Rogue 13

Rogue 13 - ASIN B08C7H7GC1

Hot on the trail of a corrupt federal judge, FBI agent Heather Caraway’s investigation thrusts her into the neon spotlight of fabulous Las Vegas. Armed with the full arsenal of the FBI, a woman’s intuition, and the incomparable seductive prowess of her cover alias Crimson Candy, Caraway descends into an underground playground for the elite. Her investigation quickly disintegrates into a struggle for survival as Caraway’s cover and op are blown. Intervening on her behalf, Ronan McGregor emerges from the shadows of obscurity to save her life at the risk of exposing his involvement with a military cover up in the process. Shrouded in secrecy with unexpected ties to Caraway’s father, Ronan’s past slowly comes into focus the closer Caraway’s adversaries come to reaching her. With the human casualties of a blown op tied around her neck, FBI director Kaufman accusing her of going rogue, and the unexpected engagement of the black ops world into her life, Caraway has no other choice than to accept Ronan’s assistance in clearing her name, as the FBI, the military, the Las Vegas police department, and the Judge’s henchman all race to be the first to apprehend her.

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