Always Ahead: 12 Striking Stories of Determination, Commitment, and Inspiration in Pursuit of Success and Freedom

Discover heartfelt, honest, and relatable tales that will help you turn your past into a future of happiness, success, and wealth.

Are you tired of hearing about billionaires who “work hard” using generational wealth that was handed to them on a silver platter?

Do you want to connect with genuine people from humble beginnings who prove that your start in life doesn’t determine your success?

Are you looking for your sign to help you figure out what your next steps are, and how you can ensure that you succeed?

Then keep reading…

Imagine you’ve won the Golden Ticket. You’ve spent weeks lining up outside the store to be the first customer in. You’ve invested each day in a new bar, hoping that this one will be your lucky break.

And there it is, finally in your hands. You’ve unwrapped that chocolate bar and the glistening color of reward is shining back at you. It’s a pretty good feeling. As though your troubles have melted away and you can relax knowing that you have made it.

Now imagine that you’ve won 12 tickets. 12 invaluable tickets that will help you carve out your path and make your mark upon this world in any way of your choosing.

This book can give you just that. Discover 12 real-life stories from inspirational people who made their way in the world to achieve that sense of peace through success.

Use their ‘Golden-ticket’ advice to mentor and guide you as you navigate a difficult global climate that seems almost impossible to leave a lasting impression on.

Understand just what it takes to really be the best, and unwrap tips to help you outshine the competition and finally achieve that all-illusive American Dream.

In this book, you will discover:

  • 14 of the most soul-searching questions you need to ask yourself in order to work out what you want from life, and how you can achieve it to be truly happy
  • Why you won’t hit your stride until your 40s, and why this is actually a great thing to help you generate wealth
  • The importance of developing a growth mindset, including 10 ways to embrace its key principles
  • Why using the phrase “I’m fine” could damage your prospects, and how you can let others in to share your burdens
  • Exhilarating tales of entrepreneurs from a vast range of backgrounds, from construction to real estate
  • Philosophies you can take forward into your own life to help you achieve your dreams
  • Why your background doesn’t determine your success, and how you can overcome the past to keep your eyes focused on the future
  • The 5 key lessons you need to learn in order to develop your character and build resilienceAnd much more.Even if you think you have an idea of what to do next, gaining different perspectives can only expand your horizons and help you increase the chance of achieving your dreams.Don’t wait – the future starts now and the knowledge you seek is ready for you to utilize. Begin your journey today.If you want to secure the coming times with confidence, courage, and career-defining moves, then scroll up and click the “Add to Cart” button right now.

The Leadership Lessons of Howard Stern: How the King of All Media Can Make Us Better Leaders

Do you have the right energy to lead yourself and others? Are you lacking joyful energy in your career?

Contrary to certain opinions, Howard Stern provides a strong example of what it takes to be a great leader. Howard uses his unique energy and shares it with the world. That is what great leaders do. You are a great leader as well, although you may not yet know how to share your uniqueness with others.

Author Michael Kublin founded PeopleTek after twenty years of career navigation and years of deliberate self-discovery. To help others avoid the frustration of wandering aimlessly without the right tools, Kublin and his organization created a process called the Leadership Journey.

Kublin loves to share real world examples of leadership, and in his fourth book, he wants you to focus on the King of All Media! If you feel like you are out of touch with your own brand of leading, let Howard Stern’s leadership of himself and his team guide you to living and working with fulfillment.

Most people don’t really know Howard. Most have only heard about his reputation from others. Learn for yourself, and at the same time, grow and transform your own leadership skills. In seeing how Kublin’s concepts apply to Howard, you will discover your own qualities and desires. From there, your presence will reflect what you’ve always held in your heart.
In Kublin’s book, you will explore . . .

  • Where Howard Stern and PeopleTek’s Leadership Compass Meet
  • How Howard’s self-awareness can inspire your daily courageability
  • How he uses his talents and strengths to live and perform congruently with purpose, and how he encourages this in his team (Chapter 3)
  • How his vision, mission, goals, and measures inform his behavior — and how you can accomplish the same for yourself (Chapter 4).
  • How the vulnerability and authenticity of his communication inspires his guests, audience, and team to show up as their best selves.
  • How accountability is necessary to instill trust and fairness among everyone around you — and the necessity of never holding back (Chapter 7)
  • How he uses discomfort to inform improvement — and how facing conflict directly can help you further your own self-improvement (Chapter 8).
  • How his mastery of inspiration and motivation, of asking the right questions, allows each of us to be ourselves while being proud of it (Chapter 12).
  • How he not only uses continual learning to further improve himself, he has no issue sharing his phobias, resources, and allies with everyone along the way (Chapter 13).

Once you begin to see how Howard Stern’s actions and behavior provide examples of leadership, you can get started towards success. Not only does Howard demonstrate these behaviors for himself, he encourages others on his team to excel. You can learn how to motivate and inspire others as well.

While author Michael Kublin was working for a Fortune 50 company in the financial services industry, he used his energy to lead other professionals. What he didn’t know was how to use it all the time, not be afraid of it, and help others to do the same. Having found his way, Michael started PeopleTek and created a program that has trained thousands of others to realize their true potential and begin to live it every day.

Find your passion again. Find the joy and energy you need to empower yourself and others to go where you’ve never gone before. Start by clicking “add to cart” and ordering your copy today.

Rising with Butterfly Courage: Flipping the Script and Slowing Down to Speed Up

Get ready to be transformed! Embark on a journey of self-discovery and unlock your hidden gems with author Renée McDonald’s inspiring business memoir, Rising with Butterfly Courage!

In this book, Renée shares her heartaches and inspiration to help the reader find their own path. Rather than copy other people’s ambitions, she shows you through her many ups and downs that it’s essential to travel on your own road towards your dreams and goals.

Amidst a tumultuous era of unprecedented change, humanity has been forced to navigate uncharted waters with unwavering resilience and adaptability. With leaps forward in science and computing powers, not to mention the rise of AI, creatives find themselves hoping for big changes. Uncover the exact secrets to open up your new creative possibilities for innovation. While real-world conflicts and the most recent pandemic are indeed tragic and important, we cannot forget ourselves. We need to face the tragedies on our home fronts; in our minds, hearts, and immediate surroundings.

In Rising with Butterfly Courage, you will discover:
● How to overcome tragedy and trauma and flip your script towards success.
● How to achieve maximum results when you’re a creative practitioner.
● The exact reason why you might have struggled previously to thrive in business.
● The surprising way to reflect on your experiences to find your inner gold.
● Fresh marketing frameworks to achieve the life of your dreams.
● How your background can help you develop your unique selling proposition.
● BONUS: Business manifestation models
○ Bonus links to novel research
○ Well-researched, innovative approaches to your discovery process

Renée has overcome multiple losses and tragedies to achieve the near-impossible. She has over 20 years’ experience practicing psychotherapy, coaching and counseling. In addition, she’s trained thousands of people to work in the community sector, even to become therapists. Allow her stories of tragedy turning to triumph lift you up and help you find your own butterfly wings!

Renée’s previous work as a creative and researcher in the Entertainment Industry, along with her work as a Creative and Expressive Arts Therapist, has resulted in her expanding people’s self-perceptions to assist them in recognizing and fulfilling their creative promise.

Over the years, she has helped creative business owners and creative therapists further unlock their potential in their current environment or find a new environment that will allow them to unlock their potential and find success beyond their wildest dreams.

With the expansion of her Wellbeing4me® clinic and the new launch of a health and wellbeing app, Wellbeing4me®, Renée is an unstoppable force.

If you’re ready to expand your courage and change the world, click “Add to cart” and get started today!

The Lonely Seat: If Business Was Easy, Everyone Would Have One

Success is a great teacher, but failure is a better one. This is a story of an ordinary man’s journey, a rollercoaster ride between success and failure, between elation and misery. Most of all, it’s a book about resilience, not the kind theorised by academics but real, down-and-dirty survival after having been kicked when we are down.

Too many businesses start on a dream and end in a nightmare. The parables woven within these pages serve as a road map which shows the rocks and pitfalls that await the unwary. It shows that there is almost nothing that cannot be overcome. It helps turn those rocks into stepping stones.

Adapt: Scaling Purpose in a Divisive World

ADAPT: Scaling Purpose in a Divisive World represents the most up to date, cutting edge thinking on corporate purpose.

ADAPT is both a framework for understanding corporate purpose and a way to achieve more a resilient, adaptable business. Filled with original research, ADAPT reveals insights from 16 contributors providing new thoughts on building and mastering purpose, from Microsoft, the most valuable company in the world, to Nike, arguably the most culturally relevant company in the world. The ADAPT framework will help both the novice and the advanced thinker put in context insights on culture, controversy, ESG, DE&I, Covid-19, and how to catapult purpose in business.

If you are interested in corporate purpose then this is the one book you should read.

Meet Diane Primo

Diane Primo is on a mission to help businesses find their purpose and live it out every day! She is a Fortune 500 C-suite executive and the CEO of Purpose Brand Agency, an award-winning, Chicago-based public relations, branding and digital marketing firm working with companies committed to purpose during the last decade. Her focus on impact marketing stems from the belief that brands must be relevant, purpose-driven and committed to consumers to be successful today. She is the recipient of the Global Hassenfeld Family Humanitarian Award and was a presenter at the G8 UK Deauville Partnership Summit. She is currently co-chairman of the nationally recognized Primo Center, Chicago’s largest center for homeless families, an organization her family founded. Most recently, she co-founded SOAR, an organization that focuses on empowering, connecting and growing the number of women of color in media.

Leader Most Loved: Inspire Productive, Loyal Teams… and Become a Leader Worth Following

Over the past twenty years, I’ve developed twelve incredibly vital methods to become a Leader Most Loved in any leadership position you hold. You’ll be empowered to create a healthy, positive, trusting and happy business organization in just a matter of months – management will become simpler, business will flow easier, and clients and employees will all be served better, and you might just become a visionary leader who is loved by many. I hope that you gain experience through my journey so you can skip to the good part of having a healthy, happy team that sticks around; you’ll gain management and leadership techniques, learn the unsaid in hiring, reduce overhead costs, expect better business outcomes, create a happier work culture (virtual or not!), create a more productive and loyal team (and therefore generate more revenue), and last but not least, become a leader worth following.

THE ULTIMATE SHIFT: Designing Your Life Intentionally

In The Ultimate Shift, Entrepreneur and Businessman Ephraim Glick reflects and draws upon years of business experience to share powerful strategies to help you live your life by design not default.

In The Ultimate Shift, you will learn,

– How to release your past in order to grow
– Understand what has to change in you in order to become financially free
– How to go from financially broke to generating over 6 figures of net profit within your first year in business
– Acting upon and conquering your ideas
– Adapting to the everchanging world of business and life
– You will learn how to listen to your gut and believe in yourself even when no one else does
– You will learn how to become unapologetically YOU
– How to become unstoppable in life and your business

Discover life changing and unique techniques from Ephraim’s viewpoint growing up Amish and also learn how to write your own life story. This book will inspire you to do more and to be more, to not settle but to keep reaching. This book is a book of hope, to help you see the good in the world and to see the greatness within yourself. Its a book that teaches you how to reach deep and use the power within yourself and create your own Ultimate Shift in your life.

HyperSync: Unleash the Power of Meaningful Coincidences to Create a Life Filled With Joy and Happiness

Self help in business leadership and entrepreneurship with focus on empowering innate success and potential.

Unleash the power of meaningful coincidences and optimize your synchronicity with life and joy.

HyperSync creates a new format for management and leadership that includes to optimize your soul-energy component and empower your heart to achieve exponential power and optimization of your personal success.

“I could have saved years if I had used more method and less self roller-coaster fixes if I only had Martin’s book.”
-Mario Esposito, Google

“This book will change your life! I have known Martin Heskier for many years and have seen his impact on thousands of people through his coaching, motivation and genuine care for people. Many of the chapters will have an impact on your daily life, health, wellbeing, energy and happiness.”
-Stephen Schueler, CEO Enerjen and receiver of the 2021 global sustainability award.

Meet Martin Heskier

Martin Heskier is an inventor, executive coach, public speaker, and architect with an omnipotent capacity for health, design and coaching. Inventor of new modalities in all 3 of these sectors, Mr. Heskier has a passion for helping to build the foundation for people to have optimal access to their innate capacities. He developed the Heskiers Tool and Method, which has been used by World Champion and professional athletes around the world for self-treatment of muscle pain, inflammation and joint pain. He also created Heskiers Design Studio, which is a collection of various art designs ranging from functional urban art to textiles.

Mr. Heskier’s new book, HyperSync, explains the coherence between good health and growth when one aligns body, mind and spiritual energy.

Create Your Business Utopia: Enlighten Your Company, Empower Your Employees, and Change The World

Most companies have a great vision and mission. Taking a closer look, you often realize that they don’t live up to their full potential. Managers and employees are not happy and fulfilled and as a result not motivated. They don’t know what is required from them to achieve their company’s mission, and their office day is overloaded with work that fails to add value.

Meerah Baum provides both inspiration and clear guidelines on how to streamline and transform companies towards more creativity, mindfulness, and innovation. Getting management and employees more involved and enabling work-life-balance by making them entrepreneurs and adapting your leadership style plays a central role in this book.

If you want to make your company lean, agile, and successful, learn about spirituality and how to inspire awakening employees, and make both your company and the world a better place, this book will show you how.

Meet Meerah Baum

Meerah Baum was born in Germany and lives in Santa Fe, USA. After her university education and career in business she ventured out into the spiritual world, becoming a Spiritual Teacher and Yoga Instructor. With this unique expertise, she started coaching individuals in finding their true Self and a fulfilled life. She also began consulting companies in leveraging their full potential from optimized work environments to happy and enthusiastic employees.

Meerah is a true advocate in uniting spirituality and business—making people happier and companies more successful.

I Made It. Then I Didn’t

This isn’t a book about failure. This isn’t a book about not making it. This isn’t a book about not achieving my dreams.

So what is this book about? This book will directly touch your life. This book is about learning how life works. It will teach you what it means to live every day without fitting in.

Christopher Lopez is a Professional Hustler who has opened up over 7 businesses in his 14-year career to take advantage of various market-driven opportunities. Christopher is here to educate you on what it means to be something that no one appreciates. He wants you to understand if you are 1) realistic, 2) properly define your career, and 3) recognize what an unconventional job looks like you will finally understand success.

Don’t get down on yourself. Don’t say you failed. Let Christopher show you how to build a great career, earn over 100,000 per year regardless of your business’ longevity, and more importantly how to make money with “zero” social media presence or notoriety.

Meet Christopher Lopez

Christopher Lopez is the very definition of a Professional Entrepreneur.  He has opened more than seven businesses in his 14+ year career. Christopher’s purpose during his tenure was to take advantage of various market-driven opportunities.  He is a certified Master Project Manager (MPM), and an Accredited Financial Analyst (AFA). Christopher previously held a Series 65 securities license and held the distinction of a Master Financial Planner (MFP). He also has two General lines—Life, Accident, as well as Health and HMO.
He managed over $2 billion in assets internationally and domestically, working in private fund management.  Christopher has work experience in 29 countries, has raised over $50 million in the private equity space for various businesses, and grossed over $13 million in his personal career. He has worked in the highly technical areas of biotechnology, finance, securities, manufacturing, real estate, and residential mortgages.
Christopher is a United States Air Force veteran. He has a passion for family, competitive sports, fishing, martial arts, and advocacy for entrepreneurs. He provides value for others with self-help classes for up-and-coming entrepreneurs.  His passion to mentor comes from the belief that entrepreneurs need guidance as the world is full of conflicting information about entrepreneur identity. Christopher seeks to help clarify the identity of professional entrepreneurs. He currently resides in Texas with his beautiful daughter, Sofia.