Chosen: The Path of Heroes

MULTIPLE WORLDS, FOUR HEROES, ONE DESTINY. Not long after his thirteenth birthday, Tauzuri Jones discovers an astonishing secret that forces him to seriously question his origins. For as long as he can remember, he has felt distinctly detached from those around him, a certifiable loner…and now he knows why. Whisked to another world by a friendly wizard, a place full of wonders he never imagined, Tauzuri meets the most unlikely group of friends with whom he shares an inevitable destiny. They embark on a journey that tests them to their limits, an adventure that will eternally seal their intertwined fates as they prepare to confront the evil Overlord that threatens all of existence.

Meet K.I. Price

Born in Saint Louis, Missouri, K.I. was always a curious, smart, and creative child. She knew very early on that she wanted to be a writer. Around the age of thirteen, she got into tabletop role-playing as well as online literary role-playing, where she collaborated epic stories and adventures with like-minded friends. After a couple of years of role-playing in online forums, K.I. began the groundwork for Chosen: The Path of Heroes, the first book of a series she’s been gradually building. In 2009, K.I. joined the United States Navy and honorably served six years of active duty. She met her husband in Sasebo, Japan, and they married in 2013. Aside from writing, K.I. loves traveling with her family, hiking, beautiful mountain views, trying new recipes in the kitchen, and playing video games. She is currently working diligently on her Chosen book series.