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Do you have a discounted or free Kindle book that you want to share with the world?  Choose from our promotional services below!

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What are the Rules?

We want to make sure your book is a great fit for our readers, so to be eligible for promotion, your book needs to be:

On Kindle or Audible

We focus on sharing books that are easily accessible for our readers, so we require your book to be available on Amazon as a Kindle or Audible download.

Priced at $3 or Less

Our readers love a bargain. To keep our bargain-hunting readers happy, all books promoted on our site must be priced at $3 or less.

Family Friendly Cover

We connect books with readers of all ages, so all book covers need to be free from naked people (steamy romances are fine!) and illegal activities.

Not sure your book meets our requirements? Request a free book check before you book a promotion. Have other questions about our services? Check out our FAQs.

How Does It Work?

Never promoted your Kindle or Audible book before? For our paid book promotions we:

1. Pick Your Promotion Plan

We start by letting you pick as much promotional support as you need.

2. Enter Your Book Details

We’ll send you to a form to learn more about the book being promoted. From there, we’ll develop your custom book promotion.

3. Watch Your Promotion

Starting at 8AM PST on your promotion date we’ll start to share your book on our front page, in our email newsletter and on social media.

Want to know what other authors think of our work?  Here’s a sample!

The best promotional audience for Kindle authors. It’s Write Now is responsible for propelling ICE through 1,000 reviews, 1,500 reviews and 125,000+ Kindle sales, singlehandedly. DO NOT pass up It’s Write Now if you want to quit that soul-sucking day job and live the Ferrari lifestyle…. Kevin

  Kevin Tinto author of ICE

Guaranteed Promotion run on February 25, 2017


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What’s The Submission Deadlines?

  • Listings are added daily at 8am Pacific Standard Time PST (GMT/ UCT -7).  New custom submissions with discount or deals applied (if applicable) must be received no later than 24 hours at 8am PST the day before.

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