Omni Reign

Omni Reign is an adventurous science-fiction novel set in a future where Omni, an all-encompassing artificial superintelligence, governs humanity. To generate fair democratic votes, Omni lets its people constantly observe each other and reads out everyone’s emotions. When Mark’s robotic surgeon botches up a cosmetic body modification, his peers blame him for killing his client. Voted out of society, he is to be suspended in an eternal virtual dream so he won’t ever hurt anyone again. But what if he ignored appropriate medical protocols and hacked together a procedure to revive his client and save his own skin? — In Omni Reign, neither artificial superintelligence nor meta-verse-like experiences or robots destroy. They all work more or less as advertised, which might seem like a utopian future for some. But on an individual level, problems certainly still exist, and human extinction is by no means off the table. — Go down as a nobody or go through with an invention that elevates or destroys humanity? Cyberpunk in the age of AI government, quantum computing, blockchain, metaverse, social credit, and transhumanist medicine

Meet Aeon Mosbach

I grew up in rural Switzerland, where the air tingles from nearby CERN. Surrounded by bandes dessinées, mangas, and books about the Apollo space mission, I dabbled in programming video games and web pages when modems were noisy. Later, I set out to study computer sciences but ended up graduating with a master’s degree in design research. Since, I’ve worked as an innovation researcher and startup consultant in Europe and Asia.