The Hedgehog Challenge

‘No more adventures for me,’ said Heed, the hedgehog as she relaxed in her new home in the woods. The legendary porcupines of The Furrow were in her vicinity. Although surly and unfriendly, they did not threaten her peace. But when an old friend from The Furrow turned up, Heed got her first inkling of trouble.

Hunter wanted to be the true successor of her father, Old Bubo, and lead the owl tribe. She was confident that she could meet any challenge set by the tribe. However, her father chose a task that was almost impossible – the hedgehog challenge.

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The Hedgehog Trail (Hedgehog Trails Book 1)


Heed, the hedgehog did not want to leave her meadow. Wasn’t home the safest place in the whole world? However, fate had other plans for her and a raging flood took her to the deepest and darkest part of the forest. Faced with certain death and treachery, Heed scrambled to get back home. Unfortunately, to do so, she had to place her trust in a mad ferret, and her survival depended on finding friendship and loyalty in the mysterious glittering tunnels of The Furrow.