The Darkness All Around Us

A fiercely solitary scientist who sees dead people. A quirky teen with a knack for climbing skyscrapers. A mysterious stranger shrouded in secrets. And a company that will stop at nothing to spread its influence.

It’s the end of the world—but it’s not too late to save it.

On the verge of being captured by a bloodthirsty gang in a post-disaster America, a scientist on the run must abandon her safe haven and surrender to the trust of a man who might as well wear a “danger” sign on his forehead.

But when she discovers the unthinkable truth behind the country’s downfall, she must decide if she’s willing to team up with the very people who want her dead in order to rescue her kidnapped best friend and destroy a nefarious company before it unleashes a nightmare army of feral creatures.

And time is running out. The company’s plans are nearly complete…

The first installment in a duology of science fiction thrillers, this gripping post-apocalyptic dystopian book is perfect for fans of The Walking Dead, Resident Evil, Zombieland, Aeon Flux, Mad Max, and The Last of Us.

This is not a romance book, but there are two steamy, slow burn romance enemies-to-allies-to-lovers *subplots.* No sex on the page. The sequel will have more steam than the first book. This book is intended for mature readers ages 18+. TWs include addiction, violence, blood and gore, death, and swearing and adult language.

Meet Megan Boley

Megan Boley is a dystopian and urban fantasy author. She loves writing stories with badass women and a healthy dose of plot twists. If she’s not plotting the triumph (or demise) of her next set of characters, you’ll find her at jiu jitsu or reading on the beach.

All the Way

Deny an Innocent Man his Freedom and you Unleash an Outlaw… After surviving nine gruelling years behind bars, Danny King is consumed by a single obsession: Who framed him and why? In his relentless quest for revenge, Danny’s plunged into the seedy world of 1960s gangland London. A shadowy netherworld of vendettas, vice, and rampant police corruption. A chance encounter, in the beating heart of Jimmy Pearce’s London porn empire between Danny and a beautiful fugitive from the Paris Revolt, triggers an unlikely romance. Sorbonne educated Emma is concealing a secret—It’s not just the Sûreté she’s running from, but a merciless enemy with all-embracing tentacles. A suspenseful, noir, thriller that will grip you until the final page… From the dark interior of Her Majesty’s Prisons, through the pulsating energy of Soho’s sleazy, neon streets, to the smoky haze of West London’s clandestine clubs. Discover the sinister forces that conspired to falsely imprison Danny. And why Emma fled the barricades of Paris concealing a deadly secret that could destroy their newfound love. As they dig deeper into the city’s shadowland, they’ll uncover a treacherous maze of crime and deception, until they finally decide that the only way out is to go—All the Way.

Meet Andy Matthews

Andy Matthews is a dog lover, sporadic writer, and author of the novel All the Way. All the Way is the product of Covid but writing has been an integral part of his life for several decades. His working life spanned many bridges culminating with the completion of a BA [Hons] Degree with the Open University in 2013. Andy lives on an island two miles off the UK mainland. Nowadays, he spends his time walking his headstrong cocker spaniel, Fudge. Discussing a myriad of subjects with a diverse group of fellow dog walkers. Visiting family, avoiding shops, and with the time he has left—writing. He studied literature with the OU and was introduced to the work of Katherine Mansfield and other boundary-pushing writers of that era. Learning to read began at an early age. As a toddler, he accompanied his mother every day to the local library. She devoured romance novels like the peppermints she also loved. Latterly, he asked her why she always looked at the last page of each romantic novel before taking it home. She replied: “In case there’s a horrible ending.”

Operation Dawn Wolf

Formed of recordings and team member journal entries, this file documents OPERATION DAWN WOLF, an EYES-ONLY covert operation to identify and terminate the perpetrators of an ongoing campaign aimed at the highly secret Special Operations candidate selection process. 
 The transcripts document the progression of [redacted] recruited 2Lt [redacted] (now known as Carrie Harris, aka Candidate Corra Hughes) through the agency’s Special Operations selection process, [redacted]. 
 The files contain numerous redactions to protect the identities of current and past operations and operational agents, lowering the security status of the information from EYES ONLY to SECRET. 
 No details have been changed or edited, however the final report by [redacted] cannot be downgraded to SECRET and is therefore omitted.

Meet GJ Stevens

GJ Stevens started writing fiction at the age of thirty. His fast-paced thrillers are the culmination of many years of finding time from nowhere to learn the craft. His fiction is often referred to as a refreshing break from the norm, whether it’s his apocalyptic creations, epic action thrillers or his twist on everyday life with just one difference, there’s something for everyone who likes to be kept on the edge of their seat.

Verses in the Sand

In the year 1799, British army captain William Mason and fiery Irish convict Sean find their fates entwined. The sole survivors of a shipwreck, they find themselves stranded on a deserted island. William, the youngest son of a respected British noble, was set on the path of military service from a young age. Expected to join the army, he was commissioned an officer in the King’s 33rd Regiment to serve under his cousin Colonel Arthur Wellesley. Due to ill-health, he had been left behind when the 33rd was sent to India and was finally on his way to rejoin his regiment. Sean, a fiercely proud Irishman, bore the scars of the violence of the rising. He had bravely stood shoulder to shoulder with his brother in the ill-fated 1798 Rising. Captured at the Battle of Vinegar Hill, he was bound for the penal colonies of Australia. On the journey, he suffered the brutality of sadistic British guards which instilled in Sean a burning resentment towards the British and especially towards William, an officer and an aristocrat. Despite their mutual distrust toward each other, both men realise they must cooperate to survive their harsh new reality and over time, animosity gives way to a fragile camaraderie. To pass the time, William tutors the previously illiterate Sean in reading, arithmetic, and even French, and he discovers an astonishingly brilliant and poetic soul within the young rebel. Each evening, Sean composes exquisite poetry in the sand, reflecting on their lives. The verses vanish with the tide but leave an impression on both men. However, the island transforms into a battlefield when Lady Elizabeth, a young English aristocrat, washes ashore. She is a captive to the enigmatic yet ruthless pirate captain, Mercier, and his crew. Through flashbacks, we witness an epic sea battle between a formidable British ship of the line and a swift French frigate — a precursor to their present predicament. Tensions soar as William and Sean grapple with clashing loyalties and the challenge of a daring rescue attempt.

Meet Darren Beaming

Darren Beaming is an experienced teacher and lecturer with a decade of experience teaching Script Writing in Ireland. He has a strong interest in history, particularly in how it influences and shapes stories. Darren has been involved in narrative creation for many years but has only recently started writing novels. His first book, “Verses in the Sand,” is the first of a planned six-book series covering the period from the 1790s to 1815. The series focuses on the United Irishmen and explores the relationship between a British officer and an Irish rebel. In his writing, Darren combines thorough historical research with creative storytelling.

The Last Lumenian

Grand Prize Winner for the CIBA 2022 CYGNUS Award for Science Fiction

She is a rebel. Lilla is fighting for the refugees’s freedom from oppression. The king, her father, lost touch with reality ever since Lilla’s mother died. Now everyone else is paying the price.

The arrival of Callum, a powerful Teryn general, complicates Lilla’s life. His presence leads to conflicted feelings and friction with Arrov, a handsome pilot and fellow rebel.

Her life is not what she imagined it to be. Not by far. Meddling gods, love interests and sudden magical abilities have no room in Lilla’s world, but that has become her new reality. No matter how hard she pushes them away, it’s too late. They all seek to control her anyway.

Now the Era War between two ruling archgods forces Lilla to act: accept who she really is magic and all; find true love; fulfill her destiny by defeating the Archgod of Chaos and Destruction before He finds her. The Last Lumenian.


2020 New York Book Festival Winner: Romance Honorable Mention: Science Fiction
2020 San Francisco Book Festival Winner: Science Fiction
2020 Annual Best Book Awards Winner: Best Cover for Fiction
2020 New England Book Festival Winner: Science Fiction
2021 Independent Press Award Distinguished Favorite: Fantasy

Meet S.G. Blaise

S.G. was born in a faraway land of castles, monarchies and fallen dictatorships aka Hungary. Hollywood movies were largely forbidden under Soviet oppression during her childhood, but her dad smuggled them anyway, risking his life so that his children could experience the magic and hope inherent in those stories. These stories were the reason she fell in love with Sci-Fi and Fantasy genres. She watched rebellions unfold in real time. Journeyed across the Atlantic Ocean for love. She ended up in sunny California, where she is living her dream—writing stories and annoying family members.

Murder in Black and White

First book in the High Country Mystery Series! Sheriff Jeff McQuede becomes suspicious when a robber breaks into the Coal County Museum and steals only one item – a black-and-white class photograph. Under the name Jerome Slade the photographer had printed two ominous words: never graduated. When a body is unearthed beneath the newly demolished school, McQuede realizes Slade had not left Black Mountain the night of the spring dance. McQuede soon uncovers hidden rivalries between Slade and his classmates. When he discovers that Heather Kenwell and the woman of his dreams, Loris Conner, were rivals for Slade’s affection, McQuede fears finding out the truth. Theft, blackmail, and another brutal killing lead back to photographs taken by Black Mountain’s eccentric photographer, Bruce Fenton. While others see an innocent collection, McQuede sees murder in black and white.

Meet Vickie Britton

Loretta Jackson and Vickie Britton, sisters and coauthors, are drawn to out-of-the-way places, old mining towns, and vast rangelands where the legends and history of the past live on. Inspired by the rugged mountains of Wyoming and Colorado, they find the lonely, high country region a perfect setting for their novels. Both writers now live in Kansas; Loretta in Junction City, Vickie in Hutchinson.. Others include their mysteries Arctic Legacy, Path of the Jaguar, and Nightmare in Morocco and The Luck of the Draw Western Series: The Devil’s Game, The Fifth Ace, and The Wild Card. –This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.


Thundrhed is a vikingish barbarian who farms turkeys for a living. At around the age of thirty he decides to sell his land and travel, so he journeys to the big city to unload the last of his livestock. Being a hayseed in the city for the first time, he inevitably goes on a bender. Tavern brawls follow, and a whorehouse, fights with a patchwork zombie and a leper, and a pivotal encounter with a mystical weirdo who tells him of a secret treasure hoard in which he will find the key to his destiny. Somehow, he lives through the night. Post epic hangover, he makes his way to Soenso’s Rare Goods and Interesting Clutter Emporium to speak with Ōle, a purveyor of trinkets and exposition. From Ōle he learns the details of the treasure hidden beneath the Dragon Throne across the sea. He hops on a ship, sails to the land of sinister foreigners, cobbles together a slipshod plan and smuggles himself into the Forbidden Temple. He sets out to interrupt a ritual sacrifice, defeat the guards, rescue the girl, fight off the monsters and discover the treasure chamber. Will he loot the treasure and leg it, two steps in front of the authorities and an angered magnucapra (or greater were-goat) and ride hell-for-leather to the port city, board a ship and escape, intact and wealthy? If so, fireworks and fanfare, drinks on Thundrhed. A little too dry? The devil’s in the detail. Thundrhed is a story for a Sunday afternoon when you’d rather let someone else do the heavy lifting. THUNDRHED! will be available free from 1/9/23 to 30/9/23

Meet Damon Wolfe

Damon Wolfe is a figment of his own imagination. He writes stories for people to read because he thought that would be a good thing to do. He is the author of THUNDRHED!, but not the author of Tanglewood. That’s a different guy. When not doing mundane things that you don’t care about, he divides his time between adventurous barbarians, pirates, dragons, monsters, space ships and existential crises, little of which he takes seriously. He has no presence on social media because he doesn’t want one, while casually detesting humanity’s addiction to mobile phones. Nor does he maintain a blog, website or agent, or carefully developed opinions about such things. You might as well address any letters to the man in the moon. He blames much of this on listening to Billy Connolly albums and reading Fritz Lieber. He could have been a contender, he could have been Dostoevsky! But no, here’s Thundrhed!, all in capitals, with an exclamation point and it’s spelled wrong. It’s meant to be. Do authors always refer to themselves in the third person when penning these little bios, or does someone else write them? Maybe he should have pursued traditional publishing. Damon Wolfe’s next book will likely be a novella-length piece entitled PIRATE SCUM!, but that’s been on a back burner for twenty-five years, so don’t hold your breath.


Ever since he witnessed his mother’s death at the age of twelve, Xan has walked a path of violence, from his coming-of-age on the turbulent streets of New York to his tours in the military as a special ops soldier. While in Armenia awaiting orders to his final mission, he meets a woman, a nomadic beauty who had spent the last ten years evading her pursuer, a Turkish crime lord who had paid a handsome sum for her hand. With him closing in, Xan helps Kerinna escape to the States. They eventually marry and live an idyllic life in the suburbs. Then one morning, his world snaps from its orbit as Kerinna’s past comes barging through the doors – four armed men sent to abduct her. While one intruder escapes with her, three do not – one of whom Xan briefly spares to dragoon an answer on her whereabouts. Yet his methods lead to his arrest, further testing his glue with disastrous results that lands him seven years in prison, where he battles not only to survive, but his own demons as well. He’s now a free man, about to embark on a journey halfway around the world to either save his wife or eliminate all those involved in her death. SEMPER is an exhilarating adventure about love and wrath with wonderfully flawed creatures, and one man’s quest to find his abducted wife.

Meet Andrew Angelos

About the Author On any given night throughout my drug-laced teen years, you might’ve found a colored bandana draped over my lamp with incense burning in the ashtray; the former was to give the room some ambience, and the latter to convince my mother that what she was smelling wasn’t weed. I’d then layer the turntable with my favorite albums, slip on the headphones and lay down my head, dreaming of the future and all its possibilities. One song in particular – Kashmir by Led Zeppelin – always whisked me off into a cerebral music video. For me, the cadence of this song was reminiscent of a march, wistful and triumphant with sweeping crescendos, like a man on a mission to find a lost lover. I’d imagine him braving nature’s fury across the harshest of terrain scouring the far reaches of earth, his path paved with the bodies of those who stood in his way. Through the years, these fragments of a reverie would poke and needle me, not letting go, growing with detail over time. Then one day, the verses of this tale burgeoned into an epic adventure complete with a beginning, a middle and end, which I no longer could ignore. So, I spent the next decade penning that story. I hope you enjoy it.

Facing the Storm

Book 1 in the pulse-pounding Brice Bannon Seacoast Adventure series.

Brice Bannon served fifteen years in the Coast Guard, most recently as captain of the Deployable Operations Group, (DOG), the Coast Guard’s version of the Army’s Special Forces and Navy’s Seals operations. When the command was decommissioned, rather than accept re-assignment, Bannon retired from the full-time Coast Guard. But Bannon didn’t leave the Coast Guard behind completely. He remains in the Reserves.

Recruited by the Secretary of Homeland Security, he leads a small, secretive team of specially-trained, highly-skilled operatives capable of responding to and investigating specific, targeted threats against the homeland. Threats that cannot be effectively handled by standard operating means. Threats that call for a unique and often secret approach outside the normal channels of either Homeland Security or the Department of Defense.

When not risking his life for the government, Bannon runs the Keel Haul, his bar in the resort town of Hampton Beach, on the New Hampshire seacoast. There, he also operates as a small town private investigator and tends to get himself in big trouble along with the help of his two best friends and teammates; Tarakesh “Blades” Sardana and CWO Skyjack McMurphy.

Don’t miss any of David DeLee’s explosive Brice Bannon Seacoast Adventures: FACING THE STORM • THE OCEANIC PRINCESS • STRIKE OF THE STINGRAY • THE YAKUZA GAMBIT • SIEGE AT TIAMAT BLUFF

Meet David DeLee

David DeLee is the author of the award-winning Grace deHaviland Bounty Hunter series, the Nick Lafferty thriller series, and the Flynn & Levy police procedurals, among others. Of David’s work, Grace deHaviland’s been called “original, interesting, and a fascinating point of view character” and SUSPENSE MAGAZINE called Crystal White “…a dark portrayal of the evil that men—and women—can do.”
David is a member of the Mystery Writers of America and International Thriller Writers. He holds a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice and is a former licensed private investigator. A native New Yorker, David currently resides in New Hampshire.
For more information join his mailing list:

Terror’s Sword, A Kyle McEwan Novel

Terror’s Sword “definitely satisfies as the pace never falters, the cutting-edge timely plot never stumbles and the ending delivers. A romp of a read.”
—Steve Berry, New York Times and International #1 Bestselling Author

Two dangerous weapons barrel toward each other: an anonymous revenge-fueled terrorist determined to destroy America and the only man who can stop him.

An attacker known as Terror’s Sword is heading for the U.S. with an undetermined bioweapon. When intelligence agencies fail to identify the terrorist or his bioagent, the president taps elite counterterrorism operative Kyle McEwan to hunt down the terrorist and eliminate the threat.

Tracking the terrorist across multiple continents, McEwan and U.S. special operations forces execute raids yielding crucial evidence that unmasks the terror mastermind and identifies his bioagent. Despite these discoveries, scientists conclude the genetically altered virus cannot be defeated.

Embedded terror cells and obstructive deep state factions impede McEwan’s search, increasing the likelihood of an attack on America, leaving the world to face an unprecedented pandemic threatening untold millions. Global survival rests on McEwan’s shoulders with the mastermind on the loose and his bioweapon strike imminent. Who prevails?

Following in the footsteps of iconic characters such as Clancy’s Jack Ryan, Child’s Jack Reacher, Ludlum’s Jason Bourne, and Thor’s Scot Harvath, Kyle McEwan confronts the evil forces threatening his nation and the world.

“Kuhens provides edge-of-your-seat entertainment from beginning to end. Terror’s Sword is the consummate thriller packed full of psychological one-upmanship. The author paints an action-packed picture of the real world, real locations, and real military scenarios.”
—Military Writers Society of America

Meet Kevin Kuhens

Kevin Kuhens is a retired supervisory special agent for the US Department of Defense and the author of Terror’s Sword, A Kyle McEwan Novel, the first of his thrillers involving the elite counterterrorism case officer.

A native of Louisville, Kevin began his sworn law enforcement career as a police officer in Kentucky, followed by a Federal career that spanned three decades. Kevin served as a civilian special agent for the Office of Naval Intelligence, Naval Investigative Service (now known as NCIS), and the Defense Criminal Investigative Service (DCIS). His numerous assignments crossed diverse mission areas conducting and supervising criminal, intelligence, terrorism, and task force investigations, acting as an undercover agent, directing covert operations, and performing domestic and foreign protective duties. These activities occurred inside the Beltway, throughout the US, and across some two dozen countries.

Throughout his career, Kevin supported the armed forces of the US and numerous allies during overseas combat operations and multinational peacekeeping efforts, including a one-year tour of duty aboard the aircraft carrier Independence (CV-62), and during military operations in Grenada and Beirut. Following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, he deployed to the Pentagon to support recovery efforts there. Kevin rounded out his law enforcement career as the DCIS Director for Training at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, where he oversaw all facets of criminal investigator training, including firearms and defense tactics, for new and experienced agents.

Kevin is currently writing the follow-on novel to his highly acclaimed debut novel Terror’s Sword. This book will be the second installment in the Kyle McEwan series.