The Baseball Player’s Guide To Hitting Like A Pro: Science Based Techniques To Master The Fundamentals and Mental Side Of Hitting

Every good hitter is fighting a battle… Do you know what yours is and how to turn it to your advantage on the field?

Meet Roy Lingster

No one knows better about the difficulties of stepping up to the plate and facing your batting demons like the author. Having struggled at the plate in his own playing time is what prompted Roy Lingster to write this book. Twenty-five years in the game as a player and coach included a trip to the Little League World Series in 2007. It also included a season where he experienced his worst year at the plate ending with a .180 batting average. Haunted by that performance going into a new season, he knew he needed to make some kind of adjustment not to repeat that. He was unwilling to accept the idea that his talents suddenly disappeared. He set about breaking down the elements of how to achieve success at the dish. The effort to get his mind back on his game let him beat the setback and excel.

Legends of Baseball: from Aaron to Ozzie


Hammerin’ Hank Aaron knocked them out an awful lot

to pass the great Babe Ruth – the first “Sultan of Swat.”

Robinson & Roberto are among the most admired.

The number 42 is universally retired.

But someone else did wear it. He grabbed it just in time.

The Sandman got the call when the game was on the line.

Mo upheld a standard for New York as a reliever.

As a starter, same is true of “Tom Terrific” Seaver.


Are you the world’s biggest baseball fan ?

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Legends of Baseball from Aaron to Ozzie ” is just the book for both you and your rising fans!

Fans of ALL AGES will enjoy the witty rhymes, colorful illustrations , and fun facts throughout this tour across baseball’s storied history!