Rapid Muscle Mastery: 10 Ways to Build Your Body Fast

The book: Rapid muscle mastery: 10 ways to build your body fast. Provides you with a complete bodybuilding guide that will allow you to build your body quickly. This book is the most complete and scientifically based guide to building an ideal body in a short time, because why would you waste time being in the gym? This one includes the following: 1) 9 chapters on how to build the perfect body 2)A complete guide to building the perfect body 3)Fascinating content and convenient reading format 4)Easy and accessible language 5) Forget about excess water, this book is a clear guide to quickly building a beautiful body I hope the book: “Rapid Muscle Mastery 10 Ways to Build Your Body Fast” you will like it and leave your feedback! Thank you for your attention

Meet John Smith

John Smith is a talented author whose literary talent has attracted the attention of readers around the world. John was born and raised in New York. He always dreamed of becoming a writer, even when his professional journey began in the field of corporate finance. After earning a degree in finance and successfully launching a career in investment banking, John felt his true calling lay in the world of words. He decided to leave the corporate world and devote himself to literature. With his first book published on Amazon, John captured the attention of readers with his vibrant style and ability to create compelling stories. Today, John Smith continues to write books that capture the imagination and delight readers. His work is widely recognized for both its masterful storytelling and ability to build tension until the last page.

Roundball Memories, USA: Letters to a Fan: Conversations with Professional and Amateur Basketball Players, Coaches and other VIP’s of the Game (Volume 1)

As both a reference guide and an oral history of the game, Roundball Memories, USA (Volume 1): Letters to a Fan takes you to the past, present and future of the NBA, WNBA, FIBA and the NCAA playgrounds of basketball through letters, conversations, phone interviews and email correspondences between the author and VIP’s of professional and amateur arenas. As a young boy, I loved basketball in all forms and emulated my heroes on the court. Whether it was Jerry West or Julius Erving, basketball was an adventure during game time on TV or in my neighborhood park. I asked looked for ways to improve my game. I read books, watched NBA and ABA telecasts, practiced and eventually made myself a decent amateur player. I attribute my love for basketball by the games I played with my father, my close friends, and others in school or on the community or college playgrounds. This book is dedicated to those who have adored their heroes and gives a particular insight to the game that is missed in other manuscripts or historical reviews of the game. We start with the pioneers NBA in the 1930’s and 40’s, move along to the Celtics and Lakers of the 60’s, the defunct but influential ABA, and up to the 1970’s where no team truly dominated the pro circuit. Other chapters gives the reader a glimpse into the medical perspective on injuries and treatment, the G League, and perhaps most importantly, the and and current challenges of the game that both fans and professionals must grasp if the NBA and WNBA are to survive. Enjoy volume one, for volume two moves us along into the 1980’s into the 2020’s of the pro and college game featuring college coaches, the women’s game, a case study of FIBA in Brazil, and words from broadcasters, owners and others who played and watched the game.

Meet Joseph D Di Lella

As a lifelong learner, teacher and writer, I have recently joined the independent writer’s circle here on Amazon/Kindle. My educational background is in the fields of sociology, bilingual education and literature. With my Ph.D. in Education, I have taught at over a dozen colleges, including Stanford University, UC San Diego, University of Oregon, USC, San Diego State and the College of the Marshall Islands. A longtime science fiction fan, I pitched stories to Star Trek: Enterprise for seasons two and three at Paramount Studios. My writing background includes screenplays, teleplays, poetry, short stories, fiction and non-fiction books. I now reside in Brazil and teach English as a Second Language as well as write, cycle and continue to muse on the mysteries of life

The Best Kids Soccer Book

Get ready to lace up your cleats and join the excitement with “The Best Soccer Kids Book”! Aimed at soccer-loving kids aged 6 to 10, this book is your ticket to the thrilling world of European soccer. Discover what makes teams like Real Madrid, Liverpool, and Bayern Munich not just teams, but legends. With every turn of the page, uncover secrets of famous stadiums, learn about historic victories, and get to know the heroes who make the crowd roar. From Italy’s tactical genius to England’s fast-paced play, this book takes you on a tour of Europe’s soccer heartlands, offering a front-row seat to the action. Packed with vivid illustrations, fun facts, and interactive activities, “The Best Soccer Kids Book” is more than just a book—it’s an adventure that inspires and educates. Whether you’re a budding striker, a future goalkeeper, or just a curious fan, this book will fuel your passion for the game and maybe even inspire you to kick a ball around. Join the legion of young fans discovering their love for the sport. Ready, set, goal!

Meet Noah Walker

Noah Walker is an esteemed author deeply entrenched in the world of soccer, whose passion for the game transcends the boundaries of the field. With years of experience coaching youth soccer and serving as a director of youth soccer programs, Noah has dedicated his life to fostering a love for the game among the younger generation. His profound understanding of soccer tactics and the rich history of the sport is evident in every piece he writes, making his work a treasure trove for enthusiasts and newcomers alike. Noah’s approach to soccer is holistic; he believes in engaging with all levels of the game, from the enthusiastic toddles taking their first kick at a ball, to the seasoned adults strategizing in competitive leagues. This inclusive perspective is a hallmark of his writing, where he skillfully intertwines technical knowledge with compelling narratives of the game’s impact on individuals and communities. Beyond the field, Noah is a prolific writer, whose articles, books, and blogs resonate with a wide audience. His ability to articulate complex tactical concepts in an accessible manner has made him a beloved figure among fans and players alike. Noah’s contributions extend beyond mere entertainment; they serve as educational resources that enlighten readers about the nuances of soccer strategy and the sport’s global significance. In every word he writes, Noah Walker’s fervor for soccer shines through, inspiring readers to explore the depths of the game. His works are not just about soccer; they are an invitation to understand the passion, dedication, and community that define the beautiful game.

The Kurtherian Gambit Starter Pack: Six Book Ones For Six Series

Unleash the power of choice and change humanity’s destiny. Discover the best-selling Kurtherian Gambit Universe with the first book in six series in this urban fantasy meets science fiction universe.

Death Becomes Her

Bethany Anne Reynolds isn’t your typical government cold case investigator. Known for her fiery temper and creative cursing that would make even the battle-hardened blush, her pursuit of justice is borderline obsessive.

With her own life ticking away due to a rare blood disorder, her fight for the defenseless becomes even more urgent.

Her last hope? A world-weary vampire. Michael, bound by his legendary inflexible honor, has ruled the UnknownWorld with an iron fist for over a millennium. Exhausted and on the brink, he finds in Bethany Anne a fire that could reignite the supernatural world—or destroy it.

As Michael prepares to pass his mantle, he wonders is he saving his world or thrusting it into deeper chaos?

Will the UnknownWorld splinter under her reign or unite in unforeseen harmony?

Alpha Class

Travel with Alpha Class, one of the Etheric Academy teams, as they merge humans and weres in a group of young adults to learn to become a cohesive team on their first assignment. Nothing could go wrong, right?


Boris has always been a conundrum for world governments. His visage never changes, his capabilities never understood. The Russian government gets word he has been killed on a mission, allowing agents to come in and attack the villages Boris has been protecting. Using a fanatical mercenary corp, the atrocities start. The only problem? Boris isn’t dead, and now he has help. Russia doesn’t have a clue what they have started when this Bear comes back from the Dead.

Justice is Calling

The world’s history isn’t what Valerie was taught. The daughter of a vampire & sister of a devil walking, Valerie finds out she has something neither her brother nor her father possess: Honor. Setting off on a journey to America, she steps up to be the Justice Enforcer the land needs. She will fight for the oppressed and destroy evil.


Akio accepted his Queen’s charge to stay behind and protect humanity from the Forsaken scourge. An isolated report about an island overtaken by feral, red-eyed creatures savaging humans spurs Akio to investigate. Can he stop this evil before it enslaves humanity? Or will the Forsaken succeed in taking over the world?

Diplomatic Recruit

Seraphina craves the opportunity to protect Bethany Anne’s growing Etheric Empire and she’s given a chance to prove herself. Pulled into alien politics, and a life beyond her imagination, Phina might just have a chance to have the one thing she’s always wanted.

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Skate Shovel Scoop: A Hockey Season with a Professional Ice Crew

Behind every professional ice hockey team, whether NHL, AHL, PWHL, or WHL, is an ice crew working to maintain the best ice surface conditions for the players and create a memorable fan experience. Want to know what a day in the life of an ice crew member looks like as they skate with the stars before they were stars? This makes a great Christmas or birthday present to your hockey-loving friends! Whether you are a die-hard hockey fan wondering what goes on at ice level or a hockey mom looking for ways your child can score job experience in a sport they are passionate about, look no further. Ringette and figure skaters, speed skaters and hockey coaches, skate instructors and referees, this could be for you too. If you’re a teenager, young adult, or retiree who skates well and is looking for a fun part-time seasonal job that will put your skills in the ice rink to good use, then apply to your local organization for the ice crew role! In this guide you will learn: When and where to look for auditions/tryouts to get hired How to be the ultimate ice crew team member Understand the complexities and challenges of the role and the aspects your employer may not explain to you Avoid common mistakes for those new to the role Tasks, tricks, and tips on how to excel in each position on the ice Diagrams of the formations ice crew skate (subject to change for each team & league) Training in additional behind-the-scenes roles you might participate in Fun facts about the job and so much more! Apply your knowledge and love for ice hockey to net a new income stream and earn money. Glide through the pages and experience the game of hockey through the behind-the-scenes lens of these unsung heroes as they cheer their team on to win the Stanley Cup or Calder Cup. If you are looking for a fun part-time job on evenings and weekends this winter season that will keep you in good physical shape and give you some extra cash, lace up those skates and pick up your copy today!

Meet Lorena Matzek

Lorena Matzek first developed her love for hockey while watching the Canadian Women’s Olympic Team bring home the gold medal as a kid. She played competitively throughout high school working her way up from defenseman to centerman, before stepping back as a player to pursue higher education. Her passion for hockey never ceased, and now she finds enjoyment in working for the team she cheers for and playing a small part in their success. She enjoys pursuing jobs that transform expenses into income streams, like watching hockey. When she’s not at the rink, you can find her working her day job, volunteering at her church, and traveling to a new destination.

Mindset First: Break Free from the Weight of Results, Play with Confidence, and Perform When It Matters Most

Tired of all the fluffy and cookie-cutter mental game advice? Keep reading to learn a reliable and repeatable way to win the mental game…

The pursuit of excellence is a double edged sword that leaves many hockey players or any high-performer worrying about mistakes, overthinking, and lacking confidence.

Fluffy and cookie-cutter advice like “be positive,” “don’t worry about it,” and “just be confident” only makes things worse. These might be the mental states you are trying to achieve, but they are not the ‘how to’.

Instead, you need to train your mind like the best athletes in the world. They use practical concepts and personalized strategies to optimize their mindset and perform when it matters most.

In this concise and practical book, Dr. Cassidy Preston pulls back the curtain on how he coaches professional athletes and high-performers in all areas of life to challenge the status quo and think differently about success and failure.

You will learn:

  • Why the best athletes in the world prioritize mindset over results
  • The principles & strategies professional athletes use to get in the zone
  • How to stop overthinking, bounce back from mistakes, & play with unshakeable confidence
  • Real-life examples and case studies of how hockey players have trained their mind and achieved Consistent Elite Performance
  • Bonus: Get access to PDF worksheets, the CEP Mindset Assessment, and additional resources

Before Dr. Cassidy Preston founded CEP Mindset—one of the largest Mental Performance Coaching firms in the world, he played 5 years of junior hockey, 5 years of college hockey, and had a cup of coffee at the professional level. During this time he struggled with the mental game. But the good news was this fueled him to find a better way to get dialed in day-in and day-out.

Cassidy went on to spend 12 years at university, read 100s of books on the topic and learned directly from some of the top human performance experts in the world. This book is the accumulation of his personal, academic, & professional experience over the past 20+ years of his life.

The concepts and strategies in this book are what Cassidy and his team of coaches at CEP Mindset have used to help 10,000’s of athletes get out of their own head and start achieving Consistent Elite Performance. When athletes do the work this system delivers repeatable and reliable results.If you are ready to get out of your own head and start achieving Consistent Elite Performance, then click add to cart and get started.

Saturday’s Angels: A 1990s thriller

Finn is a tennis player in the 1990s, battling to qualify for a prestigious tournament and under direct threat from his former crew. His cousin Clayton is pursuing matters of unfinished business following the death of Uncle Derek, and it can only be a matter of time before worlds collide… As well as decoys and twists aplenty, Saturday’s Angels touches upon a multitude of issues which are pertinent to a young audience today, including mental health, substance abuse, sexuality, rivalry and belonging. Saturday’s Angels will entertain, educate and excite a young adult audience (16-24), as well as resonate with an older audience (25-50) who remember the 1990s vividly and would recognise the numerous cultural reference points from the decade (music, technology, fashions, TV programmes, well-known people etc).

Meet R.O. Canebreak

Anyone interested in buying a copy will receive a free 1990s playlist, with a selection of different themes available!

Escape to California: Misadventures in America’s Golden State

He wasn’t trying to break America. But would America break him? Rocked by political turmoil, climate change and a global pandemic, the US was calling out for a hero. Unfortunately, it was travel writer Chris Atkin who turned up. Over the course of nearly two years living in the Golden State, Chris explores the history and incredible landscapes of western America. He learns about the unsolved murder of the co-founder of Stanford University and the pioneer family reduced to cannibalism. He also finds the entrepreneurial spirit at the heart of California, which, for all of Silicon Valley’s success stories, is equally central to the tale of how hippies came to benefit when nearly three tonnes of marijuana fell from the skies above Yosemite. When not living next door to Donkey from Shrek, Chris dodges bears, mountain lions, rattlesnakes and Covid-deniers, and discovers there’s more than one way to live the American Dream.

Meet Chris Atkin

Since spending five years working in the television studios at Sky News and BT Sport in London, Chris has worked as an author and freelance writer. He has written for numerous publications, including The Times, The Huffington Post and Time Out. When he’s not writing books and articles, Chris works as a copywriter and digital marketer. In his free time, you’ll likely find him discovering somewhere new, or in his garden in Cambridge, tending his vegetable patch while listening out for noise emanating from the crowd at his beloved Cambridge United.

Stick Taps – An Ode to Hockey’s Heartbeats and Heroes

Hey there, hockey fam! Whether you’re just dipping your toes into the ice-cold world of hockey or a seasoned pro, who yells, “Shoot the puck!” in your sleep, we’ve got a treat that’ll make you jump faster than a hat trick. Introducing “For the Love of Puck: Your All-Access Pass to the World of Hockey”! Think of this as your ultimate guide, VIP pass, and cozy warm-up for every game day. Why? Because we’re not just talking stats and history—oh no, friends. We’re talking legendary players, unsung heroes, and even the women who’ve rocked the rink. Have you ever been curious about the odd rules, the quirky fan traditions, or why hockey is beloved from Canada to Kazakhstan? We’ve got you covered! Want a sneak peek at the future legends of the sport? Step right up! So grab this book like a game-winning puck and get ready for a wild, heartwarming ride through everything that makes hockey the ice-melting, jaw-dropping, utterly addictive sport we all love and live for.

Meet John Elcik

John’s first two books serve as heartfelt dedications to his children—guiding a gaming enthusiast son and a hockey-fan daughter through the labyrinths of life. But he doesn’t stop at family; he broadens his literary horizons to touch upon topics as varied as weekend cartooning, gun collecting, and political activism. Whether it’s urging for a Convention of States or a Balanced Budget Amendment, John’s writings echo his unwavering belief in informed citizenship.