Intent: Deadly Secrets

Raylee’s life is thrown into disarray after her parents are killed in a tragic accident. As she begins to uncover the truth behind the incident, will she prevail as her faith — and her heart — are tested?

Meet Krista Wagner

Krista Wagner is a 70’s product who lives with her supportive Marine Corp veteran husband,three entertaining and very bright children, a suitcase of storiesbegging to be finished, and an indispensable faith in Christ. She hasbeen creating stories since she was seven and is best known for hermystery and suspense novels. Back in the 90’s, she was on her highschool literary magazine staff, and she also co-authored a zine, amontage devoted to the creativity of multiple teenagers. Her shortstories and poetry have appeared in several literary publications. Shewrote her first novel at the age of 14, but it wasn’t until her thirties that she published her first book. Krista reaches into those chasms ofdarkness, dealing with themes of betrayal and deception and hope, withintriguing characters and intense story lines. All her books are cleanand are for young adult and up. “Dealing with danger and handing out hope” Krista Wagner, author of mysteries, thrills, and all that is real Find out more about Krista here:

Nanny for the Off-Limits Billionaire Protector

I fled the city and my scandalous past, hoping for a fresh start as a nanny for a billionaire in a small Vermont town. Then I met Ethan. Brooding, gorgeous, and built like no man I’ve ever seen in the city. Our first encounter? Mortifying. He wasn’t checking me out; he was pointing out my skirt was stuck in my butt. Perfect. I thought I’d never see him again. Wrong. He’s my new boss. Ethan’s a wealthy entrepreneur and ex-Special Forces officer, guarding his heart since the tragic loss of his wife. The more time we spend together, the more our fiery attraction turns into something deeper. But just when he asks me to be his, my past catches up. Threatening letters arrive, and my first instinct is to run. I’ve always fled when things got tough, but Ethan makes me want to stay and fight. For the first time, I’m considering it. Can I trust in his love and the new life we’re building? Or will my past ruin everything?

Meet Lily Merchant

The Woman I Want Dead: An addictive cat and mouse serial killer thriller

THE WOMAN I WANT DEAD: A sequel to THE WOMAN I BEFRIENDED Years have passed since Ellie unmasked a local serial killer, yet the terror reemerges when she starts receiving unsettling text messages. “Thought I’d be caught by now?” Now as a private investigator specializing in missing persons, Ellie begins working on a new case when a client asks for help in finding his brother. “You thought wrong.” While investigating his disappearance, the text messages continue to taunt her, and Ellie faces an agonizing situation; reuniting a family together while ensuring her own family’s safety. This cat and mouse game won’t end until Ellie ends it herself. And the only way to outwit a killer is to think like one.

Meet Sara Kate

Sara Kate started her writing career as a scriptwriter for promotional videos and short films. Years later, she wrote her first mystery novel and continues to write full-time in her RV. Aside from writing, she enjoys rollerblading, photography, painting, and anything thriller/mystery related.

A Bloody Bloody Mess in the Wild Wild West

Brain-craving zombies. A bloodthirsty madman. One cowboy will dirty his boots to save his town from slaughter…Saddle up and become part of the gunslinging action today!

Meet Justin Bienvenue

Justin Bienvenue has quite the dark imagination when it comes to writing horror and a creatively unique one when writing poetry. So what do you get when you combine the two? You get The Macabre Masterpiece: Poems of Horror and Gore. He enjoys rummaging through the deepest parts of his mind to find those innovative gems that will become his next works.

Dark Shadows Over Salty Shores

Bill Higgins had a secret to die for. And he did. When the captain is found murdered during the annual Lobster Festival, bookstore owner, Abby Vaughn, turns amateur sleuth to find the killer! What was his secret and why did it cost him his life? Fishing for clues, Abby pulls in a tangled net of secrets, lies, greed and murder that will have her questioning the motives and actions of everyone in town. With her one-eyed cat, Pip, and her friend Bea by her side, this trio is about to dive headfirst into a whirlpool of deceit where a fine line exists between friend and foe. As she claws through the case, she soon finds herself in the deep end of a mystery she must solve before becoming the next victim. As the dark clouds gather, Abby’s hunt for the truth leads her to a revelation that could shatter the tranquility of Salty Shores forever.

Meet E.J. Mastsers

Emily Jane (E.J.) Masters was born and raised in western New York in a small village non-skiers may never have heard of. Only an hour drive south from Buffalo, her hometown of Ellicottville is known for two ski resorts; one being Holiday Valley. Outside of ski season, surrounded by nature, she often enjoyed long walks on the trails of the nearby state forest admiring the wildlife and fully enjoying her serenity. If you didn’t find her there, you might try the Village Park. She loved picnics and would spend hours sitting under an oak tree reading cozy mystery novels, and writing her own. In her school days, she would always take Literature classes and even joined a Mystery Writers club. While she liked all types of stories, a good whodunnit gave her the most satisfaction. As she got older, she would often find herself drawn to television crime shows. Playing detective with her own amateur sleuth skills, E.J. would usually crack the case before it was solved on the program. Now married with a young daughter, E.J. lives the family life in southwest Florida with their two cats, Lizzy and Gracie. She turned in her ski lift ticket for a bathing suit and palm tree. Loving the warm climate, she is able to spend more time outdoors experiencing nature and Florida wildlife which greatly motivates her to write. Inspired by life itself and the many works in the suspense, mystery, and thriller genres, she continues to dream up new exciting mysteries for everyone to enjoy.

Summer Camp Culprit

The Best Indie Book Of The Year 2022 – Top 25 ~ Read Freely Connections eMagazine Reader’s Choice Award Gold Medal Winner 2022 – Mystery Camp Starfall is closing. But that doesn’t mean the past is going with it. Despite her misgivings, Lindsey returns to the campground she last left as a broken-hearted teen. She’s determined to spend Camp Starfall’s farewell weekend focusing on the good memories she has of her time as a camper. But fate has other plans. Lindsey’s teenage sweetheart Tyler shows up, stirring up feelings in her that had long lain dormant. Too bad she doesn’t have time to dwell on him. Someone is breaking into the cabins, and if she doesn’t find the culprit, more than her heart will be at stake. *A romantic cozy mystery short story*

Meet C.K. Fyfe

C.K. Fyfe has always enjoyed a good mystery. Fyfe’s childhood love of Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys led to a grown-up love of writing cozy mysteries with quirky, funny, and kindhearted characters. Fyfe lives in “The Wolverine State.” Much like wolverines, Fyfe’s villains have vicious dispositions, but the clever sleuths know how to tame their foes’ tempers.

Death at Mistram Manor: A 1940s DCI Bryce story (Chief Inspector Bryce Mysteries Book 5)

A funeral service in Oxfordshire has been held for the late chatelaine of Mistram Manor. The subsequent wake is disrupted by a further death. Suspicions are aroused, and Scotland Yard is called upon to investigate. DCI Philip Bryce takes charge, supported by DS Haig and DC Kittow.

Meet Peter Zander-Howell

Peter Zander-Howell (a pen name) lives with his wife in East Anglia, U.K. They have three children and four grandchildren. Deciding to get out of the rat-race, Peter took very early retirement from his management role in a very large company. Then, far too young to retire completely and wanting to keep his mind occupied, he started a small and successful business. Twenty years later he sold that business, and has now embarked on a third career as an author. During his first two careers, Peter served as a magistrate for thirty-four years. All but one or his stories to date are set in England between 1946 and 1951, and are written in homage to the “Golden Age of Detective Fiction”. All feature Detective Chief Inspector Philip Bryce. Each book stands alone, but in chronological order they are: The Bedroom Window Murder The Courthouse Murder The Felixstowe Murder Multiples of Murder contains three novellas in one download (or in one paperback): Death in an Office Kitchen Death in the Public Baths Death on a London Bus (a ‘prequel’, set three years before the other stories). Death at Mistram Manor. Machinations of a Murderer Machinations of a Murderer is also available in a Large-Print paperback edition. Suspicions of a Parlourmaid and } The Norfolk Railway Murders } two stories in one volume. This Village is Cursed The Amateur Detective Demands with Menaces Peter’s latest book, Death of a Safebreaker, is set in 1937. It is in the “country house murder” genre, and features a different detective, Tommy Rees.

The Woman With The Emerald Ring

Henry Grayson’s a successful New York City director. He discovers his wife is having an affair and thinks it better to get rid of her than get divorced. Money of course…. He talks his mistress, Nora, who’s a struggling young actress, into killing her. Nora’s gullible, unpredictable, unreliable, and most of all, unstable. The plan goes not as planned and a smart female detective shows up, asking questions. A fast-paced murder-for-hire with a haunting twist!

Meet James Massaro


Have you ever wondered what you would do if you had telepathic abilities? How would your daily life change if you could read other people’s minds? How would the world change if the human brain suddenly began to evolve in a small part of the population? Would you tell anyone, or would you be afraid to admit it? What would be the consequences for a city with only twenty such people? What if the telepathic abilities of the few telepaths were at different levels? Would they be afraid of each other, and where would that lead? What if such a power fell on children, who couldn’t even realize they were different and tell their parents? And what if such a power fell on teenagers, who live their complicated lives and do not share their personal feelings with anyone?

Meet Vlad Sovenko

Vlad Sovenko (also known under pen name W. S. Owen) is a modern Ukrainian writer and architect. He has a specific writing style, with minimalism, repetition of certain lines throughout the story, references to music and frequent dialogues. His works stands apart for stories that are in constant motion and that force the atmosphere up to the very end. He never indicates his opinion about what is happening between the characters.

Othello | Simple Shakespeare Series: The classic play adapted to modern language

In a world where Shakespeare’s intricate tales are often perceived as inaccessible, Jeanette Vigon offers a refreshing gateway into the classic story of “Othello” with her rendition in the Simple Shakespeare series. This modern retelling not only breathes new life into the tragic story of love, jealousy, and betrayal but also makes it effortlessly comprehensible for today’s readers. Vigon’s adaptation retains the essence and emotional depth of the original, while presenting it in a language that speaks directly to the contemporary audience. Perfect for both new enthusiasts and seasoned Shakespeare lovers seeking a different perspective, this version of “Othello” unfolds the complex dynamics between the characters in a setting that resonates with the modern-day context. Through her adept storytelling, Vigon navigates the themes of trust, deception, and the tragic consequences of misinterpretations, making the tale as relevant today as it was in Shakespeare’s time. This book is an essential addition to the collection of anyone looking to dive into the rich narrative of one of Shakespeare’s most compelling tragedies, without the barriers of archaic language. Whether you’re a student grappling with Shakespeare for the first time or a teacher looking for accessible literature for your class, Jeanette Vigon’s “Othello” promises a compelling and thought-provoking read that bridges the gap between past and present. Experience “Othello” anew in this captivating retelling, where ancient Venice’s cobblestone streets meet the relatable dialogue of today. Discover the timeless story of Othello, Desdemona, and Iago, brought vividly to life through Vigon’s masterful storytelling. Immerse yourself in a tale where each sentence is a step closer to unravelling the fate of characters who’ve never felt more real.

Meet Jeanette Vigon

Jeanette Vigon is a vibrant storyteller hailing from the sun-kissed beaches of California, where her Spanish heritage infuses her writing with a colorful zest for life. Born to Spanish immigrants who carried stories of their homeland across the ocean, Jeanette’s childhood was rich with tales that sparked her imagination and sowed the seeds for her future in storytelling. After completing her education with a focus on early childhood development, Jeanette dedicated herself to the noble profession of teaching. As a beloved primary school teacher, she spent years enlightening young minds in the classroom. Her magical ability to turn even the most mundane lesson into a memorable adventure earned her admiration from both her pupils and peers. However, the call of the pen proved too strong for Jeanette to ignore. Diving headfirst into the world of literature, she transitioned from shaping minds with chalk to enchanting them with words as a full-time writer. Her intimate knowledge of children’s learning styles, combined with her rich cultural roots, enables her to craft stories that are not only engaging but also educational. Jeanette’s writing is characterized by its empathy, humor, and a deep understanding of what captivates children’s hearts and minds. Whether retelling a classic Shakespearean tale or penning an original story, her books are beloved for their ability to bridge cultural gaps and bring diverse experiences to the forefront of children’s literature. Now, with several acclaimed titles to her name, Jeanette continues to share her passion for enriching young lives through reading. When she’s not lost in her latest manuscript, you can find her indulging in her love for travel, exploring new destinations, and collecting fresh inspirations for her next enchanting narrative.