To All That Speak: The Ultimate Guide To Building the Most Updated Existence Awareness (Bargain Read)

All words are made up. All words spoken between us are nothing more than made-up sounds from manipulated air. They’re just lung puffs. All of the letters that we text, email, and write are made-up symbols to coincide with our made-up noise. It’s really just hand scribbles. This would mean that everything from existence theories to religious ideologies to politics to our names and much more are all one hundred percent fabricated from thin air, literally. In fact, these words here and the pronunciation sounds you hear in your head as you read the symbols on this page are made up as well. Essentially, this book uses made-up words to further dissect and clarify other made-up words. However, by the end of this mental deconstruction and rebuild, you will walk away with this liberating awareness- we just are. Existence just is.

Meet Brandon Wolfe

Brandon Wolfe is the author of the best-selling self-help adventure memoir “Cold Beer and a Hot Dart.” In addition, his award-winning screenplay titled “Freedom’s Basement” has garnered outstanding praise from prestigious screenwriting competitions worldwide. Brandon’s writing is committed to thought-provoking content and sustainable self-help practices that will remain relevant to later generations. Aside from writing, Brandon is an avid culture-focused traveler, adventure enthusiast, and passionate entrepreneur.

Cheap Tricks to Live Richer: Ways to Save Money on a Budget

Are you struggling with money recently? This is no stranger to most of us in the current age.

In this book, you will find tips, tricks, and hacks to improve your financial security. It is jam-packed with practical information for saving, budgeting, and increasing wealth. This is a useful guide to growing, managing, and spending money. You will find included Internet resources with web links.

Save and free yourself from money burdens. Educate yourself on how you can gain control over your future. You too can become a master over wealth. Gain confidence in decision-making. Learn ways to budget, increase financial skills, and the power of reasoning.

Perfect for young people but also sensible for adults. This has information that most people haven’t considered or know existed!

This book has everything you will need! It even includes a list of side hustles. You will also have access to free printable trackers and budget planners.

Meet Heather Martin

Heather works as a mental health therapist. She strives to help others improve their lives and increase happiness. She thinks of herself as a guide, who isn’t a know-it-all, but more like someone who nudges people in the right direction.

Demystifying Enlightenment: Messages, Signs, and Predictions From The Spiritual World (Bargain Read)

Do you long to know how your loved ones are doing in Heaven? Are you curious about the afterlife? Do you miss your late family members and yearn to ask them about their heavenly existence? Intrigued by the astonishing wisdom of other celestial residents? Dennis Macy, who possesses highly sensitive enhanced abilities, has helped countless individuals by delivering messages from the other side. Now he’s here to provide you with the comfort and understanding that comes from communicating with those who have passed on. Demystifying Enlightenment is a glimpse into what angels, spirits, and our dearly departed want us to know. With answers to the most frequently asked questions entwined with accounts of his real encounters to support them, Macy offers an insight into the world we live in and the one to come. You’ll be prepared to make the right decisions to shape a better future for yourself and others. In Demystifying Enlightenment, you’ll discover: The peace that comes with knowing that you’re most cherished loved ones will be with you forever in spirit. A greater sense of God’s infinite love for you and His plan for you. Meditation and breathing techniques to improve your overall well-being and enable contact with those you care about in the next world. The ways Earthly existence and the spiritual dimension are interconnected, so you can make the best decisions in your own life. How to identify signs that your passed family and friends are trying to communicate with you, and much more! Demystifying Enlightenment is a fascinating look at reaching out and listening to those who are no longer with us physically. If you like straight answers to confusing questions, guidance from beyond, and comforting advice, then you’ll adore Dennis Macy’s illuminating book. Buy Demystifying Enlightenment to understand and to learn what to look for in receiving signs that are conveyed to us today!

Meet Dennis Macy

I was an instructor in the teaching profession for 36 years. Author of two #1 Best Selling eBooks on Amazon, “The Angelic Realm,” which is a revealing look into the Spiritual World that will provide you with hope, comfort and inspiration along with my latest book, “Demystifying Enlightenment: Messages, Signs, and Predictions From The Spiritual World.” It’s a glimpse into what angels, spirits, and our dearly departed want us to know. I enjoy reading other authors’ books to relax in my down time along with watching and following the University of Maryland sports teams along with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The Thief Revealed

Many of the mysteries in this box set are as profound as anything revealed by the apostle Paul.
It is the result of decades of determined study, followed by a special calling from God, and is the most perfectly cohesive message from God in today’s world.
The truth about the lake of fire, the godhead, the Trinity, the rapture, and the crucifixion; evolution and the six days of creation, the antichrist, and the true identity of the false prophet.
Then there is Satan’s obsession with the fair sex, and its effect upon the history of the world. Also the importance of the parable of the thief in the night, and much more.
But the central theme of these books is really prophetic, with warnings for those of the faith.
Jesus prophesied that the end of days would be similar to the days of Noah, and also Sodom and Gomorrah.
In the case of Noah, he was instructed to build the ark, while Lot and his family were told not to look back.
Just as it was then, God has provided us with instructions to survive a coming threat.
The fifth book gives a clear description of how the current world will end. It also provides much in depth prophetic information about the future, too substantial and amazing to reveal here. If you have been hoping for an actual message from God, then don’t miss it.

Meet Kevin Waldeman

After many years of studying the scriptures, I finally conceded that there were too many gray areas in my knowledge to be sure of the truth. I gave up on studying the Bible, aware that God would only make it known when ready.
A few years passed until I received a calling from God to feed his sheep, and although my knowledge was limited, I began the work.
Right from the start, wherever I looked into the scriptures, new revelations appeared. The flashes of inspiration continued until seven books were written. God provided me with the answers to every question I had ever asked him, and much more.

Think. Map. Do.: How Ambitious Leaders Can Accelerate Their Climb Into Senior Management

Rob Hutton’s first book, THINK. MAP. DO. HOW AMBITIOUS LEADERS CAN ACCELERATE THEIR CLIMB INTO SENIOR MANAGEMENT offers in-depth, real-world leadership insights for both young and seasoned leaders who want to continue to grow their careers. He teaches the practical management and leadership skills needed to advance into senior management or grow all the way to the C-Suite! He takes his 28 years of senior leadership in big, industry leading NYSE companies (as both a Division President and Regional President) and clearly defines how to get pushed-up and, importantly, how to avoid mistakes that could derail (or significantly delay) your quest for career advancement.

Think. Map. Do. starts with Rob’s journey from selling watermelons on the side of a highway in Austin to leading a $3 billion region with 1,400 gifted associates. He probes the various business mentors he has had along the way and the invaluable lessons he learned from them. You’ll love the stories of Jack, Quincy and Bruce among others and the impact they had on his direction. From there he offers useful insights into finding innovative ways to add value and grow your department or company (what you really get paid to do); doing careful competitive analysis; managing overhead; character traits needed to grab the attention of those above you; cultivating the habit of doing more than is expected of you (and the huge dividends that can pay); how to get beyond the inevitable blunders and operational mistakes you’ll make; how to build (and keep) a garlic strong team; and even the benefits that prayer can bring to your career.

Rob writes with a style that’s easy to read—more like a fireside chat than a lecture. His stories are fun, insightful and definitely memorable. There are plenty of “snackable” takeaways that will help those that are ambitious to fast track their careers into senior management…or all the way to the C-Suite.

Sign Your Fears Away (Bargain Read)

Norah Wintry is a Witch with a dream job. A Hollywood agent getting magical actors’ parts in blockbuster films.

It’s a niche field with unique problems. Somebody gets shrunk down to toadstool size and suddenly everyone’s upset. Welcome to L.A.

No worries. Norah will fix it.

She has a great family, a crackerjack assistant, and her business is taking off.

Until things start going wrong.

Actors are being injured, magic is causing accidents, and someone is hunting down former Silver Griffin Agents.

Which makes it her business. Her parents are Silver Griffin agents in hiding.

Norah never intended to get involved in her parent’s line of work. Whole other kind of agent – with real weapons and injuries that are harder to fix.

But someone is muscling in on her business and maybe her life.

Can Norah figure out who’s hurting magicals in Hollywood, reverse a curse on her roommate, and save her company? How about just stay alive?

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