Still Falling

Barcus is a working stiff looking for a good paycheck. When the Ventura and its crew enter orbit for a scheduled planet survey, the ship activates an automated defense system protecting the planet. Although the Ventura is destroyed in the attack, Barcus alone survives the harrowing fall to the remote planet surface. He struggles to remain alive and sane, and to discover why everyone he knew and loved on the Ventura was deliberately murdered. Swinging between despair and fury, Barcus discovers that for every answer he obtains, there are more questions raised. Barcus is assisted by the Emergency Module, Em, his most useful tool. It is an Artificial Intelligence system contained in an all-terrain vehicle specifically designed to help him survive. Barcus soon finds himself in the middle of a planetary genocide of the local native population. He is unable to stand passively by as more people die, even if they are long lost colonists who fear “The Man From Earth” like children fear the monster under their bed. Will Barcus ever find his way home? Will he find out who is responsible? Will his rage just burn this world down? Or will he find his soul in the eyes of a starving, frightened woman?

Meet Martin Wilsey

Martin Wilsey is a full-time author and creator of the highly acclaimed, bestselling, SOLSTICE 31 SAGA. Mr. Wilsey’s first novel, STILL FALLING, was published on March 31st of 2015. Less than three years and over half a million published words later, he retired from his career as a research scientist for a government-funded think tank. As a full-time science fiction writer, Mr. Wilsey still uses his research and whiteboard skills to keep the books flowing. He likes to put science back into science fiction. He and his wife Brenda live in Virginia with their dog Whiskey, and cats Brandy and Bailey.

Show It Beauty

SHOW IT BEAUTY‘ is an art book with an intriguing twist. Beyond the vibrant digital collage artworks that fill its pages, the book invites readers into a unique collaboration with artificial intelligence. Through probing questions and insightful dialogues, the author engages the AI in a conversation that explores the subjective nature of beauty, perception, and understanding.

The AI serves as both a guide and a student, learning from the author’s artistic expressions and offering its unique perspective. It’s a shared exploration that challenges traditional boundaries and invites readers to ponder the capabilities of artificial intelligence in grasping human emotions and aesthetics.

The author’s dual role as artist and writer adds depth to this engaging journey, where technology meets creativity, and questions become gateways to reflection. ‘SHOW IT BEAUTY’ is about finding connections, questioning perceptions, and celebrating art in all its forms.

Join the author in a book that inspires, entertains, and offers a fresh and exciting way to engage with art and technology. ‘SHOW IT BEAUTY’ reflects a passion for exploring the boundaries of art and artificial intelligence, making it a must-read for those curious about the intersection of creativity and technology.

Meet Clee Smith

Clee Smith is an author and artist with a flair for the unconventional. With a curiosity that spans the realms of technology, art, and philosophy, Clee’s work defies traditional categorization, embracing a fusion of creativity and exploration that is both thought-provoking and visually captivating.

The Rise of Artificial Intelligence

Are you ready to embark on an extraordinary journey into the realm of artificial intelligence? Dive into the captivating pages of this book and unlock the secrets of AI’s rise, impact, and limitless potential. From its humble beginnings to its groundbreaking achievements, this book takes you on a thrilling exploration of the past, present, and future of AI. Discover how AI is revolutionizing industries, transforming work and society, and shaping the very fabric of our existence. But this isn’t just another technical book. It’s a captivating narrative that combines deep insights with real-life examples and interactive exercises. Delve into the ethical considerations of AI decision-making, learn how to navigate its challenges, and harness its power for the greater good. With this book as your guide, you’ll gain the knowledge and tools to thrive in an AI-driven world. Unleash the potential of AI and embrace the opportunities it offers for innovation, productivity, and personal growth.

Meet Aditya Jha

The Hawk Enigma

“A head-spinning plot, adrenaline-fueled action, and a mind-blowing premise. The Hawk Enigma is one you won’t want to miss.” – Susan Furlong author of Shattered Justice, A New York Times Top 10 Crime Novel of the Year

Voodoo, a gifted military technician, struggles with harrowing memories of war and the emptiness that comes with loss. To cope, he’s thrown himself into his work for a secretive military research organization, purposefully leaving little time for anything else. Until one night, a familiar voice from Voodoo’s past interrupts his recurring nightmares with a cryptic prophecy.

At the same time, across the ocean in Japan, two world-renowned scientists go missing along with the secrets behind a powerful form of artificial intelligence called the “God Algorithm.”

To Voodoo’s surprise, he soon finds himself on the front lines of an A.I. arms race with the future of freedom at stake. Will Voodoo find the scientists in time? Or will the “God Algorithm,” a piece of code so terrifying it has the potential to shift global power, fall into the wrong hands. Find out in this mind-bending, relentlessly paced techno thriller sure to please fans of Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan and Jack Carr’s James Reece.

Meet J.L. Hancock

J.L. Hancock spent twenty years in the military where he toiled away in the dark corners of the government intelligence communities, learned Korean and Japanese, and conducted over one hundred combat operations with special operations forces in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Philippines. As the senior enlisted advisor over future concepts and innovation for the Navy special operations community Hancock became a well-known subject matter expert in unmanned systems, 5G, and artificial intelligence. Drawing from a graduate level education in national security studies, foreign language expertise, and experience as a technician embedded with special operations forces, J.L. Hancock writes fiction that reflects the complexities of the modern world. He’s inspired by the many lives he has lived, the worlds he has seen, and the people he’s met along the way. Today, he lives in San Diego, CA with his wife and two daughters.


Hemispheres	- ASIN B08CJQT72W

Light is currency, light is big business on Gliese 581g, the last remaining colony of the human race.  

Severum Rivenshear hunts those who steal it in the form of fireflies, just to have enough light to live by. He works in the icy, eternally dark hemisphere of Evig Natt, the sun an absent deity. The rest of the world pursues every pleasure beneath a sun that never sleeps.

Thalassa Latimer will rotate the tidal-locked planet faster, or die trying. Dedicated to bringing light to everyone, rich and poor alike, she will stop at nothing to achieve her goal, even if it means destroying the environment and toppling the economy. 

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Prepare for Your Future Career: While Living with Artificial Intelligence


Are you questioning where the job will be in the future?

Since artificial intelligence is here, which is not only to stay but also to grow and penetrate even deeper into many crucial aspects of society, its impact is only just about to expand. As many people fear, one area that is so likely to be affected is the job market. Indeed, AIs are continually becoming more capable, and their greatest perk is undoubtedly their ability to solve more and more problems every year. On the flipside, it is this growing ability that makes most people concerned that AIs might ultimately come after their jobs.

Purchase this book and prepare?

Developed countries are bound to take certain measures to ensure a smooth transition in many fields that artificial intelligence can affect. Therefore, there is no cause for mass panic, of course. Still, it’s up to each and every one of us to educate ourselves about the coming changes and analyze our personal situations carefully. Preferably, we should all take steps to at least increase our chances of security if not find ways to benefit from the innovations. It is the goal of this book to help you do these things, figure out if you are at any sort of risk, and prepare yourself for the future. The chances are good that you will find that the coming changes are not only perfectly survivable but that they will also open up a plethora of new opportunities for you and especially your children.

You can get this book for only $0.99!