Abnra Cadaver


A former client who gave Roger and Suzanne their first German shorthaired pointer, Juliet, mysteriously loses her new husband a few days after their wedding. The bumbling local sheriff treats the disappearance as a spouse developing buyer’s remorse and running off. The client, questioning the official nonchalance, hires Roger to find the answers. And we’re off on another complicated murder case involving dangerous wineries, the apocalyptic history of a small rural town, California’s deadly drought, a raging wildfire, corrupt cops, buried cadavers, a critically wounded private eye, and a lurking serial killer. Juliet, now trained as a cadaver dog, gets her first real test in the field. Dog lovers, mystery and whodunit fans, and the many readers who’ve enjoyed previous books in this series will enjoy this suspenseful thriller set in Northern California’s Central Valley region. Series fans will reconnect with characters from earlier books, while new readers can enjoy this story as a standalone novel and an introduction to the series. Free for download from Kindle Unlimited.

Liberty Hill


New York City, 1849––After her father is murdered, eighteen-year-old heiress Evelyn Brennan cannot imagine her life getting any worse… until she is forced into an arranged marriage with the man she despises most, the reckless gambler Lucius Flynn. Hungry for wealth and freedom, Lucius will drag his new wife along the quickest but deadliest road to the gold fields of California, and she will make him suffer every step of the way.

A gripping adventure from beginning to end, Liberty Hill is the story of a time and place where all fortunes, dreams, and innocence may be lost; where lust demands blood, and love inspires sacrifice.

From the black cliffs of Ireland to the streets of New York, from the Spanish fortress of Havana to the beaches of Panama, Liberty Hill is a sweeping historical fiction that combines what we love most about the West––guns, saloons, horses, and handsome outlaws––with the tropic heat of Central America.

The first western adventure in her Liberty Hill series, Sonja Heisinger molds a fresh and epic literary experience from an old world setting. Liberty Hill awakens the past with the exciting elements of drama, comedy, and action, with the additional zests of forbidden pleasure and unrequited love.

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Meet The Author
A California native, Sonja Heisinger’s works include Liberty Hill, Poverty Creek, and Devil’s Grotto. She is a professional artist, and currently lives in North Carolina with her husband and son.