The Stringship Chronicles: Stories About Our Other Paranormal Lives

In this unique concoction that is our universe, there are tales waiting to be told—stories that dwell in the space between reality and imagination, where the boundaries of the known are stretched and twisted into the realm of the inexplicable.

Dive into the extraordinary with “The Stringship Chronicles: Stories About Our Other Paranormal Lives” by Gary Paul Bryant, author of “Reworld,” “The Phone” and “Awkward: The First Resurrection of Robert Levenplatter.”

In this collection of 29 short stories, Bryant blurs the lines between the everyday and the paranormal. You’ll encounter mind-bending scenarios, time travel adventures, and even a unique take on the Second Coming.

You won’t find any ghosts, demons, psychics, vampires or fairies in any of these stories, instead, you’ll explore uncharted territories of imagination, where the ordinary becomes extraordinary. Bryant’s storytelling talent shines through, making these tales captivating and thought-provoking.

So, get ready for a thrilling journey into the paranormal side of life. “The Stringship Chronicles” promises unexpected twists and a fresh perspective on the extraordinary hidden in the mundane.

Realms Beyond the Ordinary: An Anthology of Odd Tales

Dive into the spine-chilling debut anthology by G. D. Naschtz, a collection where horror, psychological thrillers, and sci-fi merge into an unforgettable reading experience. Each story transports you to a realm where the ordinary becomes eerily unrecognizable, and reality hides unnerving secrets. Explore abandoned towns haunted by past tragedies, experience the disorienting blur of reality and illusion, and confront ancient, lurking evils. From science fiction gone awry to alternate histories filled with paranoia, this anthology weaves a tapestry of tales that will both disturb and captivate. Perfect for fans of diverse and thought-provoking horror, Naschtz’s anthology promises a journey through varied landscapes of fear and intrigue. Prepare for a series of tales that will unsettle and fascinate, keeping you enthralled until the very last page.

Meet G. D. Naschtz

Hi, friends! My name is G.D. Naschtz, a passionate writer with a lifelong fascination for the art of storytelling. My journey with words has primarily taken the shape of poetry and short stories, each a reflection of my unique perspective on the world around us. In 2023, I embraced the opportunity to bring my work into the public eye, marking a significant milestone in my literary career. As I step into this new chapter, I am thrilled to have you alongside me, exploring the realms of imagination and emotion through my debut poetry collection and story anthology. I sincerely hope that my writings will resonate with you, offering both inspiration and a deeper connection to the wonders of language. Thank you for being a part of this adventure!

Love Sick: Stories

It’s human nature to love. We can’t help ourselves. Love is complicated. Sometimes, it brings us comfort. Other times, it’s the bane of our existence. We get caught up in it anyway. Fall in love with the characters in this multi-genre collection. Share in their joy and heartbreak. These stories will tear at your emotions as they remind you what it means to love. With imaginative tales like Princess of Fereylind, slice-of-life stories like Family Frolic, the magic realism found in Sofia’s Snow Day, and the tragedy of Had We Known, this anthology will bring readers through the vicissitudes of love.

Meet Tiffany Higgins

Tiffany Higgins is an award-winning creative storyteller who writes stories across a handful of genres. Her imaginative stories entertain readers from around the globe. Tiffany enjoys writing and finds it a relaxing pastime. She only wishes she could devote far more time to her craft. She dreams of one day quitting her job and writing full-time. She is living the dream in Michigan with her husband, two kids, and their cats.

Like A Box of Chocolates

A collection of 40 poems written with raw emotion, creativity, and imagination within various genres.

Meet Justin Bienvenue

Justin Bienvenue is an indie author and poet of 11 books. He mainly writes horror and poetry. His first book, The Macabre Masterpiece is a 5x #1 most downloaded book for contemporary poetry on Amazon. His 3rd book Like A Box of Chocolates is a 1-time #1 most downloaded book for Contemporary and American poetry on Amazon. His most recent novels are Of Gears and Gaslight, a steampunk novel, and The Wax Papers, the third book in the Wax Factory series. Besides books, he also has poems and short stories published in over 18 anthologies

No More Fairy Tales; Stories to Save Our Planet: Mini Taster

A collection of inspiring short stories written by a variety of authors, with the aim to inspire readers with positive visions of what a sustainable society might look like and how we might get there. This is a four-story mini-taster of the full anthology which has 24 stories. It includes one story which is not in the original anthology and three that are. If you like these, we encourage you to read the full anthology which is available in paperback and eBook from and most online retailers. ‘Inspirational and entertaining.’ Dr Matt Winning comedian and author of Hot Mess. ‘Bursting with powerful stories and brilliant ideas.’ Rachel Trezise, Prize-winning Author. 

Meet D.A. Baden

D.A. Baden is Professor of Sustainability at the University of Southampton and has published numerous book chapters and articles in the academic realm, and several novels. Her first work of fiction was the eco-themed rom-com Habitat Man (2021), followed by The Assassin in 2022. She edited the anthology, No More Fairy Tales: Stories the Save Our Planet and contributed several stories. She wrote the script for a musical, performed in Southampton and London in 2016, and has written three other screenplays. Denise set up the series of free Green Stories writing competitions in 2018 to inspire writers to integrate green solutions into their writing ( Follow on and @DABadenauthor

Beyond Temptation

It’s time to give in…
A 10 Book Box Set of Amazon Best Selling Romance Novels that are Beyond Temptation!

Packed full of gorgeous alpha males and plenty of heat to keep the reading pleasure going all night long.

Book 1 – Dirty Ella
Inspired by Cinderella. Ella’s been living in hell with her stepmother, but things are about to change when her evil twin stepbrothers come home. Will they play nice with her?

Book 2 – Two Dirty Bosses
Victoria is a mess and everyone in her life, including her family, hates her. Except her two new bosses, who seem to have taken a shine to her for less than professional reasons.

Book 3 – Dirty Doc Next Door
Abby isn’t as nice as she seems. She had planned all along to steal from her new doctor neighbor. But after meeting him, she has a new plan in mind—one that involves less of his things and much more of his body.

Book 4 – Kidnapped By 2 Men
Taking Lily wasn’t part of their plan and it was definitely a mistake. They lose all control when they’re around her—all they want is to give her pleasure.

Book 5 – Dirty Cops Next Door
They’re in her dreams, every single night—perhaps the two hottest cops on Earth! But what happens when naughty dreams alone are not enough? 

Book 6 – Mountain Lumberjack
When things quickly spin out of control and rumors start to circulate the resort, she knew she shouldn’t have come to the mountain. Luckily for Lilian, a handsome lumberjack is coming to the rescue. 

Book 7 – F Buddy
Scarlett needs an F buddy for the night, so he does her the honor. The only problem is she’s his dream woman and she’s not normally one for one night stands. No-strings is never as easy as it sounds.

Book 8 – Jocked Up
Years ago he left town, to run away from her. Now Drake’s back and wanting more. But Bethany’s not going to give him another chance to hurt her again. She can not afford to make another mistake like that. Not now that she has him—her son, her only joy.

Book 9 – Boxer Next Door
There’s no one since her husband left. There isn’t space for anyone in her heart except her child. Then Ken from next door came knocking and everything changed. But there’s no way it could work, surely he’s too young for her, isn’t he?

Book 10 – Hot New Neighbor
Ellie writes about men with hard bodies, chiseled jaws and incredible charm in her novels. But never did she imagine that such a man actually existed. Then a gorgeous actor moves across the hall—maybe dreams really can come true.

Author’s Note: The stories in this anthology contain mature language and adult scenes that will make you blush! Intended for adults only.

Meet Summer Cooper

Besides her love of chocolate, dogs and music… reading and writing is Summer’s number one route to escape from crazy friends, family and the in-laws!
She found her own happily ever after with a martial arts fighter who also happens to be an adorable IT geek! Now, she loves to write about hot alpha males that come with a pretty face and covered in tough-as-nails muscle… who are secretly looking for their true soul mate (shhh…)!

Sinners & Saints, A Collection of Romantic Interludes

Sometimes it takes a Saint to love a Sinner.

There’s something for everyone in this collection of 15+ romance stories from today’s USA Today bestselling, award-winning, and rising star authors. From reluctant billionaires to displaced gods, century old vampires to young lovers just about to graduate high-school, love strikes where it will, and who’s to say a Sinner is any less deserving of happiness than a Saint?

Let us tempt you to take a walk on the wild side, unleash a little bit of the sinner inside you to find that romance you’ve always been waiting for.

These original stories are packed with unforgettable characters, amazing romances, and intense emotion that will leave you on the edge of your seat waiting for more. From sweet to sultry, these stories will have you reading long into the night.

Fans of Mary Higgins Clark, Stephanie Meyer, Danielle Steel and Suzanne Collins won’t wait to misbehave for Sinners & Saints.

Don’t miss your chance to get this set before it’s gone! The sins will stack up and the saints won’t stay forever, so make sure to grab your copy of these 15+ titillatingly delightful stories when you scroll up and one-click today!

With stories from: Shaunna Rodriguez (AW), MA Abraham, Hannah Earl, AnnaMarie Gardner, Deborah Garland, Madison Granger, BK Harrell, Angelina Kerner, CA King (USAT), Darlene Kuncytes (AW), Megan Kuykendall, Andi Lawrencovna, Didi Oviatt, Crystal StClair, SE Winters

Meet Madison Granger, Shaunna Rodriguez, Andi Lawrencovna, and more

Madison Granger is a free-spirited late bloomer. She stubbornly lives by three beliefs: dreams can come true, never give up, and you’re never too old to try new things. She is living proof of all three adages, vowing she isn’t done by a long shot.