Core-4 Leadership: The Master Formula for Sales Managers and Potential Leaders

Have you ever felt stuck as a leader? What if the one thing holding you back was the very thing holding your team back? Have you ever been overwhelmed by the many philosophies of great leadership?

Many strive for a management role, but very few actually get good at it once they’re in the position. Most tend to overinvest in sales and recruiting while underinvesting in developing quality leaders. They fail to understand that the deficiencies of the leader are acting as a kink in the hose on the results of the team. You don’t have a sales problem; you have a leadership problem! The tools in this book help readers identify their deficiencies in a positive, constructive way so they can overcome them to unlock their full leadership potential.

Alec Nethercott has been a student and practitioner of leadership for two decades. Over the course of building a company with 400+ employees, he learned valuable (albeit painful) lessons along the way. Written from his experiences and research, Core-4 Leadership: The Master Formula for Sales Managers and Potential Leaders contains a proven methodology for developing the best leadership possible for maximum results. Some of the principles recounted came as breakthroughs at a time Nethercott needed them most.

He is passionate about the lessons in his book, and he is beyond excited to share them with others. Readers, you are in for inspiring stories, aha moments and relevant content that will help get you unstuck and feeling confident in your career.

Customer Success Manifesto: How to Get Clients to Stay Longer, Feel Happy and Achieve Better Results

What are companies like Uber, IKEA, Belgo, and Eurostar doing that makes them so profitable? They know how to scale relationships.

But Online Gurus are lying to you about Scaling to hundreds of clients without creating an exceptional customer experience. Ben and I created this book with that in mind. When you feel like there is much more to be done in how you serve your clients, we’ve got you.

For a long time, marketers, specifically in the online space, have been making bolder and bolder promises. We started with promises of being capable of running a six-figure business (expert or agency), then everyone was promising a seven-figure business, and nowadays they promise you multiple seven figures without even working.

You might have fallen prey to that, pumping money into ads, hiring appointment setters, and having a massive sales team. Still, you face the same challenges as before, but with more chaos.

We’ve been there, and we found a different path to success and having a business we love. Since 2020 we have consulted with more than 100 7 and 8-figure businesses on how to scale their online services and have helped our clients generate 100m dollars in backend sales across these industries: Coaches & Consultants, Digital Agencies, Saas products, Ecommerce, Brick and mortar, and Startup Incubators.

We didn’t accomplish this using fancy Marketing tactics and Sales gimmicks. In fact, we’re not the greatest marketers on earth and have still helped our clients generate more than 9 figures in revenue.

What we did was create a Fulfillment Funnel™ for our clients so that their clients stayed 4x longer, allowing our clients to 3-4x their lifetime client value.

In this book, you’ll learn

  • How to diagnose why you’re stuck in a Growth phase and not actually Scaling your business
  • To transform into a Raving Fan business that thrives on client retention and referrals
  • What a Fulfillment Funnel™ is and how you can increase your profits by 25-100% without spending money acquiring new clients
  • Why not having a Bowtie funnel in place will put you out of business in the next 18 months
  • How to create magical experiences for your clients while reducing your service complexity (through a secret psychological trick that makes clients crave more)
  • How to create a predictable service that delivers consistently and meets clients’ expectations
  • Why your offer needs to be adjusted to fit a larger market segment after you cross the chasm
  • The magic behind crafting your own High Lifetime Value Offer
  • How to create buy-in from day zero so that your clients don’t ghost you and lead your collections team to bite their nails in despair
  • Why regret is the worst feeling the clients can feel and how it might destroy your business from the inside
  • The trick we use to manage expectations that builds client ownership to avoid escalation and clients blaming us for the lack of results they get
  • How to build relationships at scale with the four client archetypes
  • An in-depth application chapter that shows you exactly how to apply all concepts
  • A Bonus Section with the secrets we learned while consulting with more than 100 online gurus you’re probably familiar with

If you’re tired of spending money to acquire clients just to break even or for a small profit and want clients to say I WANT MORE… get the book, read it, apply the lessons, and enjoy a life of freedom and profit.

Ethical Scaling: Scale Your Online Business In Alignment With Your True Self

To be fulfilled and effective in what you do, you must grow as your business grows. It’s not enough to just run a business where you don’t take advantage of people or even harm them. Ethical Scaling is the process by which you grow your business in alignment with who you are and what your values are—all while supporting the life you want.

When I found the practices of yoga, meditation, Qigong, and Tai Chi, I was in a time of self-discovery. I feel fortunate to have had teachers who were grounded in reality with an added depth of experience and knowledge in the ancient healing arts. Being able to learn from them and download some of their experience has allowed me to move into a place of freedom and fulfillment, both in my personal life and my business.

Now, it’s not to say I don’t have ups and downs. I’m human, just like you. (Unless you’re a bot. That’s cool too.) But what I find is that the practices I have kept for years are the constant that allow me to stay grounded no matter what my life or business throw at me.

I wrote this book for two reasons. First, I knew it would challenge me to evolve and grow. (I like both of those things.) Second, I thought that you would benefit from getting some of the education I received. My first business mentor (I’ll talk about him a bit in the book) shared energetic principles with me early on in our work. He taught me how to look at my business through the lens of energy and it has been quite profound. Using these energetic principles has led me to understand myself on a deep level. I was then able to understand others. This newfound knowledge helped me create a strong network and build two successful businesses. The principles I learned led to my business success by first helping me see what I was best at. From that realization, I was then able to clarify the kind of life I needed to live to feel fulfilled and at peace. These principles are my compass, especially when I need to make tough decisions.

Working with my mentor, master teacher Jason Campbell, taught me four main things:

  1. Who I was and what my greatest gifts were
  2. What I needed to be focused on to run my business successfully
  3. Who I needed to become to have a successful business
  4. What skills I needed to work on so the business could thrive

My current coaching and consulting business went from being just an idea to a seven-figure business in 18 months. I won’t claim that these principles are the sole reason for that, but they have been integral to my clarity and confidence. These two qualities have led to a lot of success in the past year and a half. Prior to understanding these principles, I didn’t understand who I truly was, what my gifts were, or what direction to take my life and my work. For me, these principles are my North Star.

Over the years, I have worked for a few other business owners. Some of those experiences drove me to want to help others grow their businesses ethically. It’s not that the people I worked for were necessarily unethical, but there was always a missing piece. Those leaders were putting forward their vision of success and getting their clients to buy into it. It worked for some, but for most it didn’t. Living someone else’s vision is very unfulfilling, even if it seems like the right thing to do. Ethical scaling is about understanding yourself, understanding those you serve in your business and building something that has a positive impact on the world—and provides you with an amazing life.

Thanks again for taking the time.

Sending you peace and blessings,


The Golden Paradigm: How Startups and Creators Cultivate the Sweet Spot Between Product and Brand to Grow Their Network Effects

A world trending in excess of polar extremes led by algorithmic “profiteering” calls for a new mindset, as the pendulum is now frozen at both ends. This new mindset cultivates a golden mean balance (or Golden Paradigm), where brand keeps humanity in focus and ensures technologies wield influence in people’s lives responsibly.

The Golden Paradigm helps readers revisit “forgotten” human ingenuities: storytelling and storymaking creativities. These harness the relationship between brand, audience, and “kaleidoscoping” business models that fuse sustainment and disruption in a golden mean balance—paradoxically generating transformative growth. It starts with a “truth-telling” Golden Compass that brings awareness of the market context. This provides power player awareness and also empowers the reader to map a transformative growth journey line in market quadrants from Avalanche or Potential Rocket to Bright Light and Marvelous Marquee.

Along the journey line, readers are equipped with toolkits, methods, and resources that unfreeze their creativity. The Golden Paradigm is a “kaleidoscoping” process, where the reader looks at a set of elements such as price, quality, business models, service experience—the same ones everyone else sees—but then reassembles those elements into an
enticing new possibility!

The Golden Paradigm offers a community that fuses creators, tech founders, and leaders together, imbues humanity in a tech-tattered world, and moves us toward a more positive age.

Gold in the Golden Years: How to Create a Successful Business with the S.O.A.R. Launch and Grow Plan to Fulfill Your Purpose and Passion to Make Your Own Gold!

Are you ready for a change? Are you excited to take on a new challenge? Is this point in life the time to dust yourself off and start all over again?

Gold in the Golden Years provides options for flexibility and allows you to take charge of your own life and business. This book is broken down into four sections with easy steps, which will help you stay focused, organized, and ensure your right path.

Gold in the Golden Years is a blueprint for your dream lifestyle business with special features for women 50+. From A-Z, you can choose, launch, and operate a business with this S.O.A.R. Guide to success!

Want specifics from legal structure to marketing details? Create your own Action Plan! Nan McKay brings her tribe of women entrepreneurs together to provide specific, helpful advice and counsel all the way through!

It’s a MUST READ from a woman who created six successful businesses over 40 years.

Smash It!: How to Dominate the Digital Era and Make Your Business Grow Like Hell!

“Smash It” is not just a tool for pure digital companies. It can be applied to traditional companies and to companies that need to reinvent their business models in order to keep being competitive. As such, it’s equally useful to all professionals that want to understand how to deliver value to their organizations in the coming years; everyone from c-level, to managers, to senior leaders, to salespeople, to beginners.

My method has already generated hundreds of millions in sales for the companies I worked for and for those that have followed my speeches, classes and read my publications.

These strategies aren’t restricted to big corporations with huge marketing budgets. This unique method has been used to generate growth for businesses of all sizes.

There are 5 steps to dominate the digital Era and make your business grow like hell:

Step 1 is about the current digital landscape and how to define your strategic gap in the market. This will help you to define where you want to compete.

Step 2 is about go-to-market. Traditional
advertising is obsolete and it is time to engage with customers differently. Understanding your customer
behavior and connecting emotionally with your customers is key to achieve digital growth.

Step 3 defines a new way of management. Companies do not want to be digital, they want to behave like a digital company. Quick, flexible, innovative and with many other skills and attributes that you and your
business should achieve and make use of.

Step 4 is where everything starts. You will not achieve digital growth until you realize it is about mindset. Not only about the company mindset but also your own thinking process. Digital rebirth is the way you start a fresh new life for your business.

Step 5 is about how to define your digital leadership skills to scale up your transformation into something bigger than yourself.