American Guerrillas

James Stanton runs his San Francisco startup in style. After the New York based Brayton group acquires a majority stake in the startup, he comes into conflict with billionaire Edmund Brayton, the heir of Brayton group. As the conflict escalates, James is labeled as a fraud and kicked out of the startup. After a few years, James puts together a guerrilla army to battle with the Braytons. His guerrilla army goes around America and beyond, executing missions and pulling pranks that haunt and hurt the Brayton family members and the Brayton group companies.

Meet DS Kumar

DS Kumar’s novels are available on Amazon Kindle. American Guerrillas (2023) and American Rehabilitators (2023). Twitter:

Heat Book One

What’s a woman to do when her regular masseuse gets replaced with a guy who makes her knees buckle?

“This book is HAWT…I mean Fan yourself hawt from the first opening scene all the way through until the finale page. The chemistry is OFF THE CHARTS!!” Angie J., Twinsie Talk Book Blog

Straight-laced financial advisor Rachel Donahue works her tail off, and her weekly massage is one of the few ways she copes with a stressful week. So she’s more than dismayed when she finds that the man who regularly works out her kinks is temporarily unavailable. But, OMG, she is almost embarrassed at how hot she finds his replacement. He’s gorgeous, charming, and his hands do lots more than relieve her aching muscles. What’s a woman to do when the massage becomes a little more intimate?

Rachel does her best to forget her indiscretion…but it becomes difficult when she discovers her new client is the stranger who made her feel amazing from head to toe!

Meet Jade C. Jamison

Jade C. Jamison is a steamy romance author, heavy metal fangirl, wife and mom, coffee connoisseur, cat lover, and vegan foodie–not necessarily in that order. She loves life and believes we learn our wisest lessons when reading, especially if it’s fiction. Her heroines are fierce, her heroes all but broken, both seeking redemption together. Whether in a small Colorado town or big city, she strives to take her readers’ breath away…one story at a time.

Forbidden Desires


Introducing “Forbidden Desires” Book 2 in the Insta Love Alpha Bad Boy Romance by Best Selling Author Vanessa James!

Mary and Caleb’s relationship is stormy at best. And Caleb’s dubious lifestyle doesn’t make things any easier; in fact, it only makes things worse.

Her growing feelings for Caleb worry Mary. Does she really want to move on with this relationship? There is a part of her that wants to rush in, throw caution to the wind, and just be with him.

But when Caleb reveals a secret about her father, Mary begins to wonder whom to trust.
Caleb’s dark past doesn’t help either, but he also knows of the risk he’d take to be with Mary.

With tensions growing every single day in the MC, and his overbearing father demanding that he continue his life of crime, Caleb feels confused, but most of all, he is scared of what is to come. Mary is that one bright spark in his life.

Will he finally make it to the point where he can understand this relationship? Will he be able to make things better for both of them?
What would Mary and Caleb’s life be like if they are successful?

Find out in the second book of this thrilling bad boy romance.

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Wanted: Big Bad Brother: A Billionaire Bad Boy Stepbrother Romance

Wanted: Big Bad Brother: A Billionaire Bad Boy Stepbrother Romance Book Cover

Hot billionaire stepbrother who can’t help but be flirty. 

Gorgeous but forbidden stepsister that’s totally sassy. 
Grab a towel. 
This relationship is about to get very, very dirty.
I take what I want.
Leave destruction in my wake.
I’m the king of all media.
The spotlight shines on me constantly.
Crowds cheer as I help myself.
Money, women, fame.
But the one thing I want is something I can’t have.
Sweet. Beautiful. Perfection.
Everything that’s good in this world.
Too good for me.
When she comes to me for help,
I can’t resist any longer.
I’ll make her mine.
Even if it means risking everything.
I’ll risk it all. Go all in on the two of us.
If I win, then it’ll soon be three.