The Autobiography of a Salaried Trader – Part 1

Escape the middle-class money trap! Start your journey towards financial freedom. This book is a dramatized account of real-life incidents that happened to the author on his journey to financial freedom. By the grace of God, the author has been able to successfully supplement his salary income with investment income, eliminating the need to work for money. The book tells the author’s journey in the form of a novel, rationally explaining the obstacles he encountered and the numerous trading tactics he used to overcome them. By reading the author’s incredibly relatable journey, you will discover: How and why to inspire towards financial freedom How to design a straightforward, reliable trading plan How to make the most of limited capital How to use futures & options to scale trades How to safeguard trading capital while trading futures & options, and hidden costs associated with futures & options trading How to handle Black Swan occurrences How to handle Gap Up/Gap Down Openings How to design and trade option strategies Introduction to free Excel-based trading decision automation solution that is connected to real-time stock quotes Introduction to free Excel-based solution that can leverage AI/ML techniques to enhance trading profits & reduce loss probability ….and much more!

Meet P Jaca

The author is a part time trader/investor and a full time salaried information technology (IT) professional. Besides IT consulting and investing, the author is passionate about working on projects that require creativity and deep thinking. The author is a firm believer in doing good deeds (karma), bowing to God, and submitting to God wholeheartedly. This allows the author to live a stress-free life while still experiencing and appreciating the divine magic of life that only God has the capability to create!

Unfold the Stories of Unsung Heroes Part I

This is the Part I of the Unsung Heroes Series by Aspiring Blog. This book will make you realize that there is so much potential in being alive that we just never tap into. Here we will present to you the stories of heroes ‘the real heroes.’ Their stories might not be on the silver screen or related to any battlefield, but you’ll get the same Goosebumps moment that you had while watching any other superhero movie. The unreal act of heroism they’ve shown and have done for humanity is enough to leave anyone tongue-tied. All these stories are being written after intensive research because only a few sources are available on the internet. We’ve collected different elements from different sources and then connected them together to bring the true and complete picture of their lives. So let us Unfold the Stories of Unsung Heroes together.

Meet Aspiring Blog

Aspiring Blog Started its journey as a blogging website in 2020, publishing articles that center on significant life events, captivating stories, social and cultural norms, and intriguing perspectives and thoughts. Over time, as our readership grew, we introduced different categories to cater to diverse interests. One such category is the Unsung Heroes, which is dedicated to showcasing the inspiring stories of ordinary people with extraordinary tales. We feel privileged to have the opportunity to utilize our potential to positively impact countless lives. Our Unsung Heroes Series aims to highlight the narratives of unsung heroes who may not be widely known but possess stories that possess the power to drive societal change.

Strange History, Life’s Mysteries, and Other Bloviation

A slip and fall changed the course of 20th century history and broadcasting.

One man’s dislike of cats contributed to the deaths of millions of people.

A World War II pilot survives 3 plane crashes before switching gears and changing the world of science fiction forever.

A bullet fired in the Civil War nearly wiped yours truly from existence.

Told in the spirit of Paul Harvey’s The Rest of the Story, this series of short and fantastic historical stories will intrigue and delight readers who enjoy a fresh take on history. All of these stories come with a fun twist at the end, and some readers will enjoy guessing who or what each story is about as they follow along with each new tale. This is a short, but engaging read!

Meet J. Dallas Brooks

J. Dallas Brooks is an Air Force veteran, engineer, adjunct professor, and writer who lives with his family on their farm in southern Colorado.

Building in Bronze: Creating the Future through Healing the Past

Building in Bronze is an inspirational manifesto written by a woman who has never stopped dreaming and working to create space in the world where she could live her most authentic life. Cayla Pothan created just such a space, and in the process, discovered how to share her insights with other people who long to live with joy and purpose. After a difficult journey from a childhood of feeling trapped in a victim mindset, she emerged into a life filled with creativity and growth, eventually founding the Tootsie Gallery. Tootsie is a symbol of the dreams and creativity in the life of the child. As an artist, mentor, coach, gallery owner, and community builder, she reaches out to help others find purpose by getting in touch with the child within. Readers who may have lost sight of their own dreams, lacking purpose or creative outlets, will find inspiration to re-engage with their creative energies and the courage to chase those lovely dreams.

Meet Cayla Pothan

Cayla Pothan is the gallery Director and facilitator at Tootsie Gallery Cafe, a safe space for artists seeking to express themselves creatively to enjoy eating, commiserating, being inspired by the outdoor mosaic garden and most importantly to, “Connect, Inspire, and Grow.” Located in the Yass valley of Australia, this oasis of artistic freedom has become a hotspot for individuals seeking to explore what art they wish to create in the world and how they can make sure their creations leave an impact.

Cayla offers group workshops as well as individual mentorship programs in person at the Tootsie Gallery Cafe as well as online to help artists grow in their various creative journeys through creativity, knowledge and understanding of self. This is facilitated through art classes, breakthrough programs and 1:1 based learning. In addition, she is a second Dan black belt in karate and uses principles from her martial arts training such as safety, awareness and flow in her teaching to help her clients expand belief in self.