Bug Out Bag Encyclopedia: Emergency, Disaster, Survival Preparedness

What if…you had the power to choose life over death?

Disaster can take many forms including those created by nature and those by man. Will you be a survivor? You can take control and choose life by taking the time now to assemble a Bug Out Bag (also known as a “BOB”) to help you survive when disaster strikes.

The key is to prepare now. When disaster arrives, it’s time to “grab and go.” There may be no time to gather things from around your house. And, it will be difficult or impossible to shop for items that those who failed to prepare are also desperately trying to procure.

This book was written to save you valuable time learning how to put together your survival bag or BOB. Chapters are organized to make it quick and easy for you to find the information you need:

  • General Issues
  • 3 Bags To Help You Survive
  • Short-Term Bag Contents
  • Medium-Term Bag Contents
  • Long-Term Bag Contents
  • Selecting A Bag
  • Short-Term Bag Examples
  • Medium-Term Bag Examples
  • Long-Term Bag Examples
  • Organizing The Items In Your Bag
  • How To Pack Your BOB
  • Choosing Items For Your Bag: Explanation
  • First Aid Items
  • Water Items
  • Fire Items
  • Food Items
  • Shelter Items
  • Sleep Items
  • Hygiene Items
  • Clothes
  • Tools
  • Survival Knives
  • Cordage
  • Navigation Items
  • Communication Items
  • Personal Protection Items
  • Items For Your Pet
  • Extra Items If You Are Escaping By Vehicle

Some of the information covered in this book includes:

  • The concept that 3 BOBs are better than 1 and why you should consider setting up bags to protect you for short-, medium-, and long-term emergencies
  • A list of recommended items to include in each of your 3 bags
  • A detailed list of items organized by survival category (eg, 1st aid, water, fire, shelter, etc) along with the price and weight of each item, why you should include them, and which of the 3 bags they are best suited for.
  • Specific products are presented with examples of economical and more premium alternatives to help people with different budgets.
  • Learn how item selection within specific survival categories differs depending upon the anticipated duration of the disaster (eg, your knife choices will differ for your short- and long-term BOBs.
  • How to organize the survival items inside your BOB for easy access and recognition
  • How your BOB items will differ if you’re on foot versus escaping by automobile
  • Items to include for your pet
  • Reference list for additional information

Once you’ve gone through this book, you’ll be able to create your own personalized list of items within each survival category to put into your 3 customized BOBs. You can use the detailed item descriptions to calculate an estimate of the overall price and weight for each of your BOBs based upon your item selection. You can then add or subtract items from your BOBs to optimize price and weight.

Building a BOB is your insurance similar to having car or medical insurance:

  • You hope you never have to use it
  • It’s too late to get it when an emergency happens
  • And, you’ll be ever so happy you have it when you need it!

Life or death in the face of an emergency? The choice is yours. Empower yourself. Get started now to help ensure your survival.

Meet Joseph Yao

Joseph Yao, M.D. practices orthopedic surgery. He began his medical practice in Orange County, California, and later moved to Arkansas where he remains today.

Dr. Yao’s passion for creating things and bringing them from concept to reality lead to his inventing proprietary nerve protection pads. These pads divert external pressure and vibration away from the median and ulnar nerves of the hand to treat and prevent carpal tunnel syndrome and Guyon’s canal syndrome. He designed and marketed a line of gloves incorporating these patented pads.

His long interest in research and writing include writing 19 book chapters and articles in peer-reviewed orthopedic surgery medical journals. He also wrote a regular medical column for trucking magazines and several newspaper articles on orthopedic topics.

Dr. Yao’s diligence about preparation, spurred partly by his nature and reinforced by his surgical training, prompted his interest in emergency and disaster preparedness. He wrote the book, Bug Out Bag Encyclopedia, to provide others with valuable, comprehensive information to help improve their odds of surviving a disaster while shortening the learning curve. A section of the book is devoted to preparedness for furry, four legged family members.

Animals hold a special place in Dr. Yao’s heart. He is a long-time supporter of the National Wildlife Federation, The Humane Society Of The United States, and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). He particularly loves dogs and especially Shao Shoon, adopted from the Seal Beach Animal Shelter.

Battle Games: Book One

Meet Team Anunna and journey along with them through a season of Battle Games. Get to know the players as individuals and teammates as they train. Enjoy their fast-paced energetic battles with thrilling wins and crushing losses as they strive for the Championship. Learn the history behind the formation of Battle Games and the intricacies of the different battles. A fast-paced blend of romance, fiction, suspense and sci-fi that will leave you wanting more, this book has it all!

Meet T Alex Ratcliffe

I always got sick of stories that tried to preach to me or ruined a perfectly good storyline by shoehorning some pet belief into it. I just want to make good stories that can be enjoyed without others wondering what agenda I may be pushing.

The Foundation Game: Beginning (“The Foundation Game” Series – Book 1)

The Foundation Game. A global web of political and financial deceptive activities concealed under the auspices of a nonprofit, or “third sector” foundation, highlighting the conflicts between the public good and personal quest for wealth and power.

The first book Beginning introduces the characters Margo Maxwell and her nemesis Jonathan Ross in a fast-moving thriller about criminal and unethical behavior involving Silicon Valley players, Interpol, FBI and a US Senator.

Meet Brenda kempster

Born in Liverpool, England, Brenda Kempster immigrated with her family to California when she was a teenager. She received her undergraduate degrees from California State University, Long Beach and her Master’s Degree from the University of San Francisco in Public Administration.

Her career spans the corporate, government and nonprofit sectors. She understands the influence of the “Third Sector” in business and government, and weaves this experience into her suspense thrillers.

Brenda has received recognition from the White House, government, public sector and Fortune 500 companies for her work in coalition building and public policy. She has served on numerous national and international committees and advisory councils as expert in digital literacy policy.
She has lived in Europe, Latin America, and currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia with her family.

The Foundation Game, Transactions

The Foundation Game, Transactions is Book3 in a political and financial “Third Sector” thriller series.
Activities of the Global Trust Foundation collide with past entanglements of the Zenkon Foundation. Margo Maxwell and Jonathan Ross discover that they may have been forced into deeds affecting national security. Transactions involving money laundering implicate pharmaceutical executives and covert operations of the CIA.

Conversations With the Golf God

Every day around the world golfers wonder if the Golf God is real and how much he impacts the game. This book answers many age old questions. Yes, the Golf God is real! He appeared to local golfer Shanks one day, dancing on a bar at The Fleece Muni Golf Course and told Shanks he had been chosen to be his disciple. “Why have I been chosen?” Shanks asked, bewildered. “Because you are the worst putter I have ever seen and to continue to play the game you have to be filled with devotion,” answered the Golf God righteously. 
The Golf God also informed Shanks he had been assigned the task to write the Golf Gods’ legacy. In between beer, cigarettes, and pizza the Golf God told Shanks the real history of golf, explained the fine points of throwing a club, what golf terms really mean, why we play the game, and a few tips about putting, while Shanks shared several stories about real life golfers at the Golf God’s request – the kind who take your hard earned cash and lie about their handicaps. Grab a slice of pizza, have a beer, maybe a smoke, then sit back and feel like you are in the room enjoying the conversations between Shanks and the Golf God!

Meet Robert K. Swisher Jr.

Robert K. Swisher, Jr. has been writing contemporary fiction since 1967. During this time seven of his novels were published by SUNSTONE PRESS ranging from young adult, contemporary, to historical fiction. Seven of these books are still in print of which three have been converted to e-books. He has received raving reviews from Publishers Weekly, Library Journal, Best Sellers, Midwest Book Review, and numerous others. Over the past several years OPEN TALON PRESS has released a highly acclaimed four book comedy mystery series about a Vietnam vet and his not so nice Guardian Angel, a hilarious golf book, an off center love story, two literary novels, a highly acclaimed reader participation novel and its sequel, and a tongue in cheek writing instructional book based on a course he taught that goes against the grain of what most creative writing instructors hold as dear. Swisher’s novels can be found on Amazon, your local bookstore, Author Central, Facebook, and Goodreads. He can be reached via his Facebook page. At the moment two fiction novels are being edited, he is working on a third, and a contemporary fiction novel,