This is an amazing book, written for people who want to explore the secrets of the world around them.
This book has a very serious message for humanity.

In this book you will find answers to questions bothering humanity for centuries, including:
? What’s our purpose Here on Earth?
? Why we Exist?
? Our beginnings, as a human race.
? Why does our world exis?

The book consists of three parts.
Part 1 is the original record of an alien interrogation
Part 2 is some information about the Blue Book project

The third part is the analysis of each part of the interrogation – that is, all the things the alien talked about, and finally also the interrogation as a whole.

If you like the so-called conspiracy theories, or are you curious about the answers given by the alien to these questions, do not hesitate!
You will certainly be pleasantly surprised by the answers to these questions, so don’t hesitate a second longer, and order this book now!

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Nefer Blue Phoenix

We all fear the unknown. Scared of never achieving the ultimate dream. On an island of ancient super beings lives a warrior haunted by attaining one goal. Kill every rebel responsible for stripping an innocent child’s family of their throne. They left the empire decorated in death and gave birth to a warrior hellbent on restoring the rightful order of the nation. But will the warrior go as far as to risk forsaking friends? Family? The gods themselves? Absolutely…
In a land of magic, pharaohs, and thrones, one warrior will discover just how treacherous they will have to become to achieve the ultimate goal. Power. Welcome to the island nation of Serenium. Where the quest for power is a must. The ability to lose it is just a scandal away. When the rich and powerful cry. They kill.

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The Saxon Spears


The old world is burning down
A hero will rise from its ASH.

Thirty years have passed since Britannia voted to throw off the Roman yoke. Now, the old world crumbles. 

Pirates roam the seas, bandits threaten the highways, and barbarian refugees land at Britannia’s shores, uninvited. The rich profit from the chaos, while the poor suffer. A new Dark Age is approaching – but all is not lost.

Ash is a Seaborn, a Saxon child found on the beach with nothing but a precious stone at his neck and a memory of a distant war from which his people have fled. Raised on the estate of a Briton nobleman, trained in warfare and ancient knowledge, he soon becomes embroiled in the machinations and intrigues at the court of Wortigern, the Dux of Londinium, a struggle that is about to determine the future of all Britannia. 

A child of Saxon blood, an heir to Roman family, his is a destiny like no other: to join the two races and forge a new world from the ruins of the old.

The Saxon Spears is the first volume of the Song of Ash saga, perfect for fans of Bernard Cornwell’s “The Last Kingdom” series, Simon Scarrow and Conn Iggulden.