Free, Discount & Recommended Sweet Romance Kindle Reads

For all of those sweet tales of romance which set your heart a patter, there’s always a tug on your heartstrings to pick up another sweet-romance. ¬†And to reduce you time searching for another heart warming tale, we’ve complied a list of our top sweet-romance recommendations!

Books From the Archives

  • Royally Abandoned Royally Abandoned
  • Nuttycracker Sweet Nuttycracker Sweet
  • Romance Me with Flowers Romance Me with Flowers
  • The First I Do The First I Do
  • Gold: Heart of a Miner Book Two Gold: Heart of a Miner Book Two
  • Merging with the Billionaire Merging with the Billionaire
  • Mail Order Misfit Mail Order Misfit
  • Billionaire in Disguise Billionaire in Disguise
  • Nanny for the Billionaire Nanny for the Billionaire