Gold: Heart of a Miner Book Two


Seeking a fresh start outside of his outlaw father’s shadow, Charlie Montgomery finds Silver City, Idaho Territory to be the perfect boom town for his adventurous soul. But when gold is discovered at the Crown Point silver mine where he is hired on, the gunslingers of his past reappear, putting Charlie and everything he holds dear in danger.

She could never marry a miner, Virginia was sure, not after her father was killed in a mining accident last year. Yet something about Charlie draws her like a bee to honey, and despite pressure from another suitor, she takes a chance on him. With her father’s debts to pay, Virginia desperately engages in an unsavory one-time deal, realizing she can’t outrun the consequences forever. Can Charlie be the steadfast companion and helpmeet whom she so desperately seeks?

A sweet historical romance with a punch of western adventure!