The Beginner’s Guide to Meditation and Mindfulness

Do you want to find peace in your mind, reduce anxiety and stress, and create a stronger connection with yourself and the world? If so, “The Beginner’s Guide to Meditation and Mindfulness” is everything you need.

This transformative book is your trusted guide to discovering the many benefits of meditation and mindfulness. It has the tools, techniques, and insights required for you to establish a solid foundation in these practices.

It also provides detailed instructions for various meditation techniques that have the power to positively impact every aspect of your life, from fostering emotional well-being and reducing stress to enhancing cognitive abilities and promoting physical health.

Whether you have a few minutes or an hour to spare, this guide uncovers practices to adapt to your schedule. Explore the extraordinary ways meditation and mindfulness can enrich your life. Your path to tranquility begins here.


The author of “The Beginner’s Guide to Meditation and Mindfulness” is a Certified Meditation Coach, Master Teacher, and Amazon Best Selling Author. Additionally, he is a positive-thinking advocate and mental health champion with a wealth of experience in Health and Wellness coaching.

Armed with a Bachelor’s Degree in Science from Northumbria University, the author seamlessly blends academic expertise with real-world coaching experience. On a dedicated pursuit to study mental wellness, the author embarked on transformative journeys through the heart of meditation practices in both India and Thailand, imparting a profound understanding of ancient contemplative traditions.

The author’s teachings go beyond conventional practices, offering a depth of knowledge to guide readers on their meditation journey. Integrating positive thinking as a cornerstone for achieving mental resilience. “The Beginner’s Guide to Meditation and Mindfulness” is a testament to this holistic approach, providing accessible techniques to cultivate a calm mind and foster a deeper connection with the present moment.

With a commitment to spreading awareness, the author empowers individuals to prioritize their mental health, embracing positivity and physical fitness as powerful tools in the pursuit of a balanced and fulfilling life.

Embark on a transformative journey with the guidance of the author in “The Beginner’s Guide to Meditation and Mindfulness.” Whether you are a novice seeking tranquility or a seasoned practitioner looking to deepen your practice, the author provides the tools and wisdom to help you journey toward a more mindful and positive life.

The Rebirth of Heaven on Earth: Messages to Awaken Peace, Hope, and Joy in the Midst of Monumental Change

A compilation of direct letters to humanity from Mother Divine,the Angels and the Legions of Light;this book is a precious and sacred gift to enlighten, inspire,and guide humanity through the chaos of today’s world into the imminent rebirth of heaven on earth. Transcending barriers os separation and embracing the oneness of spirit within us all, these messages are a call to the return to lover;the love thatg resides in the core of humanity and the spark of light that resides deep within every one of our hearts and minds. If you have ever wondered if there is more to life that meets the eye or are simply wondering how to navigate these trying times these messages are meant for you. Step into these divine messages to awaken a life of peace, hope and joy in the midst of the monumental changes surrounding us now.

Meet Karen Vivenzio

Karen J. Vivenzio is a spiritual medium who has been channeling messages from the Angels, Ascended Masters, and Guides since 2003. Karen is also the author of Earth Angel: Find Your Power, Shine Your Light, a non-fiction guide to help you discover your divine nature and your spiritual gifts.

STOP BEING FAKE BUDDHA and be practically happy

“If you change nothing, nothing changes”- Joyce Brothers.

If you are not happy, but you want to be happy, you have to change something. Lord Buddha has suggested changing one’s mind to be happy. Transform the restless mind into a calm mind, and change the dissatisfied mind into a satisfied mind. If you can do that, you don’t have to read any book in the world. But, many years have passed since these unanimous instructions given by Lord Buddha, and not only Lord Buddha, but every religion in the world has given these same instructions to be happy. Why are you still not happy? You may have failed to fully follow these instructions. Why?

Because we cannot all become Lord Buddha.

Now if we cannot become Lord Buddha, then something has to change again. What?

Happiness can only be found if you remove from your life the factors that cause unhappiness in your life and take you away from happiness.

This book is for you, if you can’t become completely like Buddha.

This book is for you, if you know about inner happiness but can’t get inner happiness forever.

This book is for you if you are unhappy because of bad financial situation, bad health or bad relationship.

This book is for you, if you have not reached the destination in either spirituality or materialism.

Because, if you can’t reach the destination in one way, you must try to reach the destination in another way.

In this book you will find-

•  The reason why you are sad.

•  The reason why you are torn between spirituality and materialism.

•  How can you recognize the sorrows of your life and remove them?

•  How to improve the financial situation in your life.

•  How to maintain good health in your life.

•   How To Build A Good Relationship In Your Life.

Dalai Lama rightly said, “The purpose of our lives is to be happy” and we have to achieve it anyway. So, click on ‘buy now’ button and begin to change your life right now.

Meet Viren Thakkar

Viren Thakkar is an Indian author, motivational speaker and a life coach and has won a title of Life-changing person among youth. He has been working as a trainer for many corporate houses of India.

Viren Thakkar has always accepted an approach of thinking practically in all the aspects of life. He is of the openinion that a person is not successful until he fulfills his life in every corner be it finance, health, relations and most importantly self-satisfaction.