Jack Backpack adventure: seeking the best place on Earth

Join Jack Backpack as he explores the world with the help of a diary left to him by his ancestors! Jack will follow his family traditions with the help of a diary which reveal clues in every place he visits. Jack and his friends Lightman and Flicker will learn about the rich culture. This children’s book will take the reader on an adventure while revealing the mystery. This educational journey of exploration will teach the reader that the world is full of wonder and surprise. In this book Jack needs to identify where to go, and his first stop is New York, a city full of energy and color. This book is part of a series and will allow your child to experience different places from the comfort of their home. So, join Jack Backpack and his friends in the exploration of a life time. The chapter book with colorful illustrations price will be 0.99$ only starting from 10 June, 8 a.m. until 17 June, 12 a.m. (PDT). Do no miss this chance!

Meet Anthony Kind

I am a passionate traveler and a children’s book author. I believe that family, its traditions and support plays a great role in our lives, especially in such a challenging environment that we have nowadays. A few years ago I developed my family album by fixing all events and interesting stories that happened within the year, and found out that traveling has much space in it. I love traveling, it makes me feel open-minded and learn about different cultures and people around us. It helps to be tolerant to the people and situations which are different from what we get used to seeing. That’s what I would like to share with our new generation, to make our future a bit better than today.