Cassidy and the Lost Fairy of Allerton

Cassidy is bored. Very bored. None of Mommy’s and Daddy’s ideas sound fun, certainly not taking a walk in an elaborate park full of art and colorful flowers.

When no one else is looking, though, Cassidy spies a fluttering fairy peeking out from an evergreen hedge. Can Dayana help Cassidy see all the beauty and excitement around her?

This fairy tale is set in the beautiful Allerton Park & Retreat Center in Central Illinois. It will spark the imaginations of children and young readers age 4-8.

Early praise:

“I am an elementary reading teacher in Albany, WI and have three grandchildren in (or almost in) this age range.  My granddaughter would adore this book.  She has a vivid imagination, so this book would certainly spark her interest.  I love the dialogue between Dayana and Cassidy.  It would make for a great writing lesson on the skill. I also enjoyed all of the adjectives that describe actions, feelings, and objects in this story.  The illustrations are absolutely gorgeous and contribute greatly to the story. This book is one that I would genuinely enjoy sharing with the students at my school.  It is well written – and just an enjoyable story.” ~ Melissa

“It was absolutely enchanting. The illustrations are lovely and have just enough detail to drawn a young reader in, but not overwhelm them.” ~ Susan

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Wendell and Wanda Explore the animals of Noitanigami: Draw It Yourself. Illustrated by you.

Wendell and Wanda Explore the animals of Noitanigami - ASIN B087W2T9CK

Wendell and Wanda Explore the animals of Noitanigami

Written by Christopher Davy

Illustrated by YOU!

PLEASE BE AWARE: This is the eBOOK version.

Only by using certain devices can you download the eBook and print it off.

If you buy the eBook you can still enjoy the story.

Just create your artwork on something else and then copy the story on to it.

There is a PAPERBACK version available.

Wendell and Wanda
Like to sit and ponder
Just like you and me

They live in a place
There’s lots to do and see

Now with a rhyme
And a pinch of idea
Can you add all the pictures
Make the story appear?

Wendell and Wanda is a special kind of book. It is a D.I.Y. book – Draw It Yourself!

Anyone, of any age, can enjoy creating the artwork to go with the story inside!

When you are done, if you want to, take a photo and share what you have created with the world using:




To follow Wendell and Wanda and to stay up to date with future releases please visit:

Instagram @wendellandwanda
Twitter @wendellandwanda
Facebook /wendellandwanda
Pinterest /wendellandwanda

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Another Planet

Another Planet – A photography project of Belzec, Treblinka, Auschwitz/Birkenau and Majdanek Death Camps, using a 360 degree camera.
I was introduced to the epithel “Another Planet” when reading the testimony of writer Yehiel Dinur, known by his pen name K. Zetnik, at the Eichmann Trial in Jerusalem Session No. 68 dated June 7, 1961.
Dinur described Auschwitz as “Another Planet”.
The concept of “Another Planet”, its implications and associations, resonated in my mind and I decided to give it expression in photography, using the technology of 360 degree camera.
* Best use – Landscape mode *

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Monster Problems


Sixth-grader Brad makes the mistake of drawing instead of paying attention in class. When Brad’s parents ground him from drawing, his bratty little brother Daley rubs it in. Later that night, Brad is surprised when a mysterious crow delivers a pen to his bedroom window. Missing his beloved drawing and frustrated with his brother, Brad uses the pen to draw a Daley-Destroyer, a giant slimy green creature that he envisions “getting” Daley. To Brad’s surprise, the pen is a magic pen, and the Daley-Destroyer comes to life, just as he imagined it, slime and all, and starts going after Daley! To makes things worse, only he and Daley can see it! Can Brad erase his monster problem before it’s too late?