Escaping This World: Departing The Shores of Their Fathers (Escaping This World: A Modern Crime Thriller Book 1)

Instead of going home directly after a tough week at work, Giles Greenwood and his brother Michael arrive at their favourite pub with their friends Phillip and Francis. Unbeknownst to them, two crime gangs planned to meet at that location to conclude an illicit transaction involving international terrorism plans. Phillip is fatally shot during a brawl that accidentally consumes all the gathered groups. The two criminal gangs quickly disperse, leaving Giles wrongfully implicated in Phillip’s murder. The three agree they must pursue the man who killed Phillip and bring him to justice to absolve Giles. Many elements of their pursuit are unforeseen. They use clandestine crime routes to head out to sea, where dangers quickly surround them. There is much at stake for Giles. He is torn to protect his fragile brother Michael, exonerate himself, and find the elusive happiness he yearns for. However, the quest seems to have a life of its own. The threesome feels they are not in control, and events sweep them further away into an uncertain world. The companions now learn the world’s hard truths and must rely upon each other only. They steer towards Brazil, deeper into a perilous criminal underworld of dark conspiracy which they are unprepared for. A broader international conflagration is about to begin due to their pursuit. A shadowy Illuminati-like organisation is revealed at the centre of all matters as Giles, Michael, and Francis have unknowingly become active players in a more expansive and dangerous struggle by the world’s dark forces.

Meet Mark Ashmore

Born in Canada, Mark now lives in London, UK. Mark is currently working on books four and five of the series. Mark lists his literary influences as: Joseph Conrad Thomas Hardy JRR Tolkien Stendhal John le Carré Upcoming Works: 1) The Duel: The Story of Sergei and Maria-Due July 2023 2) Vasily: Prequel to Escaping This World-The story of Vasily (Part 2)

The Lazarus Children

After testing positive for a deadly virus, a group of children is abandoned in a state forest. Lost, and with few resources, they set out to find Slate Mountain and a refugee camp rumored to be located in an old bomb shelter. They are led by their ‘pod captain’, Jeremy, who is quickly placed in a moral dilemma no one, child or adult, should be forced to confront. On reaching the mountain they find their hopes both met and dashed when they learn of an incomprehensible menace approaching from the north. Death and adventure accompany Jeremy as he struggles to save the pod. Assisted by the older children, while being opposed by his old foe from school, he slowly and painfully accrues the lessons of leadership.

Meet J. Clayton Rogers

I am the author of more than ten novels. I was born and raised in Virginia, where I currently reside. I was First-Place Winner of the Hollins Literary Festival a number of years ago. Among the judges were Thomas (Little Big Man) Berger and R.M.W. Dillard, poet and husband of the writer Annie Dillard. Along with my wife, I have rescued and maintained 22 stray cats, which should tell you something about me (good and bad). Permanently addicted to writing, I am currently at work on the twelfth in the series of Ari Ciminon (The 56th Man) novels.

The Penguin who had the Tiniest Friend in the World

Hi, I am Pip the Penguin and I have the tiniest cutest friend in the world – Munch Munch. Would you like to meet Munch Munch – there could be a surprise waiting :) Would you like to know what that surprise is? Would you like to see what I did when I found out about the surprise? Then why are you waiting – just open the book and dive right in! See you inside :)

Meet Cove Books

Formerly an animator, and currently a full time mother of an amazing 5 year old who loves to write and draw during her (rare) leisure.

The Fable Ferrets

The Fable Ferrets Birth of Magic is the first book of the series which will introduce you our furry friends as how their adventure in a world of Magic where only animals live begins… One day our group of friends were having a normal fun day until something unexpected happens. Follow this series of illustrated books, on this exciting adventure into the unknown, what will they find and what the future holds for them.

Meet Eric Wolf

We are the duo behind The Fable Ferrets, as Eric Wolf 29 years old, writer and responsible for the marketing of the book and Noah Wolf 22 years old illustrator and also writer of this project, as it means a lot to us, since that we started as friends and now thanks to it we are much more then that, not just that, life hasn’t been easy for any of us, since jobs are getting harder and harder to get, we had to find a way to succeed in something we always valued, as could give us income for us to start our life’s together, since we are two people grateful for what entertainment gave us, we wanted to make possible for us to help this time for a change, so welcome to The Fable Ferrets universe and please leave us a review, because we hope we can grow as writers with all of you by our side.


An extinct power. A dangerous plot. A deadly secret. After witnessing her doppelganger’s murder, Mia discovers that she has the power to travel between worlds. Hunted by the emperor of universes for her newfound ability, she’s forced to team up with an escaped convict and his associates to find the way back home. As they each pursue their own agenda, Mia grows closer to the group. Their motivations come to light, and Mia’s own goals begin to shift. Soon she discovers that her journey home might not be as simple as she thinks and that the fate of universes may rest on her shoulders.

Meet Veronica Samek

An adventure through alternate dimensions.

From Ashes

A quick gun fighter. A mysterious trillionaire. A secret world where the wealthy elite steer the winds of fate through battles between champions. Alastair Dickens needs a new duelist. A bullet forced the current one into early retirement. The replacement needs to be fast and willing to get their hands dirty. Most of all, Alastair needs a champion with nothing to lose. Oliver Green fit the bill perfectly. He’d once had a bright future, but threw it all away in a drunken tragedy years ago. Now, he spends his days drifting through the streets of New York City drinking, fighting and trying to bury his dark past. Alastair opens a door to a secret world for Oliver. A world flush with wealth, smoking guns and a chance for Oliver to redeem himself from past sins. From Ashes is an adventure of high-stakes gunfights, bone-chilling conspiracies and thrilling adventures. Step into a world where a well aimed shot will make you rich and a single misstep can put you six feet in the ground.

Meet Andy Holmes

Andy Holmes is an author currently living in San Francisco. He specializes in Crime, Thrillers, Sci Fi and the supernatural. When he isn’t busy reading or writing books, he spends his time exploring the city and dreaming about the future. He likes all things Batman, Sci Fi and has a strange and unusual obsession with the beauty of language.

The Penguin who saw a Ghost

Hi I am Pip, the Penguin, and I saw a ghost today! You don’t believe me? Neither did my friends, But Noah did. Who’s Noah? Well that’s another story. But in this one, we set out together to find the ghost. Did we find it? What happened then? Find out in this colorful book all about me.

Meet Cove Books

Formerly an animator, currently a full-time mother of a 5 year old who loves penguins.

The Penguin who helped me Fly

Hi I am Pip, the Penguin. But this book is not about me. It’s about Ollie, the owlet who couldn’t fly. * I HELPED HIM FLY. * What! A penguin giving flight lessons! But penguins can’t fly! I hear you. But I did do the unthinkable. How I did it? Well, you’ll have to read the book to find out :)

Meet Cove Books

Formerly an animator, and currently a full time mother of an amazing 5 year old who loves to write and draw during her (rare) leisure.

Into Africa a Personal Journey

A remarkable and intriguing story about a journey to the land of Blackwood’s ancestors. Into Africa a Personal Journey, begins in Nigeria with exposure to the tight control by the military that causes Blackwood to experience fear as never before. Her journey continues to take her on an exploration of a new mysterious world where she experiences joy and wonderment as she shares in the lives of family members, friends and new acquaintances. “A fresh and engaging memoir that spans continents and decades. “a reader review

Meet Yvonne Blackwood

Yvonne Blackwood is the author of three adult non-fiction book―Into Africa a Personal Journey, Will That Be Cash or Cuffs? and Into Africa the Return. She has published three children’s picture books—Nosey Charlie Comes to Town, Nosey Charlie Goes to Court, and Nosey Charlie Chokes on a Wiener! She is an award-winning short-story writer, columnist, and retired banker. Yvonne has contributed to several anthologies including Human Kindness, Canadian Voices, and WordScape. She has published articles in More of Our Canada, InTouch, Adelaide, and Green Prints magazines. As a columnist, she wrote columns for The Toronto Star, Pride News Magazine and The African Connection.

Shimmers of Estera: Scripts I & Ii

Little Estera Hubert, is an only child of a single mother, despite being hurt by her own home, the colourful village that treats them as the wretched, all she could do is ask herself why. Despaired by her biggest question, she still finds hope from the light within her dearest Mama. But the lost truth is shattering away that light and to protect her dearest, the little girl must resolve to risk it all on an ominous journey, to free her mother.

Meet Sirius Pen

Sirius Pen is just your average boring person, went to college, got a degree, got bored and studied a course on a different field, got a certificate, got bored again and got a postgraduate diploma in another different field, whilst self-studying some different fields of game development … which was fun! But after amassing the necessary skill and building a project up to its later alpha stages, then it happened, the twist. It turns out, video game development requires much, more resources than just skill to make a game that’s at least interesting and the only way around it, is to make something that’s just rushed or meh …! Oh no! The nemesis! The game must be stopped, why? Because, Sirius Pen feels like the legendary designer Shigeru Miyamoto-san used to say ” If it’s not interesting, then why make it?” But luckily for Sirius Pen, Sirius Pen had been working part-time on something, writing a story, which is both fun and exhausting. Then it got scrapped, because working on both games and writing is, well overkill and ridiculously daunting. In 2020 that story was axed, but with nothing else, interesting enough to turn to, Sirius Pen took the pen! No, wait! Sirius Pen meant … the smartphone! After game development was halted in June and the year 2021, writing began, again with the terribly named story ” The girl who helped”, then it got changed to “Estera” and later “SHIMMERS OF ESTERA” and later divided into five parts, what can I say, that little child of a book grew way too fast on countless gruelling revisions that made Sirius Pen sick, well not that dramatically sick, just burnt out, posture stuff, some days of fever and some canker sores, one of which that lasted for about three months, it’s nothing really. Fast forward, April 2022 here we are, Sirius Pen had finished the first two parts of the book and got them published, finally, Sirius Pen has made it to Sirius Pen’s debut as an author! P.S. Sirius Pen hopes you will enjoy this story that tells the journey of little Estera. Thank you!