Everlasting Charli: Illustrated

“Does true love actually exist?” Charli Page loves her life as a waitress amongst the misfits in the jiggery-jaggery, poetry-laced fish restaurant. But when a mysterious, old pirate returns to town, all of their lives are turned upside down.

Meet Clare-Rose Trevelyan

Philosophy has been a passion of mine since a young age. My focus over the past twenty years of working in schools, external literacy programs and theatre has been to awaken the philosopher inside the minds of children to get them thinking about how they are thinking and wondering about why they are wondering by enchanting them with vivid stories, complex creatures, twinkling soundtracks and most importantly, questions.


Do opposites attract? I’ve always doubted it, but I have no idea what attracts me to Rowan Queen. He’s a cocky, pompous jock, the kind of guy you usually see at frat parties. My world consists of the basement painting room of the art department, with crumbling walls, Hitchcock’s demented films, and a life behind the camera. I avoid being conspicuous, unlike him, who catches everyone’s eye as soon as he enters a room. He’s on the floor, the spotlight on him, and I’m running underground, directly below him. But what I have been realizing is that we have so much more in common than I thought, and that he is hiding a lot under the surface. His true desires are in contrast to what his coach expects of him. But judgements are unimportant, because fate will come along and kick your ass like it did me. And I couldn’t have misjudged Rowan more…

Meet Ellyne

An Otherwise Perfect Plan: A Novel of Mystery, Love, and of Chocolate That Defies Description

An Otherwise Perfect Plan is a laugh out loud YA Novel, narrated by the quirky Gwen Pendergrass, a sophomore in high school, who infuses this contemporary coming-of-age story with sarcasm, hyperbole, and wild flights of fancy—including a paleolithic “Shark Tank” with the builders of Stonehenge—all as she tries to make sense of her life with a single mom working two soul-crushing jobs, dysfunctional high school teachers, and her own wild emotions which seem to have a mind of their own.

Her riffs on life, modern society, and the virtues of several kinds of chocolate take us on a journey of discovery as she and her best friend Peter unravel the mystery of who her father actually was, along with the mysteries of her own emotions, ultimately reminding us that the journey very often IS the destination.


It had always been just Gwen and her Mom, and Gwen had always been mostly fine with that. Until, that is, she learned how much her mom had given up in order to raise her alone. When a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity comes along for her mom to reinvent herself and get her life back on the track she’s been on prior to Gwen’s unplanned birth, Gwen becomes determined to find her father and give back to her Mom the life she’d always planned for herself.

With nothing more than a Las Vegas photo-booth film strip of her Mom and the guy she’s always been told was her dad to go on, she finds help in the most unlikely of places, a bored private detective whose office is a Jewish Delicatessen, a Vice Principal whose secret Demotivational Poster features a Star Wars Storm Trouper sitting dejected in a bar with the title FAILURE: Those were the droids you were looking for, and of course, her best friend Peter, who introduces her to the novel idea of sending a postcard.

At times poignant, heartbreaking and joyously absurd, Gwen’s story is ultimately about a young woman trying to understand her past, her present, and how it and the people in it will all fit together in the future she’s creating.

Meet Ken Schafer

Ken Schafer started his professional writing career as a screenwriter, working for companies as diverse as Disney, Paramount and ABC, and on projects ranging from a prequel to “Sleeping Beauty” to “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” and ABC Night at the Movies.

His passion for all kinds of writing, and the enthusiasm of his daughter for all things word-related, inspired him to branch out to children’s books–including his forthcoming “A… is for Ahhhhhhh!” A Halloween Alphabeastiary”, and “The Cow who Conquered the Moon”–along with both adult historical/Fantasy novels, and his first YA Novel: “An Otherwise Perfect Plan: A Novel of Mystery, Love, and of Chocolate that Defies Description.” This latter novel would probably never have been finished had not his daughter–who was reading it as a nightly serial while it was being written–continually demanded “MORE PAGES.”

He is repped by Anne McDermott at AM Management and can usually be found in San Diego along with his wife, and a Schrödinger’s number of cats. Follow him here, and/or at his imprint: www.MoonJumperPress.com

We Are the Tide

Meet Steven Richard Harris

Currently based in Spain, my first foray into the world of writing came in the shape of “Covidiots – Stories of Idiotic Acts and Bizarre Behaviour”, co-written by myself and Natalia Gómez Álvarez as we tried to make sense of the way people were reacting to the early throes of the pandemic back in March and April 2020. A light-hearted look at human nature – but with a serious undertone that runs throughout this short compendium of true stories – which we felt we just had to share with the rest of the world. Then along came my first novel, “The Butcherbird Tree”, released in August 2021. Set in 1994, it tells the story of Simon Webb, an eighteen year-old fighting an internal battle of guilt and self-harm and his conversations with his psychologist. Secret desires, self-effacing feelings, personal and professional doubts and gruesome nightmares all reveal themselves in the emotional meetings between client and therapist – until true meaning of Simon´s dreams becomes astonishingly clear. The second novel, “We Are The Tide”, in this two-part series, which was released in the summer of 2023. A common theme runs throughout my books – that of social justice (or should I say, injustice). The two books in the “Butcherbird” series also bring to light those in society that have to live with what are often erroneously described as personality disorders – as will my third novel, which is a stand-alone story set against the backdrop of the Zapatista rebellion in Mexico in the mid nineteen-nineties. Autism, schizophrenia and dissociative personality disorder all features heavily while other conditions such as post-traumatic epilepsy and psychosis owing to substance abuse appear in one form or another. I became a writer later in life (mid-forties) but have eventually followed a childhood dream, not to become rich and famous, but to shed light on issues and tell stories that I sincerely believe should be told.

Success Life Skills for Teens

Every Teen’s Ultimate Resourceto Master the Most Essential Life Skills and Prepare for a Successful Future… Success Life Skills for Teens is a collection of 4 books that are designed to help you with every aspect of your pursuit of a successful and easy life. Learn everything you need to know from practical life skills such as cooking and cleaning to responsible financial planning and impeccable communication skills that will really give you a bulletproof foundation for entering adulthood. There’s also a career planning deep dive for those who have no idea what they REALLY WANT from life. The combination of the following four books will help you lay the foundation you need to build already as a teen if you really want to make the most out of your life: 1. The Big Book of Adulting Life Skills for Teens: A Complete Guide to All the Crucial Life Skills They Don’t Teach You in School for Teenagers 2. Money Skills for Teens: These Are The Things About Money Management and Personal Finance You Must Know But They Didn’t Teach You in School 3. Social Skills for Teens: A Simple 7-Day System for Teenagers toBreak Out of Shyness, Build a Bulletproof Self-Confidence and Start Overcoming Social Anxiety to Excel in Social Interactions 4. Career Planning for Teens: How to Understand Your Identity, Cultivate Your Skills, Find Your Dream Job And Turn That Into a Successful Career Each book is planned to be engaging and interesting for your teen mind because learning important skills should not be boring (like in school), but FUN! They are packed with simple and actionable tips and strategies along with easy-to-understand examples that will make implementing the new skills as effortless as possible.

Meet Emily Carter

Emily Carter is an author who loves helping teens with their biggest turning point in life, adulting. She grew up in New York and is happily married to her high school sweetheart. She also has two children of her own. In her free time, Emily is an avid volunteer at a local food bank and enjoys hiking, traveling, and reading books on personal development. With over a decade of experience in the education and parenting field she has seen the difference that good parenting and the right tips can make in a teenager’s life. She is now an aspiring writer through which she shares her insights and advice on raising happy, healthy, and resilient children, teens and young adults. Emily’s own struggles with navigating adulthood and overcoming obstacles inspired her to write. She noticed a gap in education regarding teaching essential life skills to teens and young adults, and decided to write comprehensive guides covering everything from money and time management to job searching and communication skills. Emily hopes her books will empower teens and young adults to live their best lives and reach their full potential.

GROWING UP SENSITIVE : A Parent-Child Guide for Overcoming Anxiety, OCD, Fear & Phobia

Is your highly sensitive child struggling with anxiety, OCD, or overwhelming fear? Are you searching for a compassionate and effective way to guide them towards a brighter, anxiety-free future? Look no further.”Growing Up Sensitive” is not just a book; it’s your family’s roadmap to breaking free from the chains of anxiety and OCD, and nurturing your child’s incredible sensitivity into a superpower. Discover in this transformative guide: Empathic Parenting: Unearth the secrets of parenting a highly sensitive child with empathy and understanding. Learn to be their unwavering ally as they confront their fears. Anxiety-Busting Strategies: Dive into a treasure trove of proven techniques and exercises, carefully crafted to help your child conquer anxiety, OCD, fear, and phobias. Interactive Workbook: Engage with your child through meaningful activities that strengthen your bond and provide them with vital tools to face challenges head-on. The Highly Sensitive Advantage: Embrace the unique gifts your child possesses. See them transform from a fearful caterpillar into a resilient butterfly, ready to soar above anxiety. A Brighter Future: Watch as your child blossoms into their full potential, unburdened by anxiety, and equipped with the skills to navigate life’s challenges with courage. Every page of this book is infused with the compassion and wisdom you need to help your highly sensitive child break free from anxiety, OCD, fear, and phobia. Grab your copy of “Growing Up Sensitive: A Parent-Child Guide for Overcoming Anxiety, OCD, Fear & Phobia” today and embark on a transformative journey of love, understanding, and empowerment. Say goodbye to anxiety, and let your child’s sensitivity shine as the beautiful superpower it was meant to be. Their brighter, more confident future starts here.

Meet Jenn F. Harper

The Salesman

In the shadows of desire lies a treacherous pact, sealed in the exchange of promised dreams. Little did he know he would pay the ultimate price!

Meet Shaun A.I.C. Wilson

Shaun A.I.C. Wilson is a horror writer born and raised in Milton Keynes, UK, on June 19th, 1991. He has a passion for crafting spine-chilling tales that keep readers on the edge of their seats. Shaun’s love for horror started at a young age, where he would read The Saga of Darren Shan late into the night. In addition to writing, Shaun enjoys spending time with his Fiancé and 3 boy’s. His inspiration comes from his surroundings as well as his vivid imagination. He is also an avid gamer and movie buff.

The High School Survival Guide for Mythical Creatures.

Journey into a world where gryphons soar, mermaids mingle, and enchantment fills the air. In “The High School Survival Guide for Mythical Creatures,” author [Jennifer Rich] weaves a heartwarming and whimsical tale that follows the unforgettable adventures of Griffin Greenthorn and his extraordinary friends through the halls of Mythical High School. Step into the hidden corner of the bustling human world, where Mythical High stands as a haven for creatures of scales, feathers, and fur. From the very first page, readers are whisked away into a realm where the ordinary and extraordinary collide, and the laughter of mythical creatures fills the air like sweet enchanting melodies. With each turn of the page, the halls of Mythical High come alive, painted with vivid descriptions that transport readers to a world where minotaurs navigate lockers, potion classes are a whirlwind of magic, and lunchtime becomes a culinary carnival of fantastical flavors. The author’s imaginative storytelling invites readers to join Griffin and his friends on their journey of self-discovery, mischief, and friendship that knows no bounds. As the characters face challenges, pranks, and perplexing mysteries, their bonds grow stronger, creating a captivating narrative that captures the essence of the teenage experience – the awkwardness, the laughter, and the joy of forging connections that last a lifetime. Through the pages of this enchanting story, readers will find themselves immersed in a world of mythical wonder, where magical creatures face relatable trials and tribulations, and where the power of friendship shines as brightly as the moonlit sky. “The Mythical High Chronicles” is a celebration of friendship, individuality, and the magic that lies within us all. With its blend of humor, heart, and a touch of gryphon charm, this delightful tale is a testament to the enduring bonds that are formed during the unforgettable years of high school. Prepare to be transported to a world where the ordinary becomes extraordinary, and where laughter is the key to unlocking the most enchanting adventures of all.

Meet Jennifer Rich

Jennifer Rich is a talented and educative writer who has written a lot of books, some published and some not published. She has the ability to write an interesting book in almost all the genres. She is a force to be reckoned with.

Vita Aeterna

With the fate of the world in the balance, one outlier could tip the scales towards salvation or disaster. Alex Barret lives in ‘the Quarters’, a set of broken-down slums surrounding a glittering walled-off city called the First Circle. Like all kids his age, on his sixteenth birthday Alex is scheduled for Appraisal, an unpredictable medical procedure with the potential to extend his lifespan. In a world where everything else costs, for some reason Appraisal is free. But no Appraisal scenario Alex has ever heard of has prepared him for his own experience – he’s abducted, imprisoned, and subjected to brutal medical experiments in a high-tech lab. He escapes and goes on the run, a heartbeat ahead of a ruthless army led by the most powerful man in the world. Piecing together the clues behind his kidnapping, he uncovers a treacherous plot that only he can derail. But to succeed, he must penetrate the First Circle, the forbidden abode of the ruling class.

Meet Jay Allan Storey

Jay Allan Storey is a musician, international traveler, and author. Jay has traveled the world, passing through many places in the news today, including Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and the Swat valley in Pakistan. He has worked at an amazing variety of jobs, from cab driver to land surveyor to accordion salesman to software developer. Jay is the author of THE ARX, the BLACK HEART series, the VITA AETERNA series, and ELDORADO, and a number of short stories and screenplays. Two new novels are in the works for 2023. His stories always skirt close to the edge of believability (but hopefully never cross over). He is attracted to characters who are able to break out of their stereotypes and transform themselves. He loves both reading and writing, both listening to and playing music, and working with animals. He’s crazy for any activity relating to the water, including swimming, surfing, wind-surfing, sailing, snorkeling, and scuba diving. Jay is married and lives in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

One Night of Moonlight: A High Fantasy Novella (The Moonlight Pegasus Book 2)

Years after Sapphira’s battle against the Dark Plague, Princess Selene has grown up – and so has her daughter, Terra. Despite her mother’s numerous stories and the affirmation of her friends and people, Terra sees the world as a place that still welcomes darkness, and she wonders if the Dark Plague is really gone – and if Pegasus was truly as real as her mother says. When tragedy strikes, Terra is faced with the haunting question of whether or not she can believe – and whether it really matters in the end.

Meet C. S. Johnson

C. S. Johnson is the award-winning, genre-hopping author of several novels, including young adult sci-fi and fantasy adventures such as the Starlight Chronicles series, the Once Upon a Princess saga, and the Divine Space Pirates trilogy. With a gift for sarcasm and an apologetic heart, she currently lives in Atlanta with her family. Find out more at http://www.csjohnson.me. Buy more of her ebooks at https://www.ko-fi.com/writercsjohnson/shop