The 1% Warrior: Top Secrets to Living 1% Better Every Day in Every Way - ASIN B08GDW3VMZ

The 1% Warrior Lifestyle

Would you like to become the strongest, safest version of yourself? This book can show you how.

At Modern Era Warriors, we train our students to develop into 1% Warriors. What does that mean? A 1% Warrior is a person who strives to make themselves 1% better every day in every way. I’m not going to lie to you; achieving your warrior potential takes hard work. It requires a transformation of your way of life.

I’ve helped many students develop the habits that are needed to truly become a 1% Warrior. I’m sure that I can help you, too. But first, you’d probably like to know who I am and what makes me qualified to coach people on how to become 1% Warriors. 

Dennis Stoika is a career FBI agent; police officer; United States Marine; and expert in reality-based self-defense, firearms and shooting, functional fitness, nutrition, coaching, speaking, and training. 

He is actively committed to helping people break through their barriers and achieve their dreams. He has been able to assist people who have grown tired of searching for their proven paths and who are looking for successful solutions to their problems. He does this by helping them to break through their limitations and assisting them to take the actions needed to encourage and bring about change to their lives.

At Modern Era Warriors, we have created programs with the goal of making you the strongest, safest version of yourself. Our programs are designed to prepare any individual for real life combat in the shortest time possible. We incorporate Commando Krav Maga; Combat Submission Gracie Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Striking; NRA firearms and shooting courses; functional fitness and nutrition; group and one-on-one coaching; speaking; facilitating; and training into a revolutionary experience like no other.

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Ann Dredge was a fit, active woman. A keen cyclist and sportswoman. But after being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, she became unable to walk or talk and was expected to die within six months Incredibly, three years later, she’s alert and responding to her carers! 

This book is a roadmap for those whose loved ones demonstrate early symptoms of Alzheimer’s and shows that, with determination and dedication, it may be possible to arrest their decline and even recover lost function. It’s an inspiring story, offering hope to sufferers and carers alike. Alzheimer’s is fast becoming the biggest medical, social and financial challenge of this century. 

“Today around 50 million people in the world display Alzheimer’s symptoms, a figure expected to increase to 150 million globally by 2050. To put it in another perspective, by 2050 nearly half of people over age 85 will display Alzheimer’s symptoms.” This means that soon, if it hasn’t happened already, someone you love will be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. 

What will you do? That’s the question Peter Dredge faced when his wife, Ann, was diagnosed in 2012. For a start, he threw himself into learning more about Alzheimer’s. He learned it’s not so much a disease as a range of symptoms with many possible causes. Current research has identified over 40 possible contributing factors including lifestyle, genetics and environmental exposure. And yet Peter found most medical practitioners believe Alzheimer’s sufferers are doomed to an inevitable, terminal outcome. Their “treatment” recommendation is sedation and palliative care. However, Peter discovered research teams who are achieving high levels of success treating people with early stage Alzheimer’s symptoms. ‘Breakthrough’ describes his journey in uncovering the new treatment protocols and gaining access for Ann. You’ll be glad you read it.

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The world of investing, planning and retirement accumulation is a bit of a maze often leaving consumers lost and going in the wrong direction. Blue Green and Gold offers comprehensive, yet simple concepts, told in short stories, vignettes and examples to help the reader better grasp concepts and ideas. An easy read for all, creative ideas, real life concepts and direction. For many people, we waste our most precious commodity, time. After reading this book, you will want to act quickly getting started on your path.

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WAR 19 – An Incredible Political Thriller and Satisfying Historical Fiction – 2 Versions 

In the fall of 2020, COVID-19 continues to kill. Most blame China and it seems war is inevitable. America is about to pick a president to lead the country through the conflict with China. YOU must choose the president to lead through War19! 

This is a two book political thriller series, one if Biden wins and one if Trumps wins reelection. One book is sure to thrill you and one book will make you want to burn it! 

Full of suspense, mystery, political satire and humor, this “Biden Wins” version of historical fiction answers the questions you have been dying to know!

This version of the political fiction series answers……

  • Does Donald Trump leave the White House willingly?
  • How does he respond? How many friends and family does he immorally pardon?
  • What crazy action does Trump take to retain the Presidency?
  • What evidence of Trump Chinese collusion is found?
  • What happens to the COVID-19 virus, vaccines and treatments?
  • Does Trump get arrested for treason? What tax secrets are finally exposed?
  • Do Jared Kushner, Rudy Giuliani or the Trump kids get sent to jail for their lies and many illegals actions?
  • Can war with China be averted?
  • Can President Biden save America, beat the Chinese and destroy Trump all at once?

This book has it all! Political humor, satire, fun historical fiction. A great alternate history to satisfy your every political dream! 

About the book:
In 2071, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the war between China and the United States, the United Nations published the definitive account of the war. China expert and former White House Chief of Staff J. Alton Beauchamp was selected to write this account. 

Dr. Beauchamp decided the best way to present the story was to select newspaper, magazine and website articles from the period. The articles, when taken as a whole, as a mosaic, tell the entire story. The selection of the articles was his and his alone.

About the author:
Dr. Beauchamp was born in 2022, just months after the conclusion of the war between China and the United States, and grew up in Beijing. In 2056, he orchestrated and led the successful reunification of the two Koreas. He subsequently served as ambassador to Korea and then China. President James Carter, the great-grandson of Pres. Jimmy Carter selected Beauchamp to serve as his Chief of Staff. Serving for both full terms, he became the longest serving Chief of Staff in American history. 

Bonus materials online:
Read this exciting political fictional thriller about how Biden learned to beat Trump, COVID-19 and China! 

Find sample chapters, a full Q/A, more details about the author and BONUS chapters at!

Fake Testimonials: 
“I have read all of the accounts of the war, and despite the unusual style, I found this to be by far the best recounting of the events.”
– George Bush IV

“This is the most complete, unbiased account of the war. All of the other books written about the war are trash compared to this!”
– Joseph B. Obama

“All other books on this topic should be burned!”
– Mitch McConnell III

“I know both my Grandpa Bill and Granny Hilly would have loved this book.”
– Jasper Clinton Mezvinsky

– Oprah (yes, she was 116 when the book was written)

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Hope Rises: Make Your Life, Love & Leadership Soar - ASIN B08FXVYBFP

When facing strong headwinds, you can soar to new heights. You can make good things happen in bad times. You can build a better life and a brighter future, regardless of what you are facing today. You can enhance relationships. You can become a more inspirational leader. And you can do it all by choosing hope. Those who have hope are happier, healthier and more productive. And the best part is that hope can be yours. 

Distilling decades of psychological research into simple language, Dr. Randy Ross provides practical wisdom to effectively face challenges, difficulties and setbacks. Offering life-transforming truths, Dr. Ross untangles some of life’s toughest issues and shows how anyone can apply hope to make life better, improve relationships and lead well.

Providing encouragement and practical principles for those who want to soar to new heights, these insights are both impactful and infectious. Whether you’re currently facing a crisis or looking to take your life and leadership to a higher level, this message will help you build a brighter tomorrow by embracing hope today.

How we choose to face and embrace the crises before us will determine our destiny. Face the future with hope. 

Hope is a dynamic motivational system tied to inspirational goal-setting.

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Put a Shark in Your Tank : Signature Innovators Edition - Volume 2.1 - ASIN B08G66VP8K

We are living in an unprecedented era of entrepreneurship. In this book, twenty-eight innovators have been hand picked for their spirit, ingenuity, and tenacity. This is intended to provide their journeys as a guide for wherever your dreams and aspirations take you. If there are troubles in the water, try putting a shark in your tank… 

Co authored by: 
Steven Alvey
Michelle Zabriskie
Peter Magana
Aimee V. Sanchez
Draion Burch
Stuart Burrell
Beth Underhill
J Linn Strouse
Carmen Ring
Rize McGill
Sharon Farsijani
Lori McNeil
Kate Lund
Brenda Bowers
David Stewart
Karl Shaikh
Annie Lane
Troy Aberle
John Rizvi
John Galley and Adam Ackerman
Ray Smith
Wade Atteberry
Steve Greenspan
Ellen Lin
Jason Hall
Dimitry Boss
Cheryl Spangler
Dan Olsen

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Alpha Agency Protectors : Complete 8 Book Collection - ASIN B08DM3PXZ1

Do you love military romance books? Then you will love Alpha Agency. The complete collection of true standalone, Military romance books, all for a great price. Eight short story books and one link to download a bonus book for FREE. 
You will get: 
** Mountain Man Guardian** (Bonus FREE book) 
I like being a loner, after all the terrible things I’ve seen from my time as an Elite CIA agent it’s the only thing left for me. Then I hear her, she’s terrified but, beautiful, and courageous all at once. Something about her makes me want to protect her. Then hearing the terrible things she just witnessed and she has proof! I must help her, no matter what nothing is going to happen to her.

**Counter Terrorism** (Book 2) 
He’s been my best friend forever, but who is he really? I’m not sure anymore.

I live a secret life, my sweetest friend in the whole world doesn’t even know. I feel guilty keeping what I really am from her. For now that’s best, she would just worry about me. So I keep her thinking I’m care free and just jump from job to job for now. Truly, I’m one of the country’s finest. An Elite Navy Seal. 

**Outlaw** (Book 3) 
Two opposites undercover will risk it all for each other…

I am a bad ass. A criminal. I don’t need anyone, and I don’t answer to anyone. Until the day I get picked up on the run, and my greatest fear is thrown in my face.
Life behind bars.
So, I take a deal; work for the enemy to earn my continued freedom. It’s time for me to play a part and do what I do best.
Only, there is someone in my way that is pulling my loyalty in every direction.

**Ice Princess** (Book 4)
Can they work together and create a cure?
My worst fear hits the US, my team has found the Kraken Virus. It’s at a hospital in Phoenix, now I need to setup my team and help quarantine the threat. We need a cure and fast. Then I see her, the ice princess as they call her. They warned me about her before I came, but now all I want to do is break down her icy walls and make her mine.

**Cowboy Bodyguard** (Book 5)
This cowboy is tough, but can he beat a murderer?
I’ve never gotten over the brutal death of my partner. He was a great man, every since I’ve looked for his killer with no luck. I’m taken back there when I get a call about a fire and a witness that saw everything. Could that be the same man that killed my partner all these years ago? Then I see Lizzie, she’s perfect, no one will hurt her you can bank on that.

**Accidental Wedding** (Book 6)
Two hearts both troubled by their own minds meet on a spontaneous vacation, when things take a dramatic turn.

My commander told me to go on vacation or I’d be put in mandatory therapy. So vacation it is, being a Green Beret I live for the job. Maybe this could be fun, or maybe it will add to my PTSD. Then, I see her, she’s terribly out of place and nervous. Thankfully the only open seat in the bar is next to me.

**Closely Guarded** (Book 7)
?My big brothers best friend, a forbidden romance.?

I’m back from my Air Force training for a little while, it’s been 5 years and now I’m ready to take on the newest challenge of Medic and Doctor. Then I spot her. She’s gorgeous! Who is this mystery woman? I must find out, is she a new neighbor? 

**Witness Protection** (Book 8) 
My witness to protect and now mine to hold forever.
I’ve been a prisoner to my evil step father since my mom ran out on us. Now he’s using me as trading stock in a drug deal gone wrong to fix his mistakes.

**Legal Angel** (Book 9)
?Derek was tragically widowed and has a tough time letting anyone in. But can he keep his feelings in check from the gorgeous attorney he needs to protect??

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What a Time to Be Alive!: Reinstating the American Dream Through Passive Income and Tiny Living

Forget what you’ve been culturally conditioned to think about financial freedom. It’s no longer reserved for the elite. How many legitimate problems would you have if acquiring money to pay for your basic needs was no longer your primary focus? Imagine what your life would look like if your primary focus was not money, but instead something truly meaningful to you. With your basic financial needs met, you would be free to create, free to impact, free to explore, and free to evolve. What more could you want?

What a Time to Be Alive is both a battle cry for American’s subscribed to unfulfilling life paths and a manifesto designed to provide two different solutions anyone can utilize to achieve financial freedom and thus gain the opportunity to reach their personal potential. While most millennials are crippled with student debt, and many others across multiple generations are confined to mortgages, financial freedom can be attained quickly.

Austin Laudenslager worked hard on changing his life. A traditional career path meant six-figures per year, which came at the price of limiting his life in order to continue sacrificing desired experiences for ongoing employment. After scaling up his passive income, and scaling down his living situation, he now travels the world full-time doing what he loves while still enjoying the same annual net-income. In his revolutionary publication you’ll learn why America is uniquely positioned to claim the ideal society our Founding Fathers designed for us. The American Dream does not need to be redefined; it needs to be reinstated.

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Enlightened Friendship: Befriending Yourself and Others Through Difficulty

Enlightened Friendship: Befriending Yourself and Others Through Difficulty - ASIN B08DPZ259T

In these difficult times, we are all facing adversity, both individually and collectively. Enlightened Friendship: Befriending Yourself and Others Through Difficulty, provides guidance for not only going through difficulty but growing through it in a way that strengthens us, builds our self-confidence and improves our resilience to overcome future hardships.

Enlightened Friendship: Befriending Yourself and Others Through Difficulty, is uniquely organized to guide both those who are suffering as well as those who wish to help them.

Adults rarely get training in how to support other adults. While we may have empathy for another’s suffering, we may be so intimidated by our fear of not knowing what to do or say that we turn away when they need us most. This book resolves that problem and lays out the roles, boundaries, skills and techniques that help us support our friends with confidence. While growth is an ‘inside job’, support from compassionate friends helps us to fearlessly embrace our emotions while we learn from our experiences. Friendship can keep us on track and enable us to discover new (and sometimes surprising) solutions. This is a practical guide to show you how friendship can be extended in ways that are supportive and compassionate while honoring another’s process of grief and self-discovery. The guidance of this book will help you be better prepared and more confident to support your friends through their rough patches. We can all benefit from compassionate friends who are prepared to help when needed.

For those who are facing a change, ending, loss, or distress, this book provides constructive guidelines, techniques, checkpoints, and practices to help you participate fully and move more smoothly through your healing process. You will face your fears and learn from them. You will be enlightened by your setbacks rather than a victim of them. You will be empowered by making thoughtful decisions using emotional intelligence. You will learn to select the support you need. And ultimately, you will move through your difficulties with less suffering, more confidence, enriched, and at peace. Throughout our lives we face challenges; let us welcome the opportunity to navigate them with confidence.

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Viking Lullaby

Viking Lullaby - ASIN B08CS4B9MZ

Since time began, mothers have sung lullabies to their children. This was even true for Viking mothers. Viking Lullaby lulls children to sleep as they imagine the magical world where myths meet reality, as they follow Viking gods, giants, and elves leaving off their daily routines to go to sleep. Viking Lullaby is the perfect bedtime story for Viking enthusiasts to read their children. Weaving the magic of Viking myths with the historical accuracy of the gorgeous illustrations, this is a story to read again and again. Whether introducing children to Odin, Thor, Loki, and Freya for the first time, or expanding their knowledge of the Viking myths, this story can be enjoyed by all, and can be sung to your own Viking children, with the melody found at the end of the book. Find the lullaby on iTunes, Spotify, and more!

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