Book Reviews

Sorry folks, I am currently not offering the book review service.

When I first began my free book reviews section, I was hoping for two things;

1. To rank well for the term “free book reviews”

2. To find some interesting books to write about.

I succeeded on both counts, but some problems have surfaced. One factor is time, I love reading and I like to write about what I read, but time is at a premium.

Secondly, it’s hard to tell if a book will be interesting just from the description. It’s easier to know if something is worth reading after actually holding it in your hand, and looking through the book and reading the first chapter.

If something doesn’t hold my interest, I would rather move on to something else, rather than trudge through a boring book. Also, I know that writing is highly personal, and most authors pour their heart and soul into their work, so if I do a review, I would prefer to do only a positive review.

But, I also want to do honest reviews. So this is what I have come up with:

I will still accept review copies of books. But there are no guarantees you will get a review, just by sending me a copy. Instead if I read your book, and feel that I can write an honest and positive review on it. I will offer to do the review for 100$.

That’s right, free book reviews are now optional 100$ reviews. So after reading your book I will give you the option of buying a review on this blog for 100$.

What will you get for your 100$? You will get an honest and positive review on this site written by me. The quality and tone will be similar to the six free book review examples below.

Although I expect the quality will be slightly better because these will be titles previewed and hand chosen by me. Therefore, in some way I will be moved by this work and should have a positive spin to put on it.

I will also link to either the book’s website or the author’s website. If it is being sold on Amazon I may also link to Amazon, and I may even give the book a rating and a short review on Amazon’s site.

I don’t see any reason why my reviews would not stay on my site indefinitely, But just so you have peace of mind, I will make sure the review is left up for at least six months. Even though the odds of the review being left up much longer are likely.

My goal when reviewing a book is to give the book a quick description and run down of what it’s all about. Then I usually try to make the review unique by sharing what I actually got out of the book.

The same way different people interpret songs differently, most of us will get something different out of each book we read. Usually what we get from the work depends on our life experience.

I think if all review authors did this, there would be tons of unique reviews out there, instead of the same old run down of the books content.

I was previously limiting my review topics to titles that I felt were somewhat relevant to this site. Such as, writing, blogging, Internet marketing, SEO, sales, personal development, and psychology.

I’ve also received some offers to review some other interesting topics, but I had to turn them down, just because without actually seeing the book, it’s really hard to know if I can write a positive review or not.

I still think the previous topics are a great fit for this site, but since I now get to preview the book before I actually read it, I will open up the site for even broader topics as well.

If you are interested in having a review on this site, you can send me an evaluation copy of your work. I will look over your book and let you know if I think a paid review of the book would be a great fit for this site.

If I choose not to do a review of your book, it doesn’t necessarily mean I didn’t care for your work. There are other factors to consider, such as, if I have time to devote to the project and whether I have something interesting to say about your work.

Sorry, due to time constraints, I am currently not offering the review service.

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