The Penguin who saved a fish

Hi, I am Pip! And I saved a fish today. You don’t believe me! “Penguins eat fish, they don’t save fish” – is that what you think? Wait until you read through this fun and colorful book – I’m sure you will change your mind.

Meet Cove Books

The author, who refers to herself as “Just a mama who loves to write and draw”, is an animator turned full-time mom. She began her writing journey inspired by her child’s fascination with penguins. How long will this journey continue and where will it lead? Only time will tell :) For any information or feedback, she can be reached at clovebookskids@gmailcom

The Penguin who went to ANTARCTICA!: An Animal Rescue book for KIDS

Hi, I am Pip the Penguin, and this is the worst saddest day of my life…EVER! First Noah said goodbye forever, then I got lost, then there was the storm and I was hungry and there was no food….you can’t even imagine all the horrible things that happened to make this the saddest worst day ever! And all this fuss just for some silly place named Antarctica where Noah must go for his special vet work. What happened next? Did I become the super sad, horribly grumpy penguin forever, or did I escape this mess and become Pip, the amazing penguin once again? Well, you’ll have to read the book to find out. What are you waiting for? Start reading NOW and I’ll meet you inside the book. Okay :)

Meet Cove Books

She calls herself, ” Just a mama who loves to write and draw”. An animator by profession and after 15 years of studio work, a full-time mommy by choice, the writing journey of this mama started with her little one’s love and obsession with penguins. How long this journey will continue and where will it lead? – well, only the coming days will tell :)