Kundalini awakening & psychosis


There is material out there for how to perform meditations, qigong exercises, rituals, spells, and pretty much anything else in the esoteric realm that one could imagine. Every expert that comes along will tell you what you need to do and how to do it. But what nobody really talks about is what you should not do. And that’s the focus of Matt’s book. It fills that hole, it is entirely about what not to do. And it’s about time somebody wrote a book with that as their focus.
Some of the spiritual practices being taught out there can be quite dangerous if practiced incorrectly. Meditation, qigong, yoga, martial arts, rituals, spells – they can all have serious effects that are completely unintended by the practitioner. This doesn’t mean that the material itself should be avoided. It means that it should be handled with great care, and only by people trained to handle it. For example, a surgeon removing an appendix is consid-ered a routine and low-risk surgery. However, someone without proper medical training and equipment that at-tempted to remove someone’s appendix would be under-taking an extremely high-risk and dangerous endeavour. Spiritual practices are no different. They can be safe, low-risk, and routine if you are properly trained and supervised. If not, then the results have the potential to be quite devastating and long-lasting.
When a book spends hundreds of pages on how to do something, and one paragraph on a generic warning along the lines of advising you to consult your doctor first (who likely isn’t qualified to give advice on spiritual practices in the first place), it is being extremely irrespon-sible and disingenuine.
Matt’s book flips this whole concept upside-down. The majority of the book is about what not to do and why you shouldn’t do it. Only after, does he begin to explain some safe practices that you can undertake.

John Varan, Qigong teacher( www.karateinthepark.com),
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This book provides a very in-depth look at kundalini, yoga, meditation and spiritual energies from both a western scientific perspective and an esoteric perspective. You’ll learn how to not only awaken your kundalini but how to do it in a safe way. You’ll also learn several techniques that will allow you to avoid what’s called “Kundalini Psychosis” a very serious set of symptoms that might come from overzealous meditation. It’s also a very indepth scientific explorations of tantra and tantric techniques.
This book also provides numerous case studies of kundalini awakening and various evidence-based theories on the kundalini experience.
In this book you’ll learn the answers to these questions:
What is a chakra?
What is spiritual energy? What is kundalini energy?
What is spiritual enlightenment from a mystical perspective?
What is spiritual enlightenment from a western scientific perspective?
What have peer-reviewed studies said about kundalini and spiritual enlightenment?
How can meditation cause psychosis? And how can I prevent that?
How to awaken my chakras?
You’ll learn the answers to all these questions in this book.