Gus loves to run track and today was his first race. Because of a slow start getting ready for the day and not paying attention when he should, Gus has a bummer of a day. At school he gets embarrassed, he gets in trouble, and his first school track meet is even impacted. In this inspiring story, Gus shows how a tough day can motivate you to turn things around and reward you in exciting ways.

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The Hungry Fox a Fable Told in Rhyme


 A fox’s quest to search for food turns out to be a life-changing lesson in how to be good.  An epic fable told in verse and rhyme. 

Follow the mischievous Fox in his adventure and enjoy reading about his many encounters with his virtuous neighbors that do not only speak, but love to rhyme.

Playful storytelling, musical dialogues, entertaining situations, moral lessons, uniquely designed characters and colorful scenery are all guaranteed to make you go back to the first page everytime you finish the book.

An instant classic !

With 7 captivating chapters spread over more than 4 pages each, opening and closing poems, and a special longer chapter with the wisest animal of the bunch, long moments of literary fun await.

A poetic and enchanting tale written and illustrated both for children of all ages and adults alike.

The Hungry Fox™ Children’s book by Cole Adams is the first book of a series of many titles.

Coming soon.