The Portal of Gods

Professor Steinbrook is undermined and humiliated by his colleagues and ignored by his students. He and his assistant, Ellie, come across an archeological artifact with ancient engravings on it. The symbols are from several ancient civilizations from all around the world and from different eras. Upon performing a ritual from a mysterious book, the Book of the Dead, they discover it is not merely an archeological object, but a portal to other worlds. Steinbrook and Ellie quickly realize they are not freeing souls attached to objects, but dealing with gods. They are, however, unaware of its dangers, the plan, and who is behind it. Steinbrook’s and Ellie’s lives will never be the same.

Meet Lillian J. Walker


An extinct power. A dangerous plot. A deadly secret. After witnessing her doppelganger’s murder, Mia discovers that she has the power to travel between worlds. Hunted by the emperor of universes for her newfound ability, she’s forced to team up with an escaped convict and his associates to find the way back home. As they each pursue their own agenda, Mia grows closer to the group. Their motivations come to light, and Mia’s own goals begin to shift. Soon she discovers that her journey home might not be as simple as she thinks and that the fate of universes may rest on her shoulders.

Meet Veronica Samek

An adventure through alternate dimensions.



When an autistic child accidentally kills her twin, the balance of her mind is disturbed and she is institutionalised. As her late teens approach she is guided back towards ‘the normal world’ by her psychiatrist, but as he delves deeper, he discovers that her mind is very far from ‘normal’ and far stranger than he could ever have imagined. Neither human nor alien she is something this world has never seen before and after a number of incredible journeys, the true nature of her reality is finally revealed.
‘Not for the faint-hearted. Rips out your soul and it says look at me! Breaks all the rules and happily marches into territory where no other author would ever dare to tread.’ Dr C Jones
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