Cryptocurrency vs Traditional Investment: The difference: 5 Key Differences You Need To Note Before Investing

Investing can be a bit challenging if you don’t know the right places to put your money into and the possible risk involved in any of your investment choices. Which one is a saver, Traditional or Cryptocurrency investment? This ebook “Cryptocurrency vs Traditional Investment: The difference” is an eye-opener that will help you to know what both Crypto and traditional investment means, the potential profit and the possible risk involved in both. A lot of people are contemplating which one to go for, traditional or cryptocurrency. In any of the choices you make, you have to do your due diligence which is why this ebook is here to guide you. What you will learn includes; What are Cryptocurrency and TraditionaL Investment? Which one is server, Cryptocurrency, or TraditionaL Investment? What is the difference between Cryptocurrency and TraditionaL Investment? Future estimate of Cryptocurrency ecosystem. etc A blueprint you don’t want to miss

Meet Abel Udoh

Abel Udoh is an Entrepreneur, Business Coach, Digital Marketer, Web Developer. He helps individuals and businesses build brands, generate leads and scale up sales using effective digital tools.

Micro-Influencers Vs Celebrities: Whom to Choose For Your Brand Marketing

Over the years, celebrity endorsements have been the talk of the town for most brand marketing. Also, a lot of brands are confused about who can actually give them the best delivery between social media influencers and celebrities. If you are among these, you probably are looking for the best choice that can enhance your business growth or product visibility. In this eBook, I have covered the considerable facts that will help you decide whom to work with in your brand marketing. Benefits you will derive from this ebook: 1. Points to consider before working with celebrities or micro-influencers. 2. Reasons why you should consider working with micro-influencers. 3. Advantages and disadvantages of working with Celebrities. 4. Celebrities and Micro- influencers; which is better? 5. Discover the hidden truth of both celebrities and Micro-influencers. And lots more. Your brand visibility and growth are what matters most, and whom you choose for your brand marketing is what will actually help you achieve your goals. This eBook is what you need to make the best decision.

Meet Abel Udoh

Abel Udoh is an Entrepreneur, Business Coach, Digital Marketer, Web Developer. He helps individuals and businesses build brands, generate leads and scale up sales using effective digital tools.

Rewire Your Brain: 2 Books in 1 Master Your Mindset For Success & Habit Hack Your Way To Happiness: Change Mindset & How To Change Habits in 30 days

Do You Want Quick Results? Are you sick of the same day & same Bull shit? You watch whilst others progress? According to the National Science Foundation (NSF.Gov) the average person has around 12,000 – 60,000 thoughts per day and 80% of those are negative, and 95% of those were exactly the same repetitive thoughts as the day before – That’s a crazy amount of negative habits! Then it’s time to take charge and make changes!

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Rewire Your Brain: 2 Books in 1 Master Your Mindset For Success & Habit Hack Your Way To Happiness: Change Mindset & How To Change Habits in 30 days

Lead The Right Way: How to Lead With Empathy, Agility, and Resilience to Drive Sustainable Results in Turbulent Times

Lead the Right Way is designed to help you make an investment in yourself and become the next generation leader that your organization needs. This book introduces a simple leadership framework to overcome the great resignation and drive sustainable results during and post-pandemic. With this book, you will have an in-depth understanding of the three leadership pillars along with practical applications and concrete examples to bring greater empathy, agility, and resilience to your workplace every day. This book provides valuable guidance to leaders and organizations about behaviors and actions that they can adopt during any crisis.

Meet Aditi Agarwal

Aditi Agarwal is an experienced leader who leverages an outcome-driven approach to help teams innovate, embrace change, continuously improve, and deliver valuable experiences. With 22+ years of unparalleled excellence in planning and executing strategic large-scale initiatives, she is best known as an empathic, agile, and resilient leader who is passionate about coaching others. She lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her loving family. Her mission is to share her knowledge and accelerate learning for others.

Planning, The Mind Map Way: Your Quick Start Guide to Mind Mapping & How It Can Be Used For Planning, the Bridge between Ideas & Execution

Traditional techniques for Mind Mapping are pretty linear and hence planning may infact be perceived as boring. On the contrary, planning being the bridge between ideas and execution, it should be a highly engaging activity (but not time consuming) for it to be effective. Planning should help not only organize & prioritize tasks but more importantly motivate you to action and thus help overcome that feeling of being overwhelmed when you have a too much to do. With this short e-book, learn a lean and effective ways to plan using Mind Mapping. Whether you are into software driven or hand drawn Mind Mapping, either way you would be able to utilize the technique presented therein.

Meet Maneesh Dutt

Maneesh Dutt is a consultant, speaker & trainer on the subjects of Project Management, Visual thinking and Mind Mapping. He is also the author of numerous best-selling books on Amazon on the subject of Mind Mapping. His book on project management featured on abcFOX and under “Best Book by Independent Publishers” and has been procured by leading libraries/management schools across the globe. His publications showcase not only the wide range of application of Visual Thinking but also the vast expertise that he has gained in the subject. He also has a number of publications in international journals.He has over 20 years of experience in managing projects and leading innovation drives in organisations. In 2014 he quit his regular job to pursue his passion for Project Management and Mind Mapping as a freelance consultant & trainer. Since then he has conducted numerous workshops on Mind Mapping & Project Management with outstanding feedback and provided consultancy to a number of organisations across sectors. A Chemical Engineer from IIT-Delhi & an MBA from ENI University Milan, he lives in India with his wife and twin kids. You can know more about his work here

8 Steps to Help Entrepreneurs Stay Focused in Hard Times

This is not an all-inclusive guide but it has a lot of my valuable keys that I’ve noticed on the journey of my entrepreneur passion. I am author of From Him to Us, A Winning Perspective, and co-author of new international best selling book titled, ‘Break Through’ with Johnny Wimbrey, Les Brown, and other global thought leaders. I am sharing with you some of what I know as an entrepreneur in my own journey in order to inspire those starting, and even some already on their journey. This offers the entrepreneur encouragement as the road is not an easy, smooth, direct, surefire road. I want to encourage dreamers and entrepreneurs to continue on their journey, even through the COVID pandemic or any other challenge. Life around you can bring so many distractions and make you feel doubtful. Negative unsupportive people around you can be a distraction. The entrepreneur should not be DIStracted to where you are DIScouraged to the point you DIScontinue. This guide is for entrepreneurs that are already in it, and also for someone new just starting to consider this route. Check out the bonus for new entrepreneurs at the end of this guide! I also feel that if you plan, persevere, pursue with diligence, strategize, and don’t give up or lose your traction in the distractions, you can make it happen! This guide gives some of the other deeper parts of being an entrepreneur beyond the grind, beyond the stuff we know about the business, the costs, investments, ROI, the planning and building of your dream, partnerships and so forth. Entrepreneurs can sometimes carry more weight than the weight of the grind itself

Meet Nate “Millz” Gray

Nate “Millz” Gray is an international speaker and published author of 4 books including bestsellers “From Him to Us” and “Break Through” co-authored with world renowned speaker Les Brown, and other contributors.

Property Quadrants: The Passive Income Formula – Own Your Financial Future Through Real Estate Investing

Property Quadrants It is a concept I was inspired to create in relation to property investing after reading Robert Kiyosaki’s “Why the rich are getting richer” book that explains his cash flow quadrants. Property Quadrants examines the four ways that real estate investing works and takes the reader through real life stories of how I have helped people turn their lives around using the formulas outlined in the quadrants. The real life examples also list all the numbers on passive income portfolios and explain how to get there.

My inspiration is around shedding the shackles of stress and struggle. I have made millions, lost millions and had to start all over again with nothing. My path back to making millions after experiencing the struggle of loss, has inspired me to write this book in order to show people how to secure their financial future through real estate.

The way I see it is that property is either your biggest cost making you cash poor or your biggest asset making your cash rich. Property Quadrants shows how anyone, no matter where they are starting from, can use property to become cash rich and help others do the same.

Quadrants one and two explain cash poor property, how making an emotional purchase means that you have to pay your mortgage or mortgages out of your wages. Effectively this leads the majority of people to being cash poor and living a life of struggle. That is why 80% of investors only have one investment property.

Quadrants three and four explain cash rich property. Quadrant 3 demonstrates how to work with property to make active income. As well as lump sums of cash to buy the lifestyle you want and get the deposit for investment property.

Quadrant four outlines my formula to buy passive income property. Once you have passive income, you secure your future as you no longer rely on a job and you can pay your family home off quicker and buy those quadrant two properties without draining your pockets.

Meet Nichole Lewis

Nichole Lewis bought her home at 22, then her first investment property at 23. Within 10 years she had made millions in property. Now, with over 20 years of experience in real estate, she helps people replace their corporate salaries with passive income in 10 years or less no matter where they’re starting from.

As a full-time property investor and recipient of several property awards for her ability to generate incredible deals Nichole has become known as “the queen of property”. With a background working within global corporations as an international speaker, keynote speaker and mentor, Nichole has created the Property Quadrants concept to revolutionize what real estate can do for you.

Estate Sales Made Easy: A Practical Guide to Success from Start to Finish

An expert shares everything you need to know about running a successful estate sale, guiding you through the entire process with sensitivity and a refreshing matter-of-factness

From first client contact to signed contract, and from setup to day-of-sale to takedown, Victoria Gray—an experienced estate sales manager and founder of Estate Sales by Victoria—guides you through what it takes to run a successful estate sale. With a thorough exploration of the legal, financial, familial, and business issues, Gray lays out the nuts and bolts of an estate sale with sensitivity to emotions that might arise during the process. Gray also delves into the spiritual energy that she has sensed in different houses throughout her twenty-seven years in the business.

With insightful tips and an easy-to-follow process, you will be equipped to:

• Set up appointments with potential clients seeking an estate sale manager
• Create a contract for the sale
• Set up the sale, including pricing and arranging items for maximal efficiency and profit
• Manage the sale, from client to customer
• Take down the sale and distribute the proceeds
• Build your customer base and keep it

Gray’s efficient, no-nonsense advice will help you to tackle your first estate sale with little fuss and a full sense of preparation. Whether you want to establish your own estate sales business or conduct an estate sale for a loved one, this guide provides everything you need to know from an experienced manager who has seen it all.

Meet Victoria Gray

Victoria Gray grew up in St. Louis as the first daughter of six. Her father, Victor, a very inventive story teller, sparked creative endeavors in most of his children. Victoria began her reading and writing career at the tender age of four via the guidance of her father.

She’s worn many hats along her life’s journey. In 2003 she became a public speaker featuring historic clothing she made, which was noted by the Post Dispatch Fashion Editor. The Editor encouraged Victoria to create a fashion show, which was then featured in the paper. Her fashions are made using repurposed textiles such as: vintage hankies, vintage laces, vintage tablecloths etc. To date Victoria has hosted over 160 fashion shows at various venues in St. Louis, Illinois and surrounding areas utilizing over 300 items designed and created by her. In conjunction with her shows, she created several patterns of her designs and a book entitled Victoria Gray Unfolded.

Outside of writing, reading and researching for her Estate Sales-Appraisal business, her first loves are her four children.

Happiness Factory: Deal With The New World With A Winning Attitude

Are you wondering how to defeat day-to-day anxiety, failure, anger, and discouragement? Author Nafeez Imtiaz shares specific strategies for coping with the life it throws at you. Learn to allow healthy living principles to determine your self-worth. This book inspires readers to live life to the fullest. It will bridge the gap between people of various backgrounds, helping them embrace the joy of living. When our brain is happy, it has the power to change everything. We can achieve more of what we want in our careers and relationships. The secret of happiness is at our fingertips. This book brings hope to an uncertain world. Author Nafeez Imtiaz combines the talents of compelling narrative nonfiction with cogent discussion on what one can do to combat despair and find joy. The author also shares how rewiring our brain for happiness helps us achieve more in work and life. It teaches us to use mindfulness meditation to increase our positivity and find a lasting sense of fulfillment.

Meet Nafeez Imtiaz

Nafeez Imtiaz is an author and mentor beloved for his down-to-earth style and highly effective systems. Focused solely on helping people from all walks of life reshape their vision. His purpose in life is to help you achieve your dreams. He is a great mentor and trainer who has around 50,000+ student bases across the globe. Nafeez delivers proven messages of possibility, opportunity and action. His endearing and charismatic style captures audiences’ hearts as well as their attention in person. He is a seasoned leader and life coach with over 16 years’ expertise in business strategy formulation and execution, leading to new initiatives, business development, process improvement, and a growth in revenue streams and profits. A strong understanding of, and solid track record in negotiating business opportunities with clients across sectors, especially in marketing and sales.

Powerhouse Women: Survivor to Thriver

When the darkness of trauma descends, when it feels like there is no end in sight, when the pain of experience is enough to splinter your soul, there is a choice to be made… And in that choice is a power so freeing, so life-changing, so empowering and inspirational, that nothing could ever again come close to breaking her. The choice to thrive in the wake of trauma. “Powerhouse Women: Survivor to Thriver” tells the stories of 10 incredible women, who have endured the most gruelling of circumstance but decided to emerge from the darkness, walk head held high into the light, and build their dreams. It showcases the mindset, tenacity, inner strength and courage needed to continue on, to choose ‘more than’, despite life unfolding in unpredictable ways. Inspiring and empowering, each one of these women will show you what it truly means to survive and the power to be found in choosing to thrive.

Meet Hayley Paige International