Top Tales of Revenge

Have you been having a bad day and have thoughts of revenge on your mind.  Follow your frustrations through the written word and enjoy fictional tales of revenge and retribution for wrongdoings in our selection of tales from the archives of revenge.

Books From the Archives

  • 24 Hour Lockdown 24 Hour Lockdown
  • Penchant for Vengeance Penchant for Vengeance
  • Our Neighbors’ Keeper Our Neighbors’ Keeper
  • Blurred Red Lines Blurred Red Lines
  • Masquerade Masquerade
  • Wrath: A Prelude to Forging the Nightmare Wrath: A Prelude to Forging the Nightmare
  • Dark Days Dark Days
  • Always Always
  • 30 The Dragonfly Catcher 30 The Dragonfly Catcher
  • Her Eleventh Kill Her Eleventh Kill
  • The Headrest Of Orizard The Headrest Of Orizard