Mastering Manufacturing Execution Systems: A Comprehensive Guide to Streaming Operations, Enhancing Quality and Driving Innovation

Manufacturing Execution Systems Market size to grow by USD 9.65 billion -Technavio “Yahoo Finance” Learn and Improve skills needed by 80% of SAP 500 companies! In the complexities of modern manufacturing, this essential guide emerges as a detailed-no-jargons-way to navigate the labyrinth of digital transformation. Embrace MES to revolutionize your manufacturing operations skill! Gain in-depth insights into MES functionalities to minimize downtime, refine resource allocation, and elevate efficiency. Explore MES quality management modules that ensure each product not only meets but exceeds stringent quality standards. Transform operational data into strategic insights, using advanced analytics to propel data-driven decision-making. Stay ahead of trends with a focus on sustainability and the integration of IoT, underpinned by Industry 4.0 tech. Written for forward-thinking manufacturers, operations leaders, and industry innovators, this book is authored by an expert with a wealth of MES implementation experience. This is the catalyst for a manufacturing revolution in your company!

Meet Olarenwaju Morayo Okuyelu

Olanrewaju Morayo Okuyelu MSc is a distinguished name in the field of industrial engineering, widely recognized for his profound expertise in Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES). With a career spanning over two decades, Morayo has been at the forefront of integrating technology with manufacturing processes to enhance efficiency, quality, and innovation. He is deeply committed to revolutionizing the manufacturing landscape through the strategic use of MES, aiming to streamline operations and drive forward technological advancement. At the core of Olanrewaju’s philosophy lies a passion for educating and empowering manufacturing professionals. Through his comprehensive guide, Mastering Manufacturing Execution Systems: A Comprehensive Guide to Streamlining Operations, Enhancing Quality, and Driving Innovation, he seeks to demystify the complexities surrounding MES, making it accessible to a broad audience. His work is characterized by clear explanations, practical insights, and actionable strategies that cater to both novices and seasoned experts in the field. Olanrewaju’s mission is to bridge the gap between traditional manufacturing practices and the digital age, encouraging companies to embrace innovation and adapt to the ever-evolving technological landscape. His dedication to his craft and his unwavering belief in the potential of MES to transform the manufacturing sector have made his book an essential resource for those looking to enhance their operational efficiency and competitive edge. Through his writing, Olanrewaju Morayo Okunyelu not only shares his extensive knowledge and experience but also inspires a new generation of manufacturers to pursue excellence and innovation. His work is a testament to his expertise, passion, and commitment to driving positive change in the manufacturing industry.

The Severe Economic and Social Consequences of the Rapid Change to Electric Vehicles

Large-scale changes inevitably have large-scale consequences that do not become less dramatic by not being discussed. The decisions to ban the sales of fossil fuel cars from 2035 that have been made by the EU, the UK government, and air regulators in California will have dramatic effects on regional and national economies and the global economy. The dominance of Tesla and Chinese electric car manufacturers over incumbent companies in the automotive industry will likely redraw the car manufacturing map forever. “The Economic and Social Consequences of the Rapid Change to Electric Vehicles” outlines the most important effects of the transformation that will impact the lives of the present and future generations.

Meet Mats Larsson

Mats Larsson has studied this change for almost twenty years. He has taken on the role of the whistle-blower, and he is trying to make political leaders and people, in general, all over the world, understand the importance of systematically going about the change to electric vehicles.

Strike Price: Lynn Dayton Thriller #2

When several people involved in bidding for an oil refinery are murdered, the situation becomes far more than a billion-dollar business deal. A self-made woman in the oil industry, Lynn Dayton fights to save lives when escalating attacks reveal a hired assassin’s plan to disrupt energy trade, wreck world economies, and draw another global power into dangerous confrontation with the United States. Are the killers rogue civil servants challenging the Cherokees’ financial independence, Sansei operatives again wreaking violence, or sinister investors swapping the bidding war for a real one? Lynn Dayton and Cherokee tribal executive Jesse Drum must learn to trust each other so they can find and stop the killers. Can sobering up really be fatal? How have so many of the deaths been made to appear accidental? Who’s creating weapons with modern poisons and ancient Cherokee arts?

Meet L. A. Starks

L. A. Starks is an energy investor and author of the Lynn Dayton thriller series. 13 DAYS: THE PYTHAGORAS CONSPIRACY, first in the series, received 5-star ratings. STRIKE PRICE, the second, won the Texas Association of Authors First Place Award for best mystery/thriller. THE SECOND LAW, third in the series, was a Mystery & Thriller quarterfinalist in the 2019 BookLife Prize, an Action-Adventure finalist in the 2020 National Indie Excellence Awards, and a 2023 quarterfinalist in the ScreenCraft Cinematic Book Competition. Her short stories have been published both in anthologies and as stand-alones. She is also extensively published in non-fiction centered on energy investments. Starks was born in Boston, Massachusetts. She grew up in Oklahoma, went to school in New Orleans and Chicago and now lives in Texas. She has run over twenty half-marathons. Her novels draw on her energy work experience and her travels to favorite international destinations like the Swiss and French Alps, Spain, and Japan.

How to Answer Interview Questions: Easy and Comprehensive Step by Step Guide to Landing a Job

Unlock the secrets to mastering job interviews with the comprehensive guide authored by Dr. Robert L. White. In this indispensable resource, Dr. White, a Ph.D. holder in Business and Human Resources Management combines his extensive academic background with real-world expertise as a successful business leader and a key figure in multinational recruiting firms. This step-by-step guide is meticulously crafted to empower job seekers with the knowledge and strategies needed to navigate the intricate landscape of job interviews. Whether you are a seasoned professional looking to advance your career or a recent graduate stepping into the workforce, this book is your compass to success. Key Features: Expert Guidance: Benefit from Dr. White’s wealth of experience and academic excellence in Business and Human Resources management. Comprehensive Approach: This guide covers every aspect of the interview process, from understanding different interview formats to crafting impactful responses and dealing with unexpected scenarios. Real-World Insights: Dr. White’s dual role as a business leader and recruiting firm member brings a unique blend of strategic thinking and practical insights, providing readers with a holistic perspective on what employers are seeking. Why This Book Matters: In today’s competitive job market, answering interview questions effectively is not just an art; it’s a skill that can set you apart. Dr. White’s guide goes beyond conventional advice, offering a nuanced understanding of the interview process, including specialized interviews, group interviews, and handling curveballs. Don’t let your next job opportunity slip away. Arm yourself with the knowledge and confidence needed to ace any interview. Whether you are embarking on a new career or aiming for that coveted promotion, Dr. Robert L. White’s book is your comprehensive roadmap to success. Take the first step toward securing your dream job by immersing yourself in the wisdom of a seasoned expert. Your future career success begins here!

Meet Robert L. White

Leader, Not a Boss

“Not only is it a fine handbook for managers and potential managers, but I could also see this being used as a textbook in colleges and universities. “ – Readers’ Favorite

“Leader, Not a Boss”
 is a Go-To Guide for New Managers. Dive into the world of effective leadership with this essential handbook tailored for first-time managers. Uncover valuable insights to navigate the differences between leadership and management, while sidestepping common pitfalls.

Discover practical strategies seamlessly integrated into your daily routine, enabling you to maximize your team’s potential. From recruiting the right team to fostering engagement and handling delicate situations like employee layoffs, this guide provides comprehensive support for every step of your leadership journey. Based on real experiences, “Leader, Not a Boss” offers practical advice and relatable scenarios, making it a must-have for every aspiring leader.

What will you learn?

  1. Manager vs. Leader: What Sets Them Apart in Today’s Workplace
  2. The Ultimate Guide to Exceptional Leadership: Key Rules to Follow
  3. Common Leadership Blunders to Sidestep in the Modern Era
  4. The ABCs of Recruiting Top Talent for Your Team
  5. Empowering Your Team: Strategies to Foster Growth and Sustain Motivation
  6. Offboarding: Navigating Employee Layoffs

Meet Benjamin Babic

Benjamin Babic is the logistics director of the biggest eyewear company in Germany and Europe. After graduating from the University of Zagreb with a Master’s Degree in Economics in 2015, he started a career in wholesale as a management trainee and took over his first managerial position at the age of 26. Spending time working in sales and operations, Benjamin decided to focus on operations only. In 2021, he moved to Germany and joined an international e-commerce company as an operations manager. In the meantime, Benjamin finished the MBA program at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management and, after some time, took over the senior manager role leading the order fulfillment department. Apart from being an operations and logistics professional, Benjamin sees himself as a people manager and a leader. He enjoys working with his teams and helping them develop. Over the years, he learned a lot about leadership and likes to share his knowledge with new people managers.

The workbook for SMART goals – the scientifically proven template for successful goal setting: SMART goal setting templates with guided questions, tips and examples

The workbook for SMART goals – the scientifically proven template for successful goal setting Multiple studies show that SMART goals are central to planning and attaining effective changes. The question is, how to turn your goals into SMART goals? What’s in the book What are SMART goals? How to set SMART goals – step by step with examples. 45 SMART goal setting templates with questions and prompts to turn your own goals into SMART goals. At 6×9 inches compact size, this book is easy to carry everywhere and set goals on the go. Grab a copy, gift to friends and colleagues and get started on your goal setting success!

Meet Clove Books

Freelance Success Mindsets: Change Your Thinking, Supercharge Your Earnings

Want to charge more, land your dream clients, and unlock the freelance life you’ve always fantasized about? You need to read this. Learn the mindsets that propelled me to a 6-figure freelancing career and see how you can do it too.

Meet Scott O’Neill

I’m a freelance writer with experience across diverse industries. I’ve worked through all the courses, books, and challenging situations with clients so that you don’t have to. From starting at $125 for a 2000-word article to now earning more from just an hour of work, I’m passionate about sharing insights that can elevate your freelancing success.

STARTUP COMMUNICATION SKILLS: A Practical Handbook for Entrepreneurs

Amplify your startup journey with ‘Startup Communication Skills’ by Pete Moon. Elevate your impact through the power of effective communication!

Meet Pete Moon

Pete Moon is a Reluctant Entrepreneur, Aspiring Publisher and Founder of ‘Moonster Handmade Leather’ – 7 Figure Global ECommerce Business. He started out with a next-to-useless Media Degree at Cardiff University in the UK. He went back to study again at a Bible College, then swiftly ‘failed’ at becoming a Pastor. This led him to retrain as a plumber/kitchen fitter and then set up his first company. In his “spare time” (burning the candle at both ends), he began to build a second business from scratch – what is now a multi-million physical products business, selling in 10 online marketplaces worldwide. Currently Pete is working on a third digital products ecom business and is always dreaming about other possible future start-ups.

Side Hustle 101: 100+ Ideas on How to Realistically Make Six Figures with Part-Time Gigs

In this comprehensive book, you will learn everything you need to know step by step on how to earn 6 figures part-time with side hustles. The key areas this book will cover will include choosing different side hustles, how to find passive income opportunities, and how to grow and expand your side hustle business. This book will teach you how you can take random things like a spare closet and rent it out for an easy passive income of over $500 a month plus many other similar things you never thought of. In addition, learn how to take an existing skill to make $10,000 a month or how to buy and sell things for large profits. Learn from the top Side Hustle & Career expert, Steven Mostyn, CEO of Career Agents. For over 25 years as a consultant, career coach, serial entrepreneur, and side hustler Steven Mostyn has successfully built many businesses and has coached many people on how also to build a successful side hustle business of their own. Steven has his MBA from Centenary University and is a 5-time best-selling author. In addition, he has written for Forbes, Fast Company,,, and many other forms of media.

Meet Steven Mostyn

Steven Mostyn, MBA, is a 5-time bestselling author. He has written Eleven books and over 100 articles for leading sites such as Forbes,, Fast Money, Paradise Media,, and other forms of media. For over 25 Years, Steven Mostyn has built a global reputation as a serial entrepreneur, career coach, and owner of multiple consulting companies, including Alpha Recruitment, LP Writers, ML Consulting, Super Star Resume, Career Agents, and Career Boost Group. Steve earned a bachelor’s degree from York University and an MBA with a focus in HR from Centenary University.

Everything You Want To Know About Bitcoin (But Are Afraid To Ask): Questions and Answers About Bitcoin

“Everything You Want To Know About Bitcoin (But Are Afraid To Ask). Questions and Answers About Bitcoin” rises above the fray to address over 100 of the most probing questions about Bitcoin, offering both digestible and in-depth responses that cater to beginners and advanced enthusiasts. Your quest for answers ends here, within the groundbreaking chapters of this book: What is the process of ‘Halvening’ and why is it significant? Could the elusive Satoshi Nakamoto be more than one person? What role could Bitcoin play in your investment portfolio? How does it intersect with global economics and regulations? What challenges could impede its future? Let “Everything You Want To Know About Bitcoin (But Are Afraid To Ask). Questions and Answers About Bitcoin” be your launchpad into the future of finance.

Meet BBCD Satoshi

BBCD Satoshi is the author of Bitcoin books. His original blog was called Bitcoin, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Digital Assets (hence BBCD). So BBCD was added to Satoshi as a homage to Satoshi Nakamoto for creating Bitcoin and writing the Bitcoin White Paper.