Journey to the Hopewell Star

A mysterious star could bring stability to her world…or lead her to a blistering end.

Quiet and introverted twelve-year-old Sam Sanderson is comfortable living a simple life on her family’s peaceful farm. That is, until a mysterious visitor arrives one night, thrusting her on a formidable and dangerous journey across galaxies.

With little direction and no training manual, her mission is to find the elusive Hopewell Star to save a dying planet. But with time running out, a destructive business mogul tracking her every move, and deadly disasters threatening her community, she’ll have to rely on her wits, courage, and friends to make things right and restore peace to both worlds…all while surviving seventh grade.

From discovering the secret of the Hopewell Star to locating a lost civilization, this book has it all: exhilarating adventures, mystery and intrigue, and fascinating characters—you won’t be able to put it down!

Praise for Journey to the Hopewell Star:

GOLD MEDAL WINNER, 2021 Readers’ Favorite International Book Awards
WINNER of the Literary Titan Gold Award (December 2020)
“A RED RIBBON WINNER and highly recommended” – The Wishing Shelf
Book Awards 2020 (UK)
A Must-Have New Brunswick Book of 2020 – Atlantic Books Today
LONGLISTED for The Miramichi Reader’s “The Very Best!” Book Awards 2021

“[A] spellbinding story that is impossible to put down.” – Readers’ Favorite

“A well thought out, entertaining fantasy adventure that works on several levels.” – Kirkus Reviews

“Young adult author Hannah D. State effortlessly blends science fiction and fantasy in Journey to the Hopewell Star, an engaging story featuring an alien culture and a destructive megacorporation that is as enjoyable as it is timely.” – IndieReader (starred review)

“Wonderfully imaginative!” – Cary Caffrey, bestselling author of The Girls From Alcyone

“Five stars for a fine debut novel!” – The Miramichi Reader

“A wonderfully engaging fantasy adventure for YA. Cleverly plotted and totally unique, I’d highly recommend it.” – A ‘Wishing Shelf’ Book Review

“Refreshing…well-written and thoughtful.” – Literary Titan

“A page-turner full of surprises.” – The Prairies Book Review

Meet Hannah D. State

Hannah D. State is an award-winning Canadian author. She graduated from McGill University with a BA and earned her MPL from Queen’s University. Hannah is bothered by inequality, violence, greed, complacency, snakes, entering a dark room, and not getting enough sleep. She enjoys writing about strong-willed characters who don’t fit the norm and who overcome great obstacles with perseverance, self-discovery, and help from others. Sometimes Hannah can’t keep up with her characters’ ideas and plans, so she takes breaks, drinks coffee, does yoga and tai chi, and takes nature walks to calm her mind and really listen. Journey to the Hopewell Star is her first novel. You can find her author page on Facebook.


World War Two is bringing new challenges for Britain, her men and women in uniform, and her citizens. The feeling of defeat by many, and the fear of invasion, is very real. George Mitchell, a young and talented British Military Intelligence Officer, is ordered to undertake a secret mission to rescue an RAF pilot from occupied territory. In the depths of rural France, George encounters friends and foes as he carries out his danger-fraught quest to bring the prisoner home. This short story is an introduction to George Mitchell, and is a preface to further stories featuring this compelling character.

Meet Bryan D Wolf

Born in a London suburb, Bryan D. Wolf grew up with stories from his parents and grandparents about World War II. Hearing about the highs, lows, fighting spirit and severe hardship, sparked a lifelong interest in him, but it’s only now that he has the time to put his thoughts into words.

Hex Kitchen

“Hex Kitchen transports you to a delicious world of culinary magic and fantastical, sometimes deadly, competition where every dish keeps you at the edge of your plate—wondering who will win the next move and what bite may be their last.” —Elizabeth Karmel, best-selling cookbook author, and Chopped and Iron Chef judge Charlie and the Chocolate Factory meets The Hunger Games in this mouthwatering, magical, and murderous fantasy. Hex Kitchen is a once-a-decade tournament where contestants have to cook magical dishes that are to die…and maybe even to kill…for. Kenzie has perfected the art of outrunning her past. New city, new tattoos, new name. No one from her former life as a chef at one of Manhattan’s top culinary hot spots would think to look for her in the middle-of-nowhere Tennessee. When Kenzie’s dishes go from normal to inexplicably bizarre, she is plunged into the secret world of magical cuisine. On the other side of the globe, famed culinary magician Braxton McKaid is cooking up a storm. He’s just days away from a tournament with a mysterious prize that is powerful enough to save his family’s failing restaurant empire. But his preparations are derailed when a ghost from his past turns all of his thoughts away from the tournament and onto revenge. When Braxton and Kenzie’s paths collide, the result is betrayal, a perilous attraction, and a brewing threat neither can escape unscathed. What begins as a magical cooking tournament transforms into a fight for their lives…where only one can win.

Meet Stephanie Fazio

Stephanie Fazio is a fantasy author. She grew up in Syracuse, New York, and prior to writing full time, she worked in the fields of journalism, secondary education, and higher education. She has an undergraduate degree in English from Colgate University and a Master’s degree in Reading, Writing, and Literacy from the University of Pennsylvania. Stephanie lives in Austin with her husband and crazy rescue dog. When she isn’t writing, she’s getting lost in parks, hosting taco nights, or ironically and miserably losing at word games, but having fun while she does it.

Redemption (Bargain Book)

Will the American and Iranian Air Force TOP GUNS meet in aerial combat?

An orphaned teenager stands before three graves and in despair and desperation enters the United States Air Force as a driver. Inspired by the pilots he ferries to their planes; Harry rises in the Air Force to become a TOP GUN fighter pilot.

 While flying his F-15 Eagle a Combat Air Patrol show of force mission over the border of Iran and Iraq, Harry’s wing man is shot down by Iranian Captain Zandi (also known as Mar) using an Top Secret experimental missile.

In the ensuing air battle, Harry displays amazing airmanship but loses consciousness, endures a life threating situation, and undergoes a near death experience. After the mission, the Air Force grounds Harry.

In the meantime, his enemy, Mar, attains even greater aerial victories helping Pakistani pilot fly combat against Indian Air Force fighter pilots.

While he waits for the results of his medical evaluations, the Air Force assigns Harry to the Air Force Office of Special Investigations to help with administration. He soon discovers he has a natural investigative ability, but this does not keep him  from  falling into a pit of despair.  

Faced with a fate of losing his flying career, Harry falls victim to the emotional lows, self-doubt, and anger.  He relieves his frustrations and feelings of abandonment and loneliness with alcohol and an assortment of women.

Questions abound.

Can Harry overcome his despair?

Will his love for Katie, a computer geek he meets on a case, help him overcome his despair?

But two burning questions override all.

Will he ever fly again?

Will he ever meet Mar in aerial combat to avenge the loss of his wing man?

And, if he does, will he finally find REDEMPTION?

Meet Ed Benjamin

Ed Benjamin writes action and adventure, inspirational, and alternative history books and stories.
He and his wife live in the Texas hill country.

I love My Wife

Fall in love with this revolutionary romance story of a couple beginning their love story with significant life changes. It’s a beautiful piece of inspiration showing how they worked through the troubles to remain together.

Ivan gets an incredible job offer that forces him to move to the Czech Republic. Driven by the desire to move with the love of his life, Katya, he makes her aware of his new opportunity. Katya is delighted by the idea and is willing to move with Ivan.

Nadia, Ivan’s sister and mother help with the wedding preparations. Despite the challenges they face, they successfully manage to get things done. Ivan experiences a hard time trying to get the relevant documentation for Katya to move with him. After a series of unsuccessful trials, they are faced with major life decisions.

Interesting story of love and perseverance. The author depicts the struggles experienced and the strategies employed to keep the love alive. “I love my wife” is a perfect read for any Twilight fan.

Fun read that captures your attention from the first page to the last. Makes you want to keep turning the pages, and find out what happens next. You simply can’t get enough of this love story.

Meet Forever Dreamer

Forever Dreamer is a life-long poet who gleans inspiration from his most improbable dreams. Crafting heartfelt prose since he was 16, this Kazakhstan native set forth on a journey towards realizing his aspiration of writing his own book.
Now based in the Czech Republic, Forever Dreamer spent almost three-and-a-half years to write his masterpiece – on and off – and prepare it for publication. Yet, not once did he doubt its eventual fruition.
“I Love My Wife”, his first opus, is not just a book. It is his heart, his soul, and a great part of his entire being. For her to be born, he had to sacrifice a lot of things — time for work, time with friends, time for himself. And he never faltered. The road he took on to fulfill this dream is a long one, but nonetheless deeply fulfilling.
Much like many other poets, Forever Dreamer likes to embrace the sublime in simplicity. When he’s not writing, he spends his time unwinding and playing football — his favorite sport.
Grab a copy of “I Love My Wife” today and enjoy as Forever Dreamer’s raw emotions, personal experiences, and secret daydreams jump out of every page.

In Case We’re Made Into Coats

What if you had to live in fear? 

What if one encounter with the wrong stranger could result in your body being made into a nice, fuzzy pair of transforming moccasins? And what if you had an incurable medical condition, that caused you unbearable pain every time you tried to change forms? My name is Chase, I’m a 16-year-old shapeshifter, and that would be my life. Well, minus the inconsistent homes, abusive adults, and friends that share (some) of my same circumstances. This is the story of how we ran away, how I ended up where I am, and everyone who’s to blame.

Meet Tessa Charleigh

Tessa Charleigh currently resides in Indianapolis Indiana. She grew up in her mother’s exotic veterinary clinic, gaining her some unique life experiences and knowledge that she likes to integrate into her novels.

Her In Case We’re Made into Coats series, was inspired by the desire to humanize shapeshifters as a species. “there’s no way they would go through such drastic physical changes, without some mental and emotional repercussions.”

The Sun God’s Heir: Return (Book One)


René Gilbert awoke shackled to the wall of a four-foot-high ship’s slave hold.

The filthy bilgewater splashed over his head and then receded. Under sail.

The North Atlantic, 1672. To survive, René must escape a slave ship in the midst of the ocean.

Focus on the first thing, his fencing master’s voice rose from within his memory.

“Don’t drown,” he thought. His second thought was the memory of a wooden rod speeding toward him for his sarcasm.

Rapier sharp pulse pounding action across the warp and weave of the seventeenth century. Sailing ships, pirates, and past lives contend in this first book of an award-winning trilogy.

Read The Sun God’s Heir: Return (Book One) and set sail into a time where love and life were precious and easily taken away. Where the distance to one’s enemies was measured by the length of a rapier’s blade.

Alexandre Dumas meets Horatio Hornblower and The Mummy in this sweeping, swashbuckling tale.    Kirkus Reviews

The Sun God’s Heir: Return, is an epic story, taking you into a time where actions and words ripple from the past into the present and then invade the future. A truly remarkable story.    Readers Favorite

In this epic fantasy, THE SUN GOD’S HEIR by Elliott Baker, readers are offered a unique and compelling story line. Baker’s vivid descriptions and well-drawn characters seem to shimmer with life.   Judge, 25th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards.

The Dragon Chronicles: Lunaria

A kingdom of dragons overrun by tyrants that seek to enslave them. Only the fated Champion can save her people from certain destruction.
After the hostile takeover of her kingdom, Princess Lunaria simply wanted to lay low and stay alive. Even after she rescued a poor stranger from a group of rowdy Titans, she planned to return to a life of hiding. But when her enemies identify her as the former princess and demand she surrenders herself in exchange for the lives of 20 innocent dragons, she can stay hidden no longer.

Now exposed and thrust into her predestined role as Champion of Wizteria, Lunaria only has on goal: getting her people to the point of peace and prosperity. The Titans won’t let that happen without a war. Will Lunaria win freedom for her people, or will the dragons descend into oppression and slavery for all eternity?

The Dragon Chronicles: Lunaria is the second book in The Dragon Chronicles Series and the companion book to the bestseller, The Dragon Chronicles: Solana. If you enjoy well-written page-turners with lovable characters and a great mix of action and adventure, you’ll love Brown’s latest coming of age fantasy.

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A Diamond in the Rough (The Elements Book 1)


“From this day on, let everything be fiction.”

With these words, an aspiring scientist is swept away onto the Periodic Table. In a fantasy land where chemicals are people, she finds her place as the element Carbon. Settling down as a circus magician, she enlightens the crowd with traffic lights and vanishing valentines. She encounters a queer cast of characters and Litmus, a pH indicating chameleon. Yet all is not well in the kingdom of chemicals; Oxygen, the electron thief, burns and corrodes any metal he pleases. Following the mysterious disappearance of Gold, Carbon sets upon a quest to capture the thief. Upon encountering two strangers and a band of fire-eating devils, she finds herself caught up in a contract with the thief. In return for his life, she agrees to accompany him on the search for the alchemist. Arriving at a castle of caves, they travel through a cloud chamber, a forest of rust monsters, a haunted inn, a labyrinth, and a rainbow lake. In the end, the worst lie reveals an incredible amount of truth.

At the far west, the Alkali Desert is home to the most reactive of metals. In a land where water is a taboo, a draconian potion, tensions are high at the news of a rising storm. Eastward, the Halogens prepare for battle against a band of islanders, metals, and nonmetals. Between a collection of spellbinding puzzles and color-changing reactions, Carbon comes to question everything she had known. Tangled up in the middle of a war, she and her friends must devise chemical schemes to stop the world from falling apart.

Want to impress your friends with some scientific knowledge? A flip of the page is all it will take to acquire the greatest insight, delivered in surprisingly simple language. The story will walk readers of any age through the enchanting world of chemical reactions. Bringing personification to the highest degree, the saga casts a new light upon drab materials of the lab shelf. From the ground to stars, galaxies, and universes, the novel will carry those daring enough up into different dimensions. With a unique twist of the plot, readers will encounter a lifetime’s worth riddles yet to be solved. Through an adventure rife with humor, action, and a bit of dark mystery, the series brings light to a crisscross of genres. This crazy-quilt sequence of events will captivate fans of crime and detective novels. Sprinkled with jokes, quips, and bonds, it offers a pleasant escapade into a romantic comedy. The series is a laboratory by itself, proving possible a bizarre, splendid, unlikely fusion between fiction and nonfiction. Those with a taste for the unusual will be fascinated by this tale of dragons and knights presented at the molecular level.

A spectacular tale of friendship and courage, ‘A Diamond in the Rough’ is peppered with art, poetry, and enigmas. ‘The Elements’ introduces readers to a new era of magic – magic opposed to the fairytales saying, the witch mixed the herbs, the fairies happened to make a mistake. The stirring stick being a little wand of its own, characters come up with bombs worth Zeus’s thunderbolt and poisonous drinks. Bringing life to the rigid realm of numbers, the plotline revolves around struggles for power and romance, as a striking parallel to humanity. It brings attention to a realm of lucid dreams, geometry, and artificial intelligence. Keep your eyes open for the next string of books – The Prince of Magnets, A Strange Cliffside Factory, A Chiral Universe, Something Denser than Love, and Schrodinger’s Lost Cat.