I Am The Alien

This is an account of the life of a young man that was accidentally trapped on a space ship by aliens from another small planet where he spent much of his life with problems of learning and adjusting to living with such differing attitude and culture so different and yet some things similar to life on Earth.

Meet Clyde R. Smith

visionary storyteller with a penchant for exploring the complexities of the human experience against the backdrop of the cosmos. With a background in astrophysics and a passion for speculative fiction.

The Orphan of Auschwitz

In the depths of Auschwitz, amidst the unspeakable horrors of the Holocaust, a promise is made. A young Jewish girl, Hannah burdened with grief but fueled by fierce determination, makes a solemn vow to protect her little sister, Lila at all costs. As the sisters navigate the atrocities of the concentration camp, their bond grows stronger with each passing day. Through their eyes, we witness the resilience of the human spirit in the face of unimaginable darkness. But as the war rages on, will their promise be enough to keep them alive?

Meet Emily Higgs

Emily Higgs is a vibrant voice in the realm of fiction, weaving intricate tales that transport readers to captivating worlds. With a pen dipped in imagination and a mind brimming with creativity, she effortlessly spins narratives that enthrall and enchant.

The Last Resubian (QUINN Book 1)

When three very different teenagers find a device that allows them to control time, they need to learn to work together or risk destroying the world as they know it. QUINN, the Quantum User Interface Neural Networker, has encoded itself into Kevin, Lisa and Iain’s DNA and transported them across the universe where they discover there’s more at stake than just their lives. They need to put aside their differences and work together to learn to use QUINN. The fate of Earth and the vast reaches of the universe depend on it.

Meet Michael HH Warren

Michael HH Warren began writing about his life during the South African winter of 2009. Driven by a strong desire to tell his story, what began as a creative outlet would eventually become his first book, In The Name Of God. The writing bug has bitten, and Michael has since published several novels. A far cry from his memoir, these books are aimed at teens/young adults who represent Generation Z. He lives with his wife, two children and three Jack Russells.

Walking across the London Bridge

Among the chaos of London Bridge, Sahaana never thought she would come across her past forbidden lover, Kabir. It took years for Sahaana to move on from her past and become an independent woman following her dream of Astrophysics. She lived a million sleepless nights trying to deal with the teenage trauma, bullying, abuse, and depression- will this one sight of Kabir bring it all back to her? or will she be taken back to the time when her life felt like poetry?

Meet Shruti Singh

Stepbrother’s Taboo Best-Friend

Connor is bringing his small-town friend, Luke home for the summer,
Luke’s a bad-boy, prick, and player, just like Connor,
I’m shy and a bit of a nerd, so Connor’s very protective of little ol’ me,
Luke was warned that I’m totally off-limits and I knew Luke was forbidden fruit,
I was ready to hate him, so I expected to bump heads with Luke all summer long,
But instead, things got heated in ways I wasn’t prepared for and we were bumping something else,
It was my first-time. We couldn’t get enough. We went over and over again.
In secrecy, everywhere we could,
Until an unexpected confrontation, and Luke had to return to his small-town.
Can we survive it all?

This is quick, short, and extremely filthy read with loads of heat and all the juicy details.

Treasue within you!!

Unearth the hidden gems within you! “Treasure Within You” is not just a book, it’s a journey into the deepest corners of your soul.This book offers a unique blend of personal anecdotes, enlightening parables, and transformative exercises designed to guide you on a path of self-discovery. It’s a guide that will challenge you, inspire you, and ultimately empower you to embrace the untapped potential that lies within. Imagine a life where you’re in tune with your inner strengths, where every challenge becomes an opportunity for growth. “Treasure Within You” can help you unlock that reality. It’s more than just a read, it’s an experience that will leave you feeling enlightened and invigorated.So why wait? Embark on this transformative journey today. Dive into “Treasure Within You” and discover the extraordinary power that lies within us all. Your treasure awaits!

Meet Meet Solanki

Journey to the Hopewell Star

A mysterious star could bring stability to her world…or lead her to a blistering end.

Quiet and introverted twelve-year-old Sam Sanderson is comfortable living a simple life on her family’s peaceful farm. That is, until a mysterious visitor arrives one night, thrusting her on a formidable and dangerous journey across galaxies.

With little direction and no training manual, her mission is to find the elusive Hopewell Star to save a dying planet. But with time running out, a destructive business mogul tracking her every move, and deadly disasters threatening her community, she’ll have to rely on her wits, courage, and friends to make things right and restore peace to both worlds…all while surviving seventh grade.

From discovering the secret of the Hopewell Star to locating a lost civilization, this book has it all: exhilarating adventures, mystery and intrigue, and fascinating characters—you won’t be able to put it down!

Praise for Journey to the Hopewell Star:

GOLD MEDAL WINNER, 2021 Readers’ Favorite International Book Awards
WINNER of the Literary Titan Gold Award (December 2020)
“A RED RIBBON WINNER and highly recommended” – The Wishing Shelf
Book Awards 2020 (UK)
A Must-Have New Brunswick Book of 2020 – Atlantic Books Today
LONGLISTED for The Miramichi Reader’s “The Very Best!” Book Awards 2021

“[A] spellbinding story that is impossible to put down.” – Readers’ Favorite

“A well thought out, entertaining fantasy adventure that works on several levels.” – Kirkus Reviews

“Young adult author Hannah D. State effortlessly blends science fiction and fantasy in Journey to the Hopewell Star, an engaging story featuring an alien culture and a destructive megacorporation that is as enjoyable as it is timely.” – IndieReader (starred review)

“Wonderfully imaginative!” – Cary Caffrey, bestselling author of The Girls From Alcyone

“Five stars for a fine debut novel!” – The Miramichi Reader

“A wonderfully engaging fantasy adventure for YA. Cleverly plotted and totally unique, I’d highly recommend it.” – A ‘Wishing Shelf’ Book Review

“Refreshing…well-written and thoughtful.” – Literary Titan

“A page-turner full of surprises.” – The Prairies Book Review

Meet Hannah D. State

Hannah D. State is an award-winning Canadian author. She graduated from McGill University with a BA and earned her MPL from Queen’s University. Hannah is bothered by inequality, violence, greed, complacency, snakes, entering a dark room, and not getting enough sleep. She enjoys writing about strong-willed characters who don’t fit the norm and who overcome great obstacles with perseverance, self-discovery, and help from others. Sometimes Hannah can’t keep up with her characters’ ideas and plans, so she takes breaks, drinks coffee, does yoga and tai chi, and takes nature walks to calm her mind and really listen.

Hopesgrave Easily

Welcome to Fernlaith Hill. Where every window is black, water glows in the dark, and brothers tumble from the sky. Old ladies keep monsters in sheds, amateur surgeons practise in sculleries, and warhorses ride the skies. Soon those warhorses will blow you up, the surgeons will slice you open, and the monsters will tear you apart. But it’s your big brother you’ll really need to watch out for … He’ll scare the ears off you. Featuring an exclusive foreword by acclaimed bus driver Baldomero Izquierdo, and over 60 stunning illustrations, this dark urban fairy tale is a must for anyone who’s ever been beleaguered, bejumbled, or fed to a monster.

Meet Francis O’Dowd

Francis O’Dowd is a Scottish writer and illustrator whose pen and ink drawings perfectly complement his Pythonesque storytelling: the whimsical & surreal against the grittiness of everyday life. For many years he was the chairperson of a youth music charity. He has recorded several albums of music including full length soundtracks for his novels Wishhobbler and Hopesgrave Easily. His YouTube channel features book trailers, music videos and readings. Francis lives in Scotland with his wife, their daughter and two sons, several dogs and Guinea pigs, and has a time machine parked in the back garden. He was once asked for his autograph by Tom Baker, who used to be terribly famous.

THE VILLAIN PRINCE, Court of the Night Fae

In the city of Diemnum, Fae of the Noctemera Court are amongst humans. When Astrea Fleuret goes to a club with her friend costumed as the Queen of Fae, she becomes aware of the Fae and meets the wicked, second Prince of the Court of the Night, Branlay L’Amaranth. It becomes apparent Astrea is immune to Fae glamor. Meanwhile, Branlay is known as the Prince who cannot use his powers, which changes upon meeting her. As secrets are revealed and Astrea finds out about the details between humans and Fae, at the Court of the Night a Selection is to take place; Branlay plans to outmaneuver the event to his advantage and Astrea is implicated in his plot, realizing the intricacies of the choices bringing her closer to Branlay.

Meet Melise G.

Hello, I am Melise G., a self-published author of different genres, including dark fantasy, historical, science fiction and action. For more information about other works of mine, please do check out my author website and feel free to follow my Goodreads and Kindle / Amazon pages: https://melise-g.carrd.co . Thank you!

The Guardians of Kawts

All is not as it seems in the city of Kawts.

Fear looms over the mountainside town where Timothy Hawthorne lives, its people living each day in dread of the dangerous anarchists hiding somewhere in the foothills nearby. Fortunately for the people of Kawts, the Council is there to protect them from this threat. Under their able leadership, Kawts is safe.

But not everything is as perfect as it seems. It’s been nearly a year since Quill lost The Race, leaving his best friend Timothy with a mysterious wooden box and a host of unanswered questions. Although Timothy has tried to move on from his friend’s death, the unusual circumstances of Quill’s last days continue to haunt him. When Timothy is caught up in the middle of a raid on the Kawts Library, he realizes that there is more going on in Kawts than meets the eye. As he begins to dig deeper, he uncovers a web of deception and intrigue that involves many of his closest friends. As the truth about the Council becomes clearer, Timothy must decide who to trust. Choosing wrong could cost him everything.

Meet Weston Fields

Weston Fields is a student at Calvin University, where he studies religion, philosophy, writing, and ministry leadership. When not considering adding yet another minor to his degree, he can be found working at the library or working on his latest book. The Guardians of Kawts is his first book.