Fake Dating Romance Box Set

List of novels inside are:
Fake Ex-Wife – A Enemies to Lovers Romance
Fake Boyfriend – A Bully Romance
Fake Stepdad – An age-Gap Romance
Fake Reverse Harem – A Forbidden Office Romance
Fake Date: Grumpy Billionaire Stepdaddy – An Age-Gap Romance

All are standalones, contain no cheating and have happy-ever-after endings ♡
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Single-Dad & Nanny Accidental Pregnancy

When the career Vanessa had chosen kept hitting dead-ends,
She accepted a nanny job from her daddy’s billionaire boss,
Still untouched and V-card intact,
She figured all her hot and needy feelings for her dad’s boss were just a young girl’s crush,
One that was forbidden by her dad,
She didn’t expect to fall so fast and deep,
Nor to be pregnant with her boss’ baby.

Age-Gap Romance Novels Box Set

These books contain themes such as Enemies to Lovers, Age-Gap, Forbidden Romances, Rough Dominant Men and more …
The novels inside are:
Older Bully Next door – by Kathilee Riley
Daddy in Rome – by Izzie Vee
Off-limits Coach – by Izzie Vee

Grab your copy and get ready to be immersed in some topsy-turvy love-journeys with happy ever after endings.

Pregnant for Daddy’s Best-Man

Hank forbids one man from his untouched little angel, Hayley, his best friend, Levi, whom he’d invited to his wedding as his best-man.
Levi is Hayley’s biggest crush. Since she’s last seen him, her young body has matured a lot, and so too has her young crush grown into raw, dirty desire for him.
But Levi is a bad-boy biker not looking to settle down and too many years older than Hayley. Plus, he’d never betray his best friend.
However, the one man Hayley can’t get off her mind is Levi, and when he arrives for her dad’s wedding, his tall, muscular frame, inked with tattoos and piercings, he turns Hayley into a pool of wetness and need. She considers giving up her V-card for a one-night stand with her childhood crush but knows she can’t. He’s off-limits.
When Hank invites Levi to sleepover at his house till he returns from his honeymoon, Hayley and Levi can’t restrain themselves, and things get too hot and out of control.
Now that Hank’s honeymoon is over, they must end their fling, knowing that Hank absolutely forbids them from being together.
So how does Hayley handle Levi being gone and his baby growing inside her?

Steamy Romance Novels Box Set

10 ROMANCE NOVELS – Over 1,500 pages

An extremely steamy collection of romance novels and novellas.
These books contain themes such as Reverse Harem, Enemies to Lovers, Fake Fiance, Age-Gap, Forbidden Romances, Alphas and so much more …
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College-Virgin & Dark Bully Next-Door

That devil’s spawn is back in town.
His body shredded with muscles from the boxing ring. Dark as the midnight that brought him back home. Gorgeous on the outside, but beneath the surface lies a monster.
Ashton Warren. The villain next door.
Four years ago, he was my brother’s best friend. Until he wrecked me, then disappeared.
Now, he’s back, pretending like that night never happened, like he didn’t leave me with a broken heart. He wants to pick up where we left off. My brother would end him if he finds these text messages on my phone.
So, I keep my distance. I shut him out. Until he makes me an offer that’s hard to refuse.
Saying yes would pull me under his control, giving him the power to hurt me again.
My brother would surely catch some jail time.
Should I consider the consequences, or do I take the offer that could change my life?

Reader’s Note: This book is a steamy, over-the-top, instalove romance with a protective/possessive alpha hero. It contains no cheating and has a happy ending.

Each book in this series is a standalone and can be read in any order.

Hearts of Black

All your favorite tropes in one spicy collection! Within the hearts made of black are living souls craving salvation…. 6 full-length novels by Diana Nixon, including All My Nevers where bad boys fall for strong female leads, where hearts will be broken and put back together, where past and present will be intertwined in a heartfelt romance. Enemies to lovers, second chances, first love, age gap, suspense, romantic comedy, dark romance, family secrets and much more! A perfect read for the fans of Mercedes Ron, L. J. Shen, Jamie Mcguire, Colleen Hoover, Tarryn Fisher, Tijan and Christina Lauren. GRAB YOUR COPY NOW!

Meet Diana Nixon

USA Today & International Bestselling Author.

Baby with my Best Friend’s Brother

At a lavish party with L.A.’s elite, a single dance becomes a passionate night with a super-sexy billionaire musician. I can’t escape the memory of how alive he made me feel. I’ve had the ultimate crush on him for years. He’s old enough to be my dad. Did I mention he’s also my best friend’s brother? He’s supposed to be off-limits. But I screwed up, big time. I’ve never been good at keeping secrets and I know my BFF wouldn’t approve. Now I’m forced to interview him for my next feature article. How can I resist the magnetic attraction between us? Forbidden fruit tastes the best and I can’t deny I’m still hungry for him…

Meet Mikelle Basha

Mikelle is an avid music lover who can’t survive without Starbucks and Chick-Fil-A. She loves romance with forbidden undertones and lot’s of drama. She lives in Virginia with her wonderful husband and three of the smartest, strongest girls the world has ever seen ❤️

The Biker’s Captive

She was in danger, so I took her… The moment I set eyes on Willow, my heart stops and my body goes into overdrive. She’s mine, and no one else will get even a glimpse of her until she realizes we’re meant to be together. Willow thinks I’m holding her prisoner, but I’m keeping her safe from those that would hurt her. But can I keep her safe from the beast inside of me? When she parades around my cage all innocence, there’s only so much a man like me can be restrained… The Biker’s Captive is an age gap instalove romance featuring an OTT obsessed biker and a curvy, innocent younger woman.

Meet Sadie King

Sadie King is a USA Today Best Selling Author of short instalove romance. She lives in New Zealand with her ex-military husband and raucous young son. When she’s not writing she loves catching waves with her son, running along the beach, and good wine, preferably drunk with a book in hand.