime novel, The Pigeon Hole will compel you to question everything about your social standpoint.

Think you know the world from top to bottom? We’ll just see about that.

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Lucky’s Adventure in the Great Outdoors

A city dog and a city cat set out on a camping trip in the Adirondack Mountains!  

Will they make new friends with the forest animals? Will they learn to work as a team? 

Join Lucky the rescue dog and her pals on their 3rd adventure as they take an action-packed canoe ride that leads to some rather unlucky situations.

Although they are all different, Lucky, Hershey and the forest animals realize that with a little kindness, gratitude and cooperation they can build new friendships and have more fun together!

Kids of all ages and animal lovers will fall in love with this beautifully illustrated 8 1/2 x 11 hardcover book. Perfect for ages 2-8 (toddlers, preschool, kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade) Makes an excellent gift for birthdays and baby showers.

Share the outdoor adventure today!  Join Lucky on her 1st adventure, Lucky’s Adventure in Saratoga, inspired by the true story when Lucky was lost, and her 2nd adventure while her friends have some winter fun and visit a rescue shelter in Lucky’s Adventure in Winter Wonderland

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Martial Arts & Mental Health: Start an inspirational and motivational journey of personal-development and self-discovery to increased mental health (Life Lessons Series Book 2)

What does success mean to you? Health? Wealth? Relationships? Happiness? Success is a mindset. Successful people control their minds and create the life they want. Do you want to be a healthier, happier more successful you? Let me show you how.

Your mind can make your life a heaven or a hell. It can push you to the heights of success or sabotage your dreams. Does life feel like you are swimming upstream not with the flow? Life can damage your self-confidence, self-esteem, relationships, physical fitness, and mental health. Martial arts are renowned for the physical prowess but also their personal development and mindfulness. Let me show you the secrets.

Are you interested in improving your mental health?

Do you want to learn why martial arts are great for improving self-confidence, self-esteem, self-control, and self-discipline?

Do martial artists have super mental abilities and how do you get them?

Would you like to learn the secrets of the martial art without ever having to train?

Then this book is for you…

Over 35 years, the martial arts have changed my life and made me a better person. Martial arts increased my confidence and made me a happier, stronger, and calmer person. Every success in my life came from the lessons the martial arts taught me. I have taught thousands of students how to succeed in life. Now I want to teach it on to you. Buy this inspirational and motivational book now.

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Mitch and Mooch Try Swimming

Mitch and Mooch are about to test the water in a new adventure – swimming lessons!    Will the funny funky monsters sink or swim as they conquer their fears and overcome the unexpected?

The perfect book to introduce your child to swimming, this charming story includes helpful tips on how to prepare, what to expect and answers common questions about swimming lessons.  Ideal for children starting to read independently or as a conversation starter, this colourful book uses a dyslexia-friendly font and includes comprehension questions throughout.  If you want to encourage trying out new activities and overcoming fears, get your goggles on and have some monster fun with Mitch and Mooch today!

“Funny and helpful – this book will help any child starting their swimming journey!” Simon, Swim School Owner/Teacher

Mitch and Mooch try… books are designed for children aged 3-7. They aren’t just fun stories however, the series is designed with the following educational enhancements:

  • Dyslexic friendly font – designed to make it easier for children to differentiate the individual letters so that they can blend the words correctly.
  • Text is also against a coloured background and broken up into manageable chunks.
  • Comic style dialogue – why not have fun putting on silly voices for the characters?
  • Gentle introduction to what to expect from a first lesson in each activity – the books can also be used to support parents encouraging children with SEN needs who may be wary of new environments.
  • Inclusive – Mitch and Mooch may be monsters, but we celebrate diversity within the whole class!
  • Comprehension – some pages have a comprehension question contained within the illustration; these focus on feelings (e.g. what do you think the character is feeling right now, to help them read expressions) and questions about the story (to check they understand what is happening on a deeper level).
  • Search and find pages – finding a certain number of relevant objects within the page – to enhance the child’s comprehension of what is going on in the picture as well as counting skills.
  • Uses common exception words within the text.
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The First Mile is the Hardest: 7 Life Lessons Taught by the Trail

The First Mile is the Hardest: 7 Life Lessons Taught by the Trail - ASIN B086V1GB1T

In this very candid book, author Debbie Wood, a mom, grandmother, avid hiker and serial entrepreneur shares her deeply personal journey from the life that was “supposed” to make her happy to the life that truly does. In a word, this book is all about “change.”

The reader learns that Debbie’s old life was marked by tragedy–her sister’s suicide, her parent’s early deaths, her husband’s abrupt abandonment, five-figure debt and a deep unhappiness with her circumstances. Then she found hiking (or hiking found her) and her life changed dramatically. The hikes Debbie undertook transformed her sense of self and her way of thinking; the trail literally became her teacher, no matter how challenging the miles became.

The First Mile is the Hardest is equal parts memoir, tell-all, self-help guide and reader journal structured as seven engaging, user-friendly Lessons.

Each Lesson begins with a Trail Tale from Debbie’s hiking life that illuminates the theme of the Lesson and corresponds to a circumstance in Debbie’s life that she very much wants to overcome. With the trail as her teacher, Debbie finds the life parallel, applies what she’s learned hiking and transforms her situation. Then, via Journal Exercises at the end of each Lesson, she invites the reader to pick up their pen and do the same. As the book progresses, the Lessons build on each other and the reader is on their own journey with Debbie out on trail just ahead, leading the way.

Each Lesson engages readers with very real stories, highly relatable life circumstances, and inspires them to begin transforming their lives immediately with the Journal Exercises at the end.

At the conclusion of The First Mile is the Hardest, Debbie shares her new life–healthy, happy, debt free, retired from her 9-5, running her own highly successful business, and leaving a legacy for her beloved children and grandchildren.

Through Debbie’s eyes, experience, wisdom, and advice, the reader realizes if Debbie can do it, they can do it too and that they are, in fact, already well on their way.

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Love Will Prevail (The Sisters of Rosefield Book 5)

Love Will Prevail (The Sisters of Rosefield Book 5) - ASIN B085WC5C22

What happens when the person you love, is the very one standing in the way of your dreams?

When Audrey decides she’s ready to have a child, she expects husband Ken to be thrilled by the news. What comes next is more of a slap to the face. Audrey hopes that a trip to visit Sienna and Brian’s orphanage, along with their newborn Ethan, might offer some much-needed inspiration.

Across the sea, Leila struggles through harrowing circumstances to return to her beloved, Malik. But even if God rewards her with the deepest desire of her heart, she could be chasing an impossible dream.

Faizan has embraced married life with wife Zainiah, and holds onto his dream of one day returning them to the US. Faizan’s ex, Lauren, has had less fortune in love. After a string of bad dates, Lauren resorts to a dating app to find a good man who’s ready to take a wife. God answers her prayers, but her online love interest is far from the virtuous soulmate she expected.

Will love prevail in the fifth instalment of The Sisters of Rosefield series? Audrey, Lauren, and Leila must learn to trust in their faith, even if their hearts say otherwise…

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Arthur The Adventure Dog – In The Woods

Arthur the adventure dog is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. He loves nothing more than to explore new places and investigate new things, meeting animals and learning all about them on the way. Join Arthur as he goes on an adventure in the woods, to learn about the creatures that live there, and to make new friends.

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The Real Glory

If you want to learn more about the most inspirational moments in sport, then keep reading…

Injuries, illness, personal torment and lack of motivation are a part of life and athletes are no exception. As a sports fan, you know many careers are shipwrecked on these rocks while others have been defined by them. Against the odds and often against medical advice, these born fighters have embodied the spirit of sport by etching their names into history with courage and determination.

Whether you are a player, coach or fan, you’ll probably know Vince Lombardi is recognised as one of the greatest leaders in the history of sport. Among his many famous quotes, he once said: “The real glory is being knocked to your knees and then coming back. That’s real glory. That’s the essence of it.” He captured in those words the gritty determination required to make a career comeback and the triumph sportspeople experience when they’ve done it successfully.

These are the people you may know but the stories you don’t. In this book you will discover the true strength of the human spirit. It reveals the courage and conviction required to triumph over adversity. The inspirational stories have the common threads of courage, drive and determination that again prove the wisdom of Vince Lombardi. “The greatest accomplishment is not in never falling, but in rising again after you fall,” the master coach once said.

The Real Glory includes the incredible stories of:

And many more! There are a total of 14 different sports in the 25 chapters so there is guaranteed to be something for every fan. This is one of the best sports books of 2019 and a great addition to your collection.

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Tales of the Unknown Rugger


This is an autobiography by an amateur rugby player Liam Dunseath from the United Kingdom. It describes his playing days spanning over 21 years in several different countries at different levels.
It speaks of the highs and lows of winning and losing, magnificent tries, injuries, off the field antics, rugby tours and the life long friendships made through the game of rugby.
From the early days at school, captaining his University of Salford and playing at national 7s competitions, this epic journey reveals his love of the game on and off the field, playing in the UK, France, Italy, Spain and USA. After this book was published Dunseath went on to be the Assistant Coach of Iran’s National rugby team.

The Healthy Gamer Fitness Guide


If you’re a gamer – and you don’t think fitness is for you, this might be the most important thing you ever read.

I get it, most fitness books suck – they’re dry as day-old toast, mislead readers by only sharing snippets of BS info instead of what really matters, and they make things way more complicated than they need to be.

This book changes everything.

See, there’s a whole lot more to being fit & healthy than the “gym rat” most people think of.

Health, injury prevention, and training is important for keeping players in the game, and giving a competitive edge as gaming is becoming more competitive.

Any gamer can level up their health and fitness, using the Healthy Gamer Fitness Guide because it uses your natural, built-in gamer mindset, and abilities to turn fitness into a game you want to play every day!

If you want to look great, wake up with vibrant energy, without aches and pains, and perform your best in game and IRL – without steroids, sketchy bio-hacking supplements, good genetics, crash dieting, or wasting crazy amounts of time in the gym – regardless of your age, or fitness level… you need to read this book.

  • You don’t need to: become a bulky, bloated bodybuilder, obsessed with the gym
  • You don’t need to: drudge through mindless, boring cardio.
  • You don’t need to: be stuck on crappy salad diets made for bikini models. Instead you can craft the sculpted, lean body you want eating all the foods you love.
  • You don’t need to: sacrifice gaming, or doing things you love. In fact you can spend less than 3 hours a week exercising to achieve the body of your dreams.

These fitness industry lies keep gamers fat, frustrated, and discouraged.

In this book, you’ll discover:

  • The 5 Health Dangers Every Gamer Needs To Know & How To Avoid Them
  • 11 Ways to Overcome “Gymtimidation” & Be Confident Exercising Anywhere Any Time!
  • The 3 Fundamental Laws of Fitness (Missing These Practically Guarantees Failure)
  • The 5 Types of Exercise + How Each of Them Can Shape & Sculpt Your Dream Body
  • Done-For-You Workouts For All Experience Levels & Equipment Access
  • 7 Crippling Injuries That Stop Gamers in Their Tracks – Learn How to Fix and Avoid Them for Good!
  • Develop Cat-like Reflexes & Reaction Time to Dominate Your Competition!
  • The 5 Levels of Nutrition + How to Level Up Your Diet to Craft Your Ideal Body Eating Foods You Love!
  • And so much more!

Imagine just a couple short months from now… looking in the mirror, stopping and being damn proud of what you see looking back at you, rather than horrified.

Imagine being constantly complimented on how great you look and asked how in the world you’re doing it.

Imagine waking up full of energy and excitement, free of aches and pains, feeling strong and ready to take on the day, crush your scrims, and dominate your competition.

The bottom line: you CAN get a ripped body, look great, feel great, extend your gaming career and dominate your competition – without living in the gym. You can turn fitness into a game, level up your health + fitness while having fun. This book shows you how.

With this book, you’ll also get 2 FREE bonus reports with the top training and nutrition myths every gamer needs to know. Healthy gamer meal plans, 100s of extra gamer workouts, Beta access to 6-Pack Gaming Online: complete quests and workouts to gain XP, climb the ranks & unlock achievements for leveling up your health + fitness, and a lot more!

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