This book will teach your child how to draw with the easiest approach possible…by using alphabet letters, numbers, and other simple shapes. Rachel has been teaching kids how to draw for almost ten years now, and this drawing technique really works! With this no-tears strategy, learning how to draw is fun for children as young as 4 years old, but also works for adults and teens. Cartooning is fun for kids, but even more fun when it comes easy to them. This book does just that…makes drawing fun and easy for kids. This book will turn your child into the artist that he or she wants to be.

Each drawing lesson is a step by step process. Each tutorial is broken down into the simplest of steps that can be followed by most children. Your child doesn’t need to know how to read or write letters to follow these drawing lessons. In fact, preschoolers, Kindergartners, First graders, etc. can enjoy this book. The only thing your child needs is time and interest. You can also use this as a drawing workbook as the child can draw along in the book. Have fun drawing the day away!

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Alphabet Letters – Original Alphabet Pages from Flip Book: English Alphabet Letters with Numbers, ABCD Letters from A to Z, Geometric Shapes – Activity Books for Kids 

This English Alphabet with Numbers is designed for kids age 3-5 as friendly-looking Coloring Pages, from A to Z. In the Alphabet Book for Kids, you can find important learning concepts, such as:

  • English Alphabet Letters from A to Z – Big and Small Register of Alphabet Letters
  • Numbers for Counting from 1 to 26 for each Letter of the English Alphabet
  • Simple Geometric Shapes
  • Beautifully illustrations with Premium interior and White paper for easy viewing English Alphabet Letters, Numbers and Geometric Shapes

Get this Alphabet Book and your child will take the right path to learning and coloring ABCD Letters from A to Z

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Legends of Baseball: from Aaron to Ozzie


Hammerin’ Hank Aaron knocked them out an awful lot

to pass the great Babe Ruth – the first “Sultan of Swat.”

Robinson & Roberto are among the most admired.

The number 42 is universally retired.

But someone else did wear it. He grabbed it just in time.

The Sandman got the call when the game was on the line.

Mo upheld a standard for New York as a reliever.

As a starter, same is true of “Tom Terrific” Seaver.


Are you the world’s biggest baseball fan ?

Are you trying to raise even bigger baseball fans ?

Legends of Baseball from Aaron to Ozzie ” is just the book for both you and your rising fans!

Fans of ALL AGES will enjoy the witty rhymes, colorful illustrations , and fun facts throughout this tour across baseball’s storied history!