Not Your Job: Master Delegation, Overcome Burnout and Deal With Micromanagement For Entrepreneurs

A masterclass on the art of delegation and people management!

Discover how to develop your management skills, train employees and win in business with a new entrepreneurial mindset. In Not Your Job you will learn an easy way to master employee training and development. You will unlock the secret of how to overcome burnout as a business owner. You will even get a plan when you’re dealing with micromanagement on difficult days. In Brantley’s simple and humorous approach, you can finally gain the essential skills required in entrepreneurship and small business management. Master the art of delegation and overcome burnout today!

In this book you will learn:

  • How to deal with micromanagement
  • How to scale your business with better people management
  • How to stop micromanaging
  • How to automate busywork with a high-performance employees
  • How to build teams
  • How to onboard new employees
  • How to create business metrics

Ditching Success?

At fifty, entrepreneur and seasoned workaholic Batoul Ajlouni reached the very height of her career, her middle age, and the lowest point of her life.

The endless passion and zeal she once had for work and life have all but disappeared. Confused and anxious about her never-before situation, she is faced with a life-changing decision to make: Does she listen to the business-executive in her head, tough it all out and continue with the successful career she had spent half her life building? Or does she follow the free-spirit inside her heart, sacrifice everything she has ever worked for, and leap into a place of new hopes and dreams she knew nothing about?

In her timely memoir, Batoul Ajlouni shares her personal and professional venture of self-transformation at the most challenging of times, while re-evaluating priorities, seeking balance, searching for answers to questions and dilemmas we all face at one point or another during our professional journeys.

Meet Batoul I. Ajlouni

Batoul Ajlouni is an architect, entrepreneur, and business executive with thirty years of experience in fifteen of the world’s toughest markets. Co-founded her company at twenty-four, before serving as VP for Business Development at a leading IT firm, helping it grow into a multinational corporation. A prominent businesswoman engaged in activities and public speaking events on design, business, technology, and women and youth empowerment. Also, an active board member at Jordan’s premier Society for the Conservation of Nature. Batoul works from her home in Amman, Jordan where she lives with her husband.