Curl Up With Our Chick Lit Kindle Recommendations

Do you love Bridget Jones’s Diary and are looking for a similar read in the wonderful world of chick lit? Take a romantic recommendation from our virtual bookshelf, and curl up with your Kindle and a glass of wine and enjoy getting lost in the fictional life of a modern-day woman.

Books From the Archives

  • My Crazy (Sick) Love My Crazy (Sick) Love
  • The Choices I’ve Made The Choices I’ve Made
  • Fingerprinted Hearts Fingerprinted Hearts
  • Everyone in LA is an Asshole Everyone in LA is an Asshole
  • The Light of Winter The Light of Winter
  • Leaving London Leaving London
  • Waking Up in Vegas Waking Up in Vegas
  • Speaking in Tungs Speaking in Tungs
  • My Most Valuable Possession My Most Valuable Possession
  • Pretty Monster Pretty Monster
  • Living on Borrowed Time Living on Borrowed Time
  • Maggie Maggie
  • Curve my Song Curve my Song
  • Christmas Thirty-Three Christmas Thirty-Three
  • I Wrote A Book About You I Wrote A Book About You
  • To Detroit, With Love To Detroit, With Love
  • Snowdrops and Stardust Snowdrops and Stardust
  • The Spanish Indecision The Spanish Indecision
  • Lu. Lu.
  • Unraveled Unraveled
  • Heart Throbs Heart Throbs
  • Only Twenty-Five Only Twenty-Five