Three sentient races. Two wars. One sustainable planet. Who will rise?

Earth hangs in the balance. The energy aliens came to live symbiotically. The cybernetics came to evolve the planet. Unfortunately, they chose an estranged cousins Kalea and Hailey to introduce them to humanity. Can they achieve balance, or will they descend into a three-way battle for survival? The box set includes:

Progenitor, Book One: Humanity’s greatest achievement exposes our greatest weakness.

Kalea Kerner is an electrical engineer focused on taking over her father’s company when the impossible happens: her uncle rises from his deathbed and heals her broken foot. Is it a miracle? Is it a side effect of nanotechnology? Or is it something else?

Metamorphosis, Book Two: They can evolve with us, or they can die.

Hailey Reed is knocked out by a nanotech surge, and wakes to a world where an alien presence has been revealed. Unfortunately, this presence isn’t alone. Another alien race has hacked into human nanotechnology with their own designs on Earth. Can humanity survive this invasion, or will they be forced into evolution?

Emergence, Book Three: Three sentient races. Two wars. One planet. Who will rise?

The cybernetics are in orbit preparing their final assault to terraform Earth, while the energy aliens have withdrawn from humanity. Can Kalea and Hailey set aside their personal conflict to prevent a bigger conflict that would cause the extinction of three sentient races?

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Our Freakin’ Real or NOT Stories

My name is Joey and I grew up in the sixties, in a rural town in Florida, along with my sister, Cissy. We weren’t born to rule, but we were sure born to snoop. Now, sometimes stickin’ your nose in where it doesn’t belong, can help you discover things that you can’t explain, while doing your best to stay out of harm’s way. Some of my stories are based on real facts and some are not. You’ll just have to take the time to read them and find out for yourself. Now, if that’s not a sales pitch to buy my book, I don’t know what is! Contact info…[email protected]

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A Ship In The Sand


Shot down by space pirates and shipwrecked on a distant planet, the boy Tam and his dog Wolf must find a way to survive. The desert which they were shipwrecked in is beautiful but lonely, seemly empty of all human life.

But then Tam finds a strange space ship buried in the sand, and sees it as a way to get off of the planet and seek out his revenge on the space pirates.

Is the mysterious ship really empty, though? Lights are turned on when Tam did not switch them, and the computers give strangely human messages. The boy and his dog may not be as alone as they first thought they were…  

Alien Alphas: Twenty-Three Naughty Sci-Fi Romance Novellas

Alien Alphas Book Cover

Fierce warriors. Savage barbarians. Powerful warlords.
All ready to claim their mates.

Alien Alphas is a collection of panty-melting sci-fi romances featuring dominant alien heroes, penned by New York Times, USA Today, and international bestselling authors. This decadently naughty box set includes twenty-three ALL-NEW, stand-alone novellas full of hot alien alpha males, breathless passion, and reluctant surrender. Take an exhilarating trip beyond the stars with this limited time only bundle that’s sure to leave you turning the pages late into the night.

Featured authors: Cari Silverwood, Cynthia Sax, Renee Rose, Lee Savino, Addison Cain, Kallista Dane, Maren Smith, Ava Sinclair, Sue Lyndon, Emily Tilton, Ashe Barker, Korey Mae Johnson, Grace Goodwin, Ivy Barrett, Jane Henry, Jaye Peaches, Katie Douglas, Lili Zander, Loki Renard, Maria Monroe, Megan Michaels, Myra Danvers, Sara Fields, and Sophie Kisker

Publisher’s Note: The stories featured in this collection involve MF and MFM pairings. They include spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this box set.