Women of Influence

On a global scale, women are changing the trajectory of their lives as they make the decision to step into their power and leave their mark on the world. No longer are they striving for success in only one or two areas of their lives; they are choosing to have it all—without external expectation or restrictions. These women have travelled difficult paths that have tested their resolve in achieving their goals (specifically in the field of entrepreneurship), but not once have these obstacles proven to distract from their vision. They’ve each very consciously decided to become the very best versions of themselves, and whilst on their journey, they’ve transformed into Women of Influence. “Women of Influence” presents 11 women, all of whom tell their individual stories as they travel towards their own definition of success. Although unique, they all recognise in one another the determination and strength needed to leave an impact on the world, while changing the preconception of what it means to be a woman adopting a multitude of roles in a fast-paced world—and the perceived limitations. Encouraging ladies across the world to stay focused on their vision as they build their dreams and businesses, “Women of influence” emphasises the power we have in moving out of our past and into our future with the aim of shaping the world through focused impact, business improvement and positive change.

Meet Hayley Paige International

Enlightenment!—You may spend your whole life seeking it, but never find it. You may never search for it or even know that it’s possible, but reach it by accident. And you may live out your life ignorant of its existence, and die having never discovered your highest potential for happiness, self-mastery, and creative brilliance.

The enlightened psychologist Abraham Maslow was the first to scientifically describe the fully enlightened person—which he called the “self-actualizing person.” Building on Maslow’s work through careful biographical study of the lives of self-actualizing people, humanistic psychologist and biographer Roman Gelperin found their enlightenment to stem from a nearly-identical handful of breakthrough experiences, which he will reveal to you in this book.

Partly a firsthand account of the author’s own accidental enlightenment, and partly a full biography of Abraham Maslow’s rise to self-actualization, this book will teach you how to identify, understand, and attain those key experiences of:

  • Unlocking the perennial method of using your mind to its fullest potential
  • Being fully at peace with yourself, by deconstructing your internal conflicts
  • Deriving a near-constant joy, pleasure, and satisfaction from sheer existence
  • Half-creating, half-discovering your driving passion and unique purpose in life
  • Automatically evolving the self-actualizing qualities of total honesty, supreme self-confidence, natural creativity, effortless spontaneity, and independent thinking

By the end of this book, you will thoroughly understand what enlightenment is, how and why it occurs, and the ways to pursue it!

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Getting Bi: Voices of Bisexuals Around the World is the broadest single collection of bisexual literature available today. Getting Bi collects 220 essays from around the world that explore bisexual identity. Topics include coming out, relationships, politics, community, and more. The book also addresses the intersection of bisexuality with race, class, ethnicity, gender identity, disability and national identity. Authors from 42 countries discuss bisexuality from personal perspectives and their own cultural contexts, providing insight into societal views on bisexuality from countries ranging from Colombia to China.

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My Every Breath


“. . . there is so much more to the incredible life that unfolds between the pages of this inspiring and fascinating memoir.”
– Readers’ Favorite

The compelling story of a woman’s lifelong battle with Cystic Fibrosis and her astonishing resilience despite a double lung transplant and a senseless murder.Anna Maynard was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis when she was six months old, at a time when average life expectancy for children afflicted with the genetic disorder was only fourteen years. Throughout her tumultuous childhood, Anna found for a life of normalcy and despite the death of her older sister, France—who succumbed to the same disease—Anna pursued her dream to live a long, productive life with courage, determination and hope.

” . . . My Every Breath is a heartfeld and exceedingly well-written biographical work which comes very highly recommended for true life non-fiction fans.”
– Readers’ Favorite