Dawn: The Enchanters Book One (Bargain Book)

Don’t you just hate it when you lose your temper and wake up on another planet?

Christian Stone is having a bad day. It wasn’t enough that the global corporation he works for blamed his team for a data breach in the most important programme on Earth. Or that he had to travel halfway across the world to try and clear their name. But when tragedy strikes, and they accuse him of that as well, Chris loses it, with unexpected—and unexplainable—results.

He wakes on another world, at the Dawn Academy, where he is invited to train, to develop and to control what they call his Gift. There’s just one catch. You can’t leave until you pass the Grading.

Chris soon finds that there are dark forces determined to keep him on Dawn, to prevent him from returning to Earth to shape its destiny. He must do all he can to leave—before it is too late to save the world.

Dawn is the first book in the science fantasy series The Enchanters. If you like magic and alien worlds, a dystopian future and fantastic monsters, galactic prophecies and killer tech, then you’ll love Mark Wylie’s page-turning new novel.

Buy Dawn to start this fantastic galaxy-spanning series today!

Meet Mark Wylie

Mark has his heart in the wrong place – literally. A minor defect at birth revealed that it lies slightly to one side of where it should be, a fact that always gave him some comfort as a young man should an enraged lover or crazed stalker decide to go for him with a knife.

Mark has always been an avid reader and was intrigued at an early age to discover that most authors seem to have had a enormous variety of, often short-lived, jobs on their way to becoming a full-time author. To this end, Mark has worked as a hospital porter (until he nearly killed a patient on the operating table), a factory worker (until he was asked to stop being one due to sustaining chicken-related injuries), a barman (until he spent a week being investigated by the police for suspected theft… before they caught the real culprit) and an assistant in a Doctor Who specialist shop in London (until it went bust and he found himself helping the owner do a moonlight flit with the rest of the stock).

Mark has a passion for both science fiction and fantasy, so describes himself as a Science Fantasy author. His first novel, Dawn, which launches The Enchanters series, includes magic and alien worlds, a dystopian future and fantastic monsters.

Mark lives in Wiltshire, England. He is a father of three and a husband of one. When he is not writing, shouting at the dog to shut up, or telling the cats off for scratching the furniture, he can often be found in various towns and cities during the summer months dressed in historical livery and taking part in town crier competitions. Oyez!