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It can be so hard to choose a new book to read. Luckily we’ve sat down and reviewed all of the Kindle books that have come our way and have hand-picked some of the most interesting reads around.

Our Top Reading List Recommendations


Want to add a touch of romance to your life?

Just looking for a story that will make you feel good? Check out our Happily Ever After (HEA) list.

Or maybe just a touch of love? Get all of the love you need with our love filled tales!

Cozy Mystery Books

Get ready to curl up with a cup of tea, a fluffy friend, while you relax with a tale full of the coziest of mysteries selected from our Cozy Mystery reading list.


Explore the mysteries of the world with our mystery suggestions.


Find thrills with our thriller recommendations!


Looking for a new adventure? Explore something new with our adventure book suggestions.

Fantasy Books

Explore another world with these hand-picked fantasy kindle book recommendations.

We also have found the books with your favourite fantasy critters and characters including witches & wizards, dragons, magic, and even time travel!

There’s also a huge number of urban fantasy books waiting for you, so have a look at them too.

Science Fiction Books

Love a little sci-fi? Explore our sci-fi recommendations here.

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