You Matter, Too: Self-Care for Moms of ADHD Boys

Are you so consumed with raising an ADHD son that you have nothing left in your tank? Dealing with the extra concerns that come with ADHD can be challenging. As a mother, you may be putting your self-care on the back burner. Worry, self-doubt and overwhelm become everyday occurrences. Dealing with judgment and exclusion, and being bombarded with parenting advice wears you down. You’re not the only one struggling, and luckily, there are solutions to the challenges you are facing and tools to help you understand the importance of self-care. If you want to help your son, and manage his needs, then you have to be on top of your game. That’s where You Matter, Too: Self-Care for Moms of ADHD Boys comes in. Through relatable real-life stories and examples, you’ll learn that taking care of yourself must always be part of the equation. The tools provided will help you be the best parent possible for your son. You Matter, Too: Self-Care for Moms of ADHD Boys is the perfect resource for any mother who needs support to keep her head above water while raising her ADHD son.

Meet Maree Davis

Maree Davis (BSc., Dip.Herb.Med.) has over 15 years of experience as a natural health care practitioner. She is also the mother of two children, one of whom doesn’t fit inside the box. Navigating the challenges of parenting a neurodivergent child was not without its difficulties, but her background in holistic health, alongside comprehensive research, enabled her to prioritize her son and her own self-care. Maree believes that positive mental and emotional health is an integral part of raising happy and healthy children. By sharing her experiences, she hopes to encourage other parents who are on similar journeys to understand the importance of making self-care a reality.

Life skills for your ADHD teen

All teens need help preparing for the adult world. For parents of an ADHD teen, additional navigation is essential—starting today! The average human brain isn’t fully developed until around the age of 25. That’s already 7 years into adult life. When you consider the neuro differences between a typical brain and an ADHD brain, your teen may have greater developmental challenges. Think of how hard it is to sit down and dedicate time to your budget or to find a moment to stay on top of household chores. When the world gives you (an adult) problem after problem, it’s almost impossible to control your emotions. But you know how to manage your impulses, your focus, and your time. Does your teen? The emphasis on early intervention is wonderful—if you have a toddler. However, the support for parents who need to teach their teens complete independence is extremely limited. Until now! In this companion for adults with ADHD teens, here is just a fraction of what you will discover: ● What ADHD feels like for a teen but how this doesn’t have to stop them from becoming self-empowered adults ● How a potential lack of dopamine and reduced frontal lobe activity makes life for an ADHD teen even more challenging ● How a teen’s enthusiasm for technology can help with personal hygiene ● 3 diets proven by experts to ensure your teen is getting all the nutrients they need ● How to get teens to use their senses and get excited about cooking before flying the nest ● Techniques to support teens when they are feeling stressed, anxious, or angry ● 10 ways for teens to get better at time management, along with a BONUS — the procrastination enemy! ● How color-coding makes organization simpler for the ADHD brain ● The answer to one of parents’ great debates—Should your teen get a job? ● How teens can start managing their money before they get into financial trouble ● What essential adult documentation a teen will have to be responsible for and how to model a practical filing system ● How to teach teens crucial skills like listening and positive self-talk to boost their confidence in social situations And much more. For sure you have done your research and found tips to help teens be more responsible or how to help your ADHD teen improve their grades. You might have found yourself more frustrated than when you began. All children are unique and each child will go through the teenage years differently. The exact same can be said for teens with ADHD. Take it from someone who knows! You don’t have to go through this feeling like you are alone. From personal experience and with the right advice, you can be a rock for your teen, improve your relationship, and prepare them for an amazing life.

Meet kenneth harvey

Daze of Isolation: Diary of a Stuck at Home Mom

What happens when your kids’ schools close, and everyone on your motherhood support team is restricted to Zoom therapy? Krista Ehlers started a daily journal that gray day in March, 2020, when her kids were sent home from school for fourteen days that turned into over a year. Enjoy her family’s stories of smoke clouds and smoke alarms, adoption issues and special needs, an ambulance ride and a bike crash, road trips, and awkward new experiences. Mothers of adopted kids, foster kids, extra need kids, and all the kids will love this funny, cheeky memoir. Great gift for moms as they navigate Covid back-to-school routines and prepare for the holiday season.

Meet Krista Ehlers

Krista Ehlers is a retired IT specialist and web developer, former foster parent and now adoptive mom of two. She is an experienced trainer, speaker and comedian, with a passion to lighten the load of mothers with transparency and humor. Krista’s comedy appears mostly on social media, from which she coined the term “sit-down comedian.” Her husband, children, and a backyard squirrel bully named Chipper live with her in the Pacific Northwest, in a state of mostly happy chaos. Read her own stories shared in her book about the Covid-19 pandemic, Daze of Isolation, and on Instagram @reallykrista.