The Anti-Aging Cookbook: 100 Tasty Recipes For Younger And Healthier Skin

This anti-aging cookbook will show you how simple it can be to prepare tasty, healthy food that is best for your skin, making it young, healthy, and glow again. This beginner-friendly cookbook makes it easy to make and eat an anti-aging diet, with: A brief intro to anti-aging food ― what is premature skin aging and what are the super skin food that can help slow down the process of aging and make your skin great again 100 easy, healthy and delicious recipes ― with 20 recipes each for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and beverages, this cookbook covers everything that you eat in your diet. It is time to reunite with your best skin condition while enjoying scrumptious and easy-to-make food.

Meet Edie Smith

With three lovely children and a full-time job, I live a very busy life, and sometimes I do not have much time to look after myself. I was eating lots of fast food due to lack of time, and I found that my skin started to age quite obviously, especially after I reached age 30, with dryer and thinner skin in some areas and many fine lines forming. And I thought it was normal – it was just aging until I did some research and found out that it was much more than that. It is premature skin aging, caused by unhealthy daily habits and diet. Determined to change the situation, I researched, adapted, and created many healthy and yummy recipes with lots of antioxidants and other anti-aging agents. By using the recipes in this cookbook, my family (even my husband!), my friends, and I have seen a great improvement in our skin conditions in a just few weeks’ time. If you are in the same boat as I was, I am very certain that you can also achieve younger and healthier-looking skin by following this cookbook and some simple advice that I will talk about in the next chapters.

The Wasting


With his science podcast ratings in the dumpster, Peter Scott just received a gift from heaven – Earth’s imminent destruction by alien marauders.

4 books (1st 3 in series + bonus ‘Infinity Curve’), 500+ power-packed, thought-provoking pages of our dystopian world in two decades!

“When technology prowess outruns social progress, humanity loses the race.”

It’s Boston 2037, and DNA is just another programming language. Tensions between humans and hybrids are rising. An obelisk from space warns of invasion. Havoc erupts in the streets.

Peter, along with Ears, his researcher, and Molli, his sound engineer and kung fu expert, are podcasting from Cambridge, a world center for AI, nanotech, and human genome editing. To improve ratings, they decide to go edgy, interviewing experts who propose radical defenses to the anticipated alien invasion.

CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing is now fully democratized. A school kid can do it, and black market tech serves any need or desire. This new tech creates widespread medical benefits to humanity, including age engineering and human-machine interfaces for direct brain-to-computer processing.

At the same time, humans are quickly diverging. Transhuman / posthuman hybrids or ‘varints’ are increasing in numbers. Some sport new appendages, sense organs, or animal traits, while others have integrated interfaces to AI clouds or use extensive human robotics.

These rapid changes leave many non-hybrids fearful and concerned – and the threat of an alien attack whips everyone further into a frenzy. Competing human and hybrid voices are jockeying to push their own solutions, and nobody wants to play nice in the new dystopian sandbox.

A volatile cocktail of anger and fear erupts in a divergent world gone mad from an expected alien apocalypse – and as the crew completes each interview, their podcasts seem to be adding to the hysteria. Sure, their notoriety is growing, but somebody wants to stop them from doing the next podcast, even if it means death.

If you enjoy envisioning the social and scientific impact of gene engineering, anti-aging, and artificial intelligence, then you’ll love this apocalyptic serial.

5 Stars***** Imminent Future, or Imminent Extinction? A fascinating leap into the imminent future…when Genetic Engineering and Genetic Modification have advanced astronomically (Goodreads Review/The Wasting).