A Different Life: An authentic and inspiring story about trauma, mental illness and resilience

5 stars! “Honest, uplifting, biographical, insightful, relatable …” — Dr Wathsala Yapa – General Practitioner – MBBS FRACGP

5 stars! “A must read book. Jonathan has written an honest, raw and vulnerable story …” — Elspeth Haswell-Smith, CEO – Well Life Services, Psychologist

5 stars! “A fast paced, brave and honest telling of one person’s journey through mental health …” — Pauline Collins, Professor of Law UniSQ, LLB Adel, BVisArts USQ, Grad.Dip in Prof.Com. USQ, LLM UQ, PhD UQ.NMAS,GAICD

5 stars! “Jonathan’s courageous account of his journey through trauma is compelling …” — The Reverend Canon Paul Mitchell – Rector St Lukes Toowoomba

5 stars! “A courageous book that seeks to fight the stigma associated with mental illness …” — Dr Ashar Imam, Psychiatrist MBBS FRANZCP

A brilliant young man suffers life threatening childhood trauma that returns as mental illnesses in his adult years.

With aspirations of being a successful lawyer, Jonathan embarks on a path to make his dreams come true, but is ultimately, unable to do so due to his schizoaffective disorder. In this candid and unflinching memoir, Jonathan reveals his story in all its rawness: the ups, the downs, the wins, the losses, the highs and the darkest of lows.

Determined to discover his own normal life and find his purpose, Jonathan takes us on the journey of his different life from his earliest memories, through to his debilitating mental illnesses, drug addiction and recovery. Pushing through the depths of his mental health to climb out of the darkness into the light, he shares not only his experiences with trauma, mental illness and self medication but also his wisdom. Jonathan provides simple, easy to use tools and principles that have been the keys
to living his own, different life.

Ultimately, each one of us has to rescue ourselves and Jonathan’s story is living proof that all of us possess what it takes to be stronger, healthier and happier than we ever imagined. This is a story of extreme resilience, courage and above all hope…

Meet Jonathan Govender

Despite his achievements, Jonathan, walked a very rugged, and sometimes merciless, path through his young life. Suffering trauma through severe, life changing burns, at the age of 20 months, parental divorce in his formative years, and a home invasion before his teenage years. In his later teens, he was caught up in a deportation experience from the USA, and by his early twenties, his mental health was beginning to impact his dreams of success through University. With his mental health taking its toll, Jonathan’s life took a dark turn away from further studies towards self-medication. But, despite his worsening condition and ongoing struggles, Jonathan pushed on to find his own normal life, however different it may have been from the life he’d hoped for himself.

The Magic Academy of Paris Complete Series Boxed Set (Bargain Read)

Two friends embark on an extraordinary journey in the heart of Paris.

What mysteries and adventures await them?

Hidden mysteries come to light as they unlock the secrets of their prestigious wizarding school.

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Samantha Tempestade and Lily Vivace are talented witches. Eager to explore their new magical world, they exchange the enchanted walls of Ravenwood Academy for the bustling streets of the city and the secret passageways of a magical boat.

Their halcyon days at the academy are shrouded in darkness when one of the girls blossoms in the face of their challenges, while the other becomes obsessed with signs of a plot against the school.

They both came to become something more, but getting trapped in something far bigger than either of them may cost one of the friends dearly.

When the secrets hidden by the ancient walls of their new home come to light, Samantha and Lily must embrace their destinies and the power that lies within them.

The truth behind the academy’s protective dome lies waiting to be uncovered. Rising to the challenge of their newfound responsibilities takes them on an unforgettable journey that will change their lives forever.

How will they fare in their encounters with thrilling magical duels, overcoming hidden scars, and forming unexpected friendships?

Included in this boxed set:

  1. The Forbidden Incantations
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  3. The Cursed Enchantments
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  5. The Sinister Onslaught
  6. A Resilient Requiem

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Catching Cooper

A sexy travel blogger and a single mom can’t evade love in this small-town romance.

Cooper Hayes, a travel blogger, is always in search of his next adventure. He loves his big family and the small town he grew up in, but after a prolonged visit home, the itch to take off grows, until he meets an uptight woman with gorgeous eyes and a sharp tongue. Something about her, and her immunity to his charm, makes him question everything.

Sarah Kramer, a single mother who puts her son above everything else, refuses to even glance in a man’s direction. Then she comes face to face with the elusive Cooper Hayes, a man not only of mystery and intrigue but someone who pushes her buttons and gets her hot in a way no man ever has, and she can’t deny the instant attraction, even if he is an over-confident jerk.

Sarah agrees to go on a date with Cooper, to give herself one night of fun. But their night takes a turn, reminding her she’s a mom above everything else, and giving her no choice but to put an end to the growing desires. Unfortunately, living in a small town makes it impossible to avoid each other, and it’s only a matter of time before their undeniable chemistry explodes.

Will Sarah finally be able to open her heart to a man? And if she does, will it be reason enough for Cooper to stay?

Meet Theresa Paolo

Romance author, lover of books, 90’s pop music and happily ever afters. Has a habit of dropping the F bomb.

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The Carnation Murder (Adele Gossling Mysteries: Book 1)

Can a forward-thinking woman help the police solve a murder in a backward-thinking town?

Smart inquisitive, and a firm believer in the new progressive reforms, Adele Gossling seeks a new life after the devastating death of her father. So she flees the big city of San Francisco for small town of Arrojo. She plans a life of peace and small pleasures running her own stationery shop and living in her own house.

But peace is exactly what she doesn’t get when she discovers her neighbor dead in her gazebo. The police think they have a firm suspect: the young man who was secretly engaged to the victim. But Adele and her clairvoyant new friend Nin Branch suspect the young man is innocent. In spite of the raised eyebrows from Arrojo’s Victorian-minded citizens, she and Nin set out to prove Richard Tanning didn’t do it. But if he didn’t, who did?

Can Adele and Nin solve this puzzling case involving a striped carnation, a diamond ring, a note, a muddy pair of boots, and a broken promise? Or will Richard hang for a crime he didn’t commit and the real killer go free?

If you love smart, intricate whodunits, you’ll love this series featuring a sassy woman sleuthing her way through one of America’s most explosive eras.

Pick up your copy of The Carnation Murder for a fun, absorbing mystery set in Northern California at the turn of the 20th century.

What early reviewers are saying:
“Really well paced and researched appropriately for the era.”

“The story comes alive.”


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Meet Tam May

Writing has been Tam May’s voice since the age of fourteen. She writes stories set in the past that feature sassy and sensitive women characters. Tam is the author of the Adele Gossling Mysteries which takes place in the early 20th century and features suffragist and epistolary expert Adele Gossling whose talent for solving crimes doesn’t sit well with her town’s conventional ideas about women’s place. Tam is also working on a new series, the Grave Sisters Mysteries about three sisters who own a funeral home and help the county D.A. solve crimes in a 1920s small California town, set to release in 2025. She has also written historical fiction about women breaking loose from the social and psychological expectations of their era. Although Tam left her heart in San Francisco, she lives in the Midwest because it’s cheaper. When she’s not writing, she’s devouring everything classic (books, films, art, music) and concocting yummy plant-based dishes, and exploring her new riverside town.

Twenty Miles West of Branch, Texas and other stories

From a desert highway in West Texas to the plains of frontier Kansas to an abandoned mine in New Mexico, from a courtroom to a high school girls’ speech contest to a nursing home, from the side yard of a suburban home to a youth revival to the halls of an urban high school, K.C. Knouse puts the main characters of the thirteen short stories and novella included in this collection into circumstances that challenge assumptions they have made about themselves, their lives, and the world in which they live:

The mother who is estranged from her son.
The young woman who has doubts about her relationship with an older man.
The widower who struggles to accept the death of his wife.
The young man who is fearful of becoming his abusive father.
The homesteader who fights to redeem his pride.
The aging salesman whose livelihood is threatened by technology.
The father who relives his past at the expense of his relationship with his son.
The boy who discovers that having money creates as many problems as it solves.
The veteran teacher who crosses an emotional boundary in spite of herself.
The teenage boy whose relationship with God is complicated by a pretty girl and a misunderstanding.
The woman who doubts her decision to put her husband into a nursing home.
The man whose faith in the justice system is shaken.
The high school girl who is self-conscious about a birthmark on her face.
The middle-aged insurance adjuster who receives more than he bargained for when he comes to the aid of an attractive woman.

K.C. Knouse uses compassion, humor and an eye for detail to bring these characters to life and bind their stories to your heart.

Meet K.C. Knouse

K.C. Knouse is the author of Twenty Miles West of Branch, Texas and other stories, a collection of short fiction, A Short Stack of Short Fiction, Three Character Driven Short Stories, and a non-fiction book, True Prosperity: Your Guide to a Cash-Based Lifestyle (1996, Double-Dome Publications).

Knouse began writing for publication in 1985 and has had his short fiction published in print literary magazines and online at Wattpad.com. He wrote a personal finance blog, LiveOnCash, from 2010 to 2021.

A career outside salesperson, Knouse enjoyed a forty-year career in the printed products industry. He spent most of his career as a self-employed person.

K.C. Knouse lives on the U.S./Mexico border in far west Texas. More information can be found on the author’s website, KCKnouse.com.