Castalia Boys

Six lifelong friends endure a range of trials and tribulations upon entering their sophomore year of high school. Terminal illness, the sinking ship that was once a booming generational family business, and a brush with maniacal killers are only a few examples of such adversity that these young men are faced with. They rely upon one another to conquer each obstacle placed before them; grievances that no adolescent boy should be tasked with. But can their bond and their trust in one another be sufficient to emerge from their respective plights unscathed? And if so, at what cost to their psychological well-being?


I began laying the groundwork for what would become “Castalia Boys” on January 1st, 2022. This was my first attempt at writing in a “professional” capacity at the age of twenty-seven, nonetheless. I have two children, with one due in June of ’23. These bundles of joy have inspired as well as annoyed me since the conception of the book. I wouldn’t have it any other way. My fiancée has been a beacon of encouragement and has served as my primary editor throughout this entire process. I am eternally grateful to her. Tomorrow, as well as many tomorrows after, I will be expected to report to my “real” job and reclaim my title as “Electrical Maintenance Technician.” It’s a fine career path; it’s just not as fun as writing. Now, I’ll have to rip out this page of my boss’s copy of the book, should he choose to buy one. Seriously though, getting back into the swing of writing on a consistent basis has been one of the greatest things I could have done for myself. And I’m far from finished.

Spiritual Steps to Success: Daily Discoveries

The Spiritual Steps to Success Series takes readers on an interactive journey to reach their highest potential. The first book in the series, Daily Discoveries, contains 25 inspirational poems to engage readers in thoughtful contemplation. Every poem launches the reader into a guided journal entry. Helping to create an interactive experience. The prompts help lay a foundation needed to gain a deeper understanding of the reader’s own spiritual journey. Daily Discoveries will unlock new possibilities from within, creating a starting point for the next Spiritual Step to Success.

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