Increase the Success of Your Paid Promotion

We’ve done some analysis of the top performing paid promotions and found what works, and want to share a few tips on how you can improve your own promotion.

  • Reply to our tweets: If you’ve given us your Twitter account, we will send some tweets directly to you reminding you about the promotion and thanking you for promoting with us. These posts have some of the highest rates of URL clicks and views over all of our promotional posts.
  • Tweet us!: We’re not robots! We are real people here and we love to chat with us, so send us direct tweets.
  • Let us know if your book is discounted: Some of our social media posts include how much that can be saved by picking up your book during the discount period, and our readers have a keen eye for a bargain and click on the links to these books. To take advantage of these keen eyes make sure that you provide us with the original and discount prices of your book.
  • Use & Reuse Our Author Interviews: Our author interviews are crafted by actual human writers to give readers a little glimpse of your personality while plugging your book. These posts also link back to your social media profiles and website create more links back to your online presence. Many authors have used these to build more support for their author brand, and since these posts won’t be removed you can feel confident to use these as a part of your own social media strategy in the future. Additionally, we use past author interviews in subsequent promotions, so if you keep promoting with us we will keep sharing past interviews, improving these back links to your site.

Take some of these tips into mind when your promotion is run and we will continue to analyse and let you know how you can get even more out of your promotions!