Dede and the lost hat

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I am an author, cartoonist, and 2D animator that thoroughly enjoys food, family, fun, and writing! Speaking of writing, I’m so excited about DEDE AND THE LOST HAT series! I am having a blast creating the characters and watching them overcome challenges. I hope that you enjoy the series as much as I do and that it will empower your children.

This beautifully illustrated and amusing children’s storybook introduces the endearing character, Dede the rat who runs across the jungle. One morning he found a small yellow cap and take it on his head. Every animal was appreciating him. Except crocodile. Why Crocodile not like it? The answer is on this book.

Quick and short stories read aloud in around five minutes. Bond with your child through family Storytime and strengthen a love for books and reading.

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Someone Please Open a Window – an Inspirational Children’s Book for the Whole Family


Inspirational Children’s Book for the Whole Family
by Ruth Aharoni

The beautifully illustrated picture book, Someone Please Open a Window, is a story for the whole family of the journey of a boy and his grandpa in search of the light. The journey begins on a bench in a park, under an old tree. While playing with the boy’s ball, it starts growing bigger and bigger. They climb onto it and are carried by the wind, and then, by the birds, to a beautiful garden. In the garden there is a huge tree with a door. They enter into a hall inside the trunk, and they see a king’s throne with a crown resting on its seat. An elf appears and gives them two keys and a message from an invisible king: They need to open the window and bring light into the dark hall, only then the King will appear…

The story tells of an adventure that requires courage, persistence and dedication in the face of obstacles, in the end of which our heroes, the boy and Grandpa, fulfill their mission with great success. It is a fantasy story that can be read as an imaginative adventure or as a dream tale; however it is actually a symbolic story of spiritual journey, in which every station is an opportunity for experiencing a different aspect in life.

Ruth Aharoni, a graduate of Literature and Philosophy and Master of Yoga, is the author of many self-help books for personal and spiritual growth, including “Yoga for Me and You and the Children Too”; an expert in short-term Life Coaching, she accompanies individuals and groups through processes of personal change and spiritual development. In Someone Please Open a Window, she leads the youngsters, as well as the adult readers, to follow the boy and Grandpa along the stations in the story, which symbolizes stages in the personal and spiritual search.

You are invited to find and discover more and more symbols and significances in this story, whose main content is the inner journey towards revelation, illumination and redemption. Your ideas and suggestions are welcome.