Days of Ascent: A Novel


The first step on Rory Beaumont’s long road home is an idyllic stay on the Island with Lillian as he begins coming to terms with the loss of his brother Neil. Rory walks in Neil’s steps as he takes part in a dramatic protest in Auckland. The following year a dinner-table conversation with Ewan; Rory’s well-travelled globe-trotting twin-cousin, brings to the surface Rory’s desire to discover his homeland of Aotearoa New Zealand; a land of mountains and seasons, coastlines, poetry and birdsong. With the passing of the years Rory finds love and a home in the ever-enlarging world of Arcadivale; the Ridge family’s orchard on the outskirts of Motueka.

Repeated visits to the Ridge family’s holiday bach on the Island reveal more of laurence; the resident outspoken artist, while the once-generous ocean begins to reclaim the same Island it once set in its place. The happy, easy-going life Rory finds on Arcadivale is overtaken by the Ridge family dramas and the paths of Rory and Ewan intersect again and again until journey’s end for Ewan brings change to his life while Arcadivale’s gradual decay eventually forces Rory to seek a home beyond the boundaries of Arcadivale.

This work of fiction is set in Aotearoa New Zealand between 1980 and 1987 against a backdrop of real events. It is not part of a series.