I Can Find Love Again: 40 strong Affirmations for women who decide to find love again

40 Stronge Affirmations For Women Who Decide To Find Love Again Have you ever said something to yourself repeatedly so that it came to pass? Affirmations have proven countless times to work, and for me, this is no exception, because it always works for me. I believe that prayer is passed and affirmed. There is no doubt that whatever you repeatedly say with faith, it will pass forever. In this book, this 40 strong affirmation secrets would work if: • You have lost hope for love. • You are dealing with a broken heart • You plan to find the perfect soul mate. • Or you just want to prepare yourself to find a soul mate. I didn’t put affirmations here just for fun. I know because, I have applied some of these affirmations to myself, and it seems strange to see people bring their love dreams to reality, magically with these affirmations. How to use these affirmations: I suggest you go to a silent place, look in the mirror, and repeat each affirmation three times during the day and once before you go to bed. I assure you that these prayers will definitely work in your life.

Meet Sarah Lawrence

As A Nurse, Sarah Lawrence was a woman who had had a few life challenges and had overcome them through the power of words that are as old as man and as powerful as the universe.