Four More Words

Christine, a career driven anthropologist on her way to Papua New Guinea slips on the ice at her campus in Washington. The last person she expected to come to her rescue is Declan Price, her twin brothers’ best friend from high school. Despite her best efforts to keep her sights set on her fieldwork, Declan keeps invading her mind. When an unfortunate tragedy hits the center of Christine and Declan’s lives, they turn to each other for comfort and support. But the closer she gets to Declan, the more his hidden past bleeds into their relationship. And the more she’s faced with decisions that force her to choose Declan over her own happiness. Is love enough for Christine and Declan’s relationship? Or will Christine lose herself in the process of falling in love? Four More Words is a delicate display of what it means to love even when it hurts.

Meet Aurora Stenulson

The author of Four More Words, Your Drowning Heart, and The Consequence of Audrey, Aurora Stenulson uses her creative writing experience and knowledge in behavioral health, along with her personal experiences to engage her readers through her gripping stories that portray the raw emotions of real life. All the while providing various means of encouragement to those who may be struggling in their lives. She creates relatable characters that will grip you from the first chapter and pull on your heartstrings well after you close her books.

A Letter to a Lady

Kenley Alcott has fallen ill with the worst affliction that a single man of marriageable age can have: loneliness. When he thinks about attaining a wife there is really only one woman he can consider—his best friend’s older sister. Drunk and lonely, he writes her a letter proposing marriage.

Lillian has just attained the greatest victory of her life; she has convinced her family to allow her to set up her own household and abandon the marriage mart. She can plan her life whatever way she wants. She’ll get a little cottage, learn how to bake, even find a lover. One more social season, and then she can embrace the life of a spinster. She can’t wait.

Then the letter comes.

This book is intended for 18+ readers.

Meet M. P Harding

M. P. Harding has a degree in history and a minor in creative writing. She lives in Salt Lake City with her husband and son.